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Horatio and Tim stand at the grave of there lover.

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Author's Notes: This story is based upon the fact that the three men have been lovers for a few years. I will at some point to do a back-story. This little fic is set some time after skins, but before asylum. As for csi:miami speed is still alive and I haven’t seen past season three.

In the sunlit cemetery, Horatio stood next to Speed as he placed a single black rose on the grave of Dean Winchester. Neither of the men had ever expected to lose there younger lover so soon. Dean had been the one thing in there relationship that had always held the together. Dean was the beating heart of there relationship and now that Dean was dead that relationship was fading.

They had not been at there lovers funeral. They had no idea he was even dead until a phone call from Deans brother Sam. That one phone call had ripped them apart. They had lost the only person that knew them inside and out.

Speed looked at Horatio and asked; “What am I meant to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything Speed.” Horatio replied

“It would be so much easier if Sam had told us what had killed Dean. If Sam had just called us sooner we could have made it to the funeral. We could have had he chance to say a proper goodbye.”

“Knowing how Dean was when it came to his family I am surprised that Sam even called us.” Horatio remarked.

“Do you think Dean would ever have told his family about us.” Speed asked

“I think it was easier for Dean to keep us separate from his family. He wanted to keep us away from what he called his hunt obsessed dad.” Horatio replied

“I miss him H.. It s so damn hard not knowing what killed Dean. It is like having a puzzle but there are some vital pieces missing. We let him down H, we couldn’t protect him from the hunt.” Speed said

“Dean never needed to be protected from the hunt. What he needed was someone to tell him that the battle did not have to be fought alone. I miss him as well Tim. I do not like not knowing all of the answers to my questions. We need to find Sam and get those answers.”
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