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Soubi-kun is perfect. Ritsu's POV

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Soubi-kun is perfect.
He is the perfect Fighter.
He is the perfect student.
He is the perfect toy.
There is no one who can be as perfect as he.

Soubi-kun is beautiful.
The ruffled mane of brown hair that
Falls upon the small shoulders that are
the color of fine china.
His tail was as unruly as his hair.
His eyes…those cobalt blue orbs….
They held an innocence I loved to break down.
It was a perfect combination.

Soubi-kun is strong.
His back now carries memories
that he cannot erase from his mind.
His tongue now whips with powerful spells.
He bears no weakness.
He cannot be defeated.
He cannot fall and
break like a fragile flower.

Soubi-kun is mine.
His mind is mine.
His body is mine.
His soul is mine.
No matter who is the sacrifice that he is paired with,
He is mine.
Mine and no one elses.
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