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I am Zero as she is Zero. Koya's POV

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I am Zero as she is Zero.
I need no other Sacrifice.
Yamato is the only one for me.
I am Her Fighter.

Yamato is all I need.
I do not want a replacement.
I don’t need a replacement.
Yamato is enough.
No, she more than enough.
she is perfect.
She is the perfect Sacrifice as
I strife to be the perfect Fighter.

Yamato is beautiful.
Soft and light chestnut colored hair.
Eyes that are the color of hazel,
Glinting with mischief.

I love Yamato.
She is the perfect Zero and the perfect Sacrifice.
I hope…someday…..
I will be the perfect Fighter.

I hope…to protect her.
I hope….that we will someday
feel the pain that we are destined not to feel.
Even though we cannot truly ignore our destiny,
We can…try…to live to the fullest
like any normal human being.
But we are not human.
Nor are we alive.
We are Death, together
roaming the face of this millennium
with fingers and hearts and souls that are as cold
as a bitter, winter’s night.
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