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Chapter Forty Two

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An Affair To Remember? But who with?

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Chapter Forty Two

It was a cold January morning, the way most January mornings are. I wore about four layers, and my warmest coat, which happened to be red. Something Mikey felt the need to comment on.

“We’ll see you coming,” Mikey joked as Joanna opened the door .She rolled her eyes.
“Thanks, Mikes. And we’ll lose you in the night.” He was in black from top to toe.
He grinned. “Awesome.”
She laughed as she shut the door behind her. “So…what are we doing in New York?”
“Mom and Dad are visiting Gee,” Mikey explained as they walked towards the waiting car. “But they said that we can go wherever.”
“Cool,” Joanna nodded, getting into the car. “Hi Mrs Way, Mr Way.”
“Joanna,” Donna Way sighed. “Call me Donna.”

So the journey. Took quite a while. We discussed the weather, cheerleading, Gabriel, Black Flag, AC/DC, the music homework and comic book heroes. And then when in New York, first place we headed for was the Empire State Building. Top floor.

“Wow,” Joanna breathed as she looked out over the city.
Mikey shrugged. “It’s not that great.”
Joanna looked incredulously at him. “Excuse me? The city that never sleeps is spread out in front of you, while you watch from roughly 500 metres, and you say it’s not bad!”
Mikey shrugged, as Joanna returned to look awestruck out of the window. “Yeah, but it’s like so cliché now. Since An Affair to Remember, and Sleepless in Seattle.”
“You know those films?” Joanna asked. “Sleepless in Seattle is so cute!”
Mikey made a face as if to say ‘maybe, but I’m a guy so I’m not admitting that’. “But An Affair to Remember is a chick film.”
Joanna looked mock shocked. “Have you ever watched it?”
He shook his head, his hands firmly in his pockets. “Never wanted to.”
“Right!” Joanna headed for the lift.
“Wait! Where’re you going?” Mikey called, running after her, as a few elderly people raised their eyebrows.
Joanna whirled to face him. “We’re gonna find a cinema that’s playing it.” She stepped past the lifts and headed down the stairs.
“But what if there aren’t any!” Mikey shouted.
“There will be,” Joanna called back.

So maybe I was being overly optimistic. At least I proved that I deserved my title of fit as I managed to run down all the stairs in the Empire State Building. And then I had to wait for Mikey, only to meet him as he stepped out of the lift. He grinned at me, and took my hand, and then we ran out on to the busy city streets.

“No way!” Mikey laughed, slightly out of breath, as we halted outside a cinema ten minutes later.
Joanna grinned, her blue eyes sparkling, now that she’d used up all her coloured contacts. “So, are you buying the tickets or popcorn?”

We’d done it. We found a cinema that was showing An Affair To Remember. Now we just had to get seats.

“Can’t believe we’re doing this,” Mikey whispered as they sat down in their seats. Joanna just smiled, and offered him popcorn.
It was about half way through, and terry was on her way to the Empire State Building, when Joanna started to cry. Mikey turned horrified. “What?” He whispered. “It’s a happy part!”
Then he heard a scream, and slowly turned back to the screen. “Oh.”
Joanna smiled tearfully. “See?”
Mikey put a consoling arm around her shoulder, and gently hugged her. “You’re such a girl Anna.”
She half smiled, and leant her head on his shoulder.

“So, is it still a chick’s film?” Joanna asked, as they walked out of the cinema; as she wiped away the remnants of tears; as Mikey still held her hand.
Mikey sighed. “Yes, but I guess it’s not so bad.”
Joanna grinned and hugged him. “Great. So when were we meeting your parents?”
Mikey glanced at his watch as she let him go. “Uh, now…”
The friends turned to each other and swore, before running down the street as fast as they could. Mikey has always been, and always will be, slower than Joanna. And yet, she slowed to his pace, and they never let go of each others hand.


An: Hey guys. Sorry it's taken so long. I had to watch a certain film before I could write this. So I hope you enjoyed.
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