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When It Rains

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After witnessing Joe fall asleep in class for a whole week, Breauna finally finds out the reason why.

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It was a normal day like every other day was when Breauna came to school. The only abnormality was Joe, her boyfriend, would be falling asleep in nearly all of their classes together. This troubled Breauna and she was worried that something horrible happened at his house that she couldn't help him with. She kept quiet though because if Joe didn't want to bring it up, she wouldn't either.

The school day came to an end and so did Breauna's quietness about Joe's situation. The moment she saw him walk down the stairs of the front doors, she paraded him with questions.

"Joe are you alright? Is there anything happening at home? Why haven't you rold me anything?"

"Calm down, Bre! Everything is going okay. What's with these questions anyhow?"

"You're just so tired a lot I thought something was wrong..." She hugged him tightly, glad to know he was fine. Now all she needed was notes for Biology because her worring for Joe distracted her, She figures she'll ask Dustin for his later.

"Com by my house tonight Breauna. I'll show you why I haven't been sleeping."

"Isn't it supposed to rain? It's been raining all week."

"I've been tired all week too, which do you care about more?"


"Okay then. Be sure to drop by tonight!" He said as he turned around and got into his car. Suddenly, Breauna remembered her car was in the shop and the buses were long gone.

"Wait! I need a ride..."

Around 7:30ish that night Breauna showed up at Joe's front door and was thankful for the warmth of the Trohman household. Since she had no car, she had to walk down the street and as she predicted, it rained. It rained halfway into her journey and
she ran for the rest of the way.

"Thank you? Breauna said as Mrs. Trohman took her soaking wet hoodie and placed it on a hook.

"Joe's upstairs in his room." Once again Mrs. Trohman was thanked and Breauna made the familar steps to Joe's room.

It was no different than usual. Things were sitll out of place and knowing Joe they probable never were to begin with , never will be either. It was completely dark and the only light was coming from his open blinds. He was sitting in front of them just staring out into the darkness of the night.

"Why is it so dark in here?" Breauna asked as she felt around to keep from tripping to her death over one of Joe's shoes.

"Because what I wanted to show you isn't in here, its outside."

"The only thing I see outside is the rain, Joe."

"Exactly!" She stared at him with a blank face and though he wasn't facing her, he could feel she doesn't understand. "You don't understand do you?" She shook her head no and Joe sighed at having to explain because he himself didn't fully understand the effect rain had on him. How he could sit and stare for hours at what he sees every day and just how surreal the thunder and lightning makes everything seem. After what seems to be forever Joe finally says the first thing in his mind.

"The rain is mesmerizing. It enchants me in a way that only nature can. I can spend hours just sitting here in this exact spot staring out the window, watching only the rain."

Another silence is shared between the two. Breauna takes a long, good glance at Joe because she's not used to seeing him like ths. He looks so vulnerable and that's just not him at all, not anymore. She likes seeing him this way, no one else has; only her. That makes her feel special. Joe let her in his world and she's ruining this rare moment by not saying anything.

Joe on the other hand, does feel vunerable. Too vulnerable, in fact. Nervousness is the other thing he feels because too much of him is out there and he can't take it back. Her silence isn't helping either, he concludes.

"I feel the same way too. Only it involves fire. When you really take it in, it can be so beautiful. It's helpful but at the same time it can hurt you if you're not careful." Breauna says into the still calm that is Joe's room. The rain has long since stopped and yet, they are both still on the floor, looking out onto the captivating scenery of Joe's backyard. The moon is shining and so are they.

Joe no longer feels nervous about letting his grilfriend know about this part of him. Who really pays attention to the stereotype of guys anyhow? Not all guys have to be so tough and emotionless all the time.

All this searchng for the meaning of life has finally stopped for Joe and Breauna. Tonight they realize that what they needed to surive was there all along: music, nature, and each other.
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