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A Friendship To Last A Lifetime

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The long awaited final

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Chapter 88-

Six months past and Gerard and I were stronger than ever.
We hardly fought, and we were inseparable. Wherever I was, he was. Wherever he was, I was.

School had finished and school holidays were under way, but we all knew the year we had ahead wasn't going to be easy. It was going to be our last year at high school. The stress alone last year was enough to break us, so we didn't even want to think about what's coming for us now.

Mikey ended up getting the guts to ask Melanie out. Much from the pressure of us. She said yes, and they've now been together for two months.

Kara did end up leaving for good. I've only seen her once since that night, and that was when she came to the school briefly to resign herself, say goodbye to her friends and collect all her stuff.
Things have been great since.

Dad continued to give me space as I still tried to sought things out, we talked occasionally while Matt took regular 'a week per month' visits. He always found it easier to forgive.

Mum had moved on, even though you can still see the dull glint of pain in her eyes, she was coping really well.

Ms Coburn left the school. Which I was extremely happy about.
That's not really irrelevant to the story but I thought I'd let you know.

Gerard kept to his promise, so far, to never hurting me again. He still feels guilty about everything that happened and feels like a jerk. I just tell him that that was all in the past, but a part of him won't let him forget it.
Our friendship is as strong as ever at this point. Along with the rest of the troops, he's always there for me no matter what, even when I'm not able to tell him what's upsetting me, he understands and holds me as I cry.

Thinking back on all of the things that has happened over the last year, it makes me dizzy to think of it all, it was all so much. But this year was probably the year that would impact the rest of my life. It will stay with me forever.

And now I realise, along with Scarlet, Lily, Mikey, Bob, Tegan, Ashley, Ray and Frank, I know mine and Gerard's friendship is a friendship to last a lifetime...
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