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“Come on guys, joke is over…” Lynn added as she was being dragged on stage by Frank and Gerard, followed by the rest.

“Shit…” She then mumbled finding herself standing out there, right in the middle. She obviously had stage fright; having the feeling that her heart was running a marathon but the rest of her was standing still. Her hands were shaking while the butterflies in her stomach felt like a 747. There was an ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen.

At the sight of the band finally making their appearance, the raging crowds started shouting and yelling appreciation words as the cameras’ intensive blinding flashes were suddenly turned to their direction.

Gerard then had to let go of her to get to the microphone as Frank did the same, stepping away to hold his guitar, taking his position.

This is my chance to leave… Probably no one saw me yet, I can run back to the back of the stage and everything will finally be over. Lynn started thinking to herself, trying to find a way to get this whole thing over with.

The thing is that she was already in the middle of the stage; there was no way that she wouldn’t have been noticed as almost anyone she could see in the crowd, was looking back at her; it was not one of the ordinary MCR performances, they’ve never had a ‘girl’ go on stage with them.

“EVERYBODY!!!” Gerard suddenly screamed getting his fans’ attention.

MCR was known for its fans. It wasn’t just the appreciation of their music and lyrics that made them so crazy about them, it was also each members’ personality, qualities, character traits and even flaws; each member had a special place in a lot of their fans’ hearts.
They basically got to know the band through interviews, lyrics’ meanings, youtubes, pictures, stories they’d tell…
It was as if every time they watch or hear something that has to do with them, they get to know them even more.

My Chemical Romance attracted fans that could actually relate to them, their stories and feelings.
They had fans who truly loved them; devoted fans; and Gerard Way, along with the rest of the band, could relate to their fans without even having to talk to them or meet them in person.
It was amazing, the bond they had. One that some people don’t understand, that some others think it’s lame and some times inexistent

Gerard was as excited as his fans to meet them in concert that night. It was as if he knew them, as if they were all, somehow, close friends.

“I want you to meet….” He then shouted so loud he had to pause to catch his breath to then yell: “I want you to meet someone before we start…” He stopped, turning to Lynn to then reach out for her with his hand, pulling her closer to him, nearer to the audience.

Lynn was so scared she couldn’t look directly towards the people facing her, instead, she decided to turn her now red face to the left, where Frank was standing, looking at them.
Even though fear was almost eating her, she was still able to notice that Frank looked kind of oblivious of what was going to happen; even though he was the one to grab her arm with Gerard and drag her out.

“Did you take a good fucking look at her?” Gerard then asked his fans, immediately getting back incomprehensible, loud replies from them.
“Take a good hard look!” He exclaimed so loud.
Lynn, on the other hand, had a feeling as if she was in a dream; even the image of everyone in front of her was a bit too blurry for her.

When Gerard made sure everyone saw her and that they were all responding to what he was saying, he finally tried to explain saying: “She’s in your hands now!”

The rest of the band didn’t really know what was going on. He had just asked them to play along and so they tried…
They were used to the fact that Gerard always has his surprises on stage, but they didn’t know where he was going with this one.

“Whenever you see that girl, remember me!!!” Gerard screamed so loud he had to stop again to regain his breath, listening to their positive feedbacks as he then added with a now lower voice: “I know you’re everywhere… I’m talking to all of you, not just the ones in the concert now, but also the ones who will be reading this in a magazines, or watching it on TV… whether you see her on the street, in a store, any fucking where! Treat her as if she was me! Give her what you would’ve given me... And I…I will be grateful… I will be grateful! After all, she is a part of me.”

When he was done, the voices were down a bit, as if they were still listening to him, all looking at him… Even his own band mates along with Lynn.

He took a deep breath, then another, preparing himself to scream again as he said: “Do you fucking hear me!!?” making the audience go crazy screaming back and raising their hands high for him.

“Alright…” He then said calmly, nodding slowly as his gaze was still fixed at his raging crowd.
It was as if he just trusted them with something, as if, ‘they’, were all he had.
Gerard then turned to Lynn to see she wasn’t nervous anymore; only staring at him, trying to figure out why he just did that.

Frank’s guitar was then heard starting with the first tunes of the song, followed by Ray then Bob’s drumming and Mikey’s bass.

“You can go now…” Gerard whispered to her letting go of her hand to have his both held tight to the microphone.

There was nothing left for her to do there anymore, her mission was accomplished and that long waited opportunity for her to disappear from stage was now open for her.
She ran to the back of it, trying to squeeze herself between the people there, avoiding the media, as they had filled the place, trying to take pictures of her; they were now, interested in her also, along with the band.

After everything that had just happened, she just wanted to disappear again but this time, something was keeping her there, the fact that she knew she somehow mattered to him, which got her to stay, wanting to seek the answers, Gerard told her she will get.

“Hi…” Lynn then said to a security standing there. “HI!” She repeated raising her voice so he would hear her through the rush of people and loud sound of music coming from stage. “Where can I find Gerard’s private room?” She added.
She wanted to wait for him in there, since she wanted to be away from those people, being fed up of them, eager to take a photo of her, showering her with their curious questions.
“No one but Gerard is allowed to get in there.” That large security stated firmly, head held high, looking straight forward, not letting anyone walk past the hallway leading to the members’ rooms.
“Please!” She begged having the feeling of punching him as the number of people around her started getting larger getting the security guy to look at her as he tried to separate them, stopping them from making a mess.
“You’re the one who was just on stage with Gerard.” The security added spreading his arms trying to get everyone away from her.
“Yes…Yes I am.” She said raising her voice so that he’d hear her, hoping he’d finally let her in as millions of her pictures were already taken and she wasn’t feeling comfortable.
“Alright, you can go in.” He said moving his arm letting only her pass to get to that hallway.

She couldn’t believe she was finally away from this rage.
She took one last look behind, to make sure those people couldn’t follow her in there as she noticed that this security guy was now talking to a couple of cops.
Even though some cops being there made her a bit curious, wanting to know why they were there, she just decided to walk her way through that corridor, looking for the door that said “Gerard Way” on it so that she’d finally get in and wait for him there.
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