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trivial emotion

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There's someone I like... but he's someone I hate. Sasuke x Naruto

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There’s a person I like.
But he’s someone I hate.
But that was before the fight
When our lives were at stake
And our skin marred with scrapes.

He was well-known throughout the village
For being a prankster and all
But I never knew until now that it was just a wall.

A wall in time diminished.

We were alike in more ways than one
We were both feared
We knew what it meant to be alone
We knew what it meant to have no family
but he had none in the beginning while I had mine until I was nine.

I never understood love what love meant.
People could buy or sell it like an item at a market.
But now I think I know what it means
Besides having your heart fluttering and having weak knees.

Love is a feeling that makes someone
want to protect something
that is truly precious to them
through sickness and health,
through tragedy and strife.

To others, love is still a trivial emotion.

Even Sakura and Lee still can’t understand it even though they claim to know what it is.

But now I think I can say it with certainty
That I love him.
I love Naruto Uzumaki.
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