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Written for the Week 12 prompt at the bleach_contest community on LJ: bankai. Another in the semi-series of "Ishida in the Afterlife." Ishida has gotten his grades at the Academy up, but he still...

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by: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I only write fanfics for fun with them.

A/N: Written for the Week 12 prompt at bleach_contest: bankai. Another of the “Ishida in the Afterlife” semi-series of short fics, Ishida has gotten his grades up, but he still needs a little to make sure he succeeds at the Academy.


Frustration mounting, Ishida Uryuu practically snarled at his tutor. Having finally gotten himself sorted out in his classes at the Academy (by basically doing the opposite of whatever they suggested), he was determined to graduate at the top of his class. He was smart enough to know that he'd need help to do that, so after swallowing his pride, he asked one of his many ...acquaintances to tutor him in the finer points of using a /zanpkatou/.

His choice, however, was obviously a poor one.

“How did you ever reach shikai/, let alone /bankai/,” asked the former Quincy rudely. “If I followed your instructions, I wouldn't understand how to fight my way out of a wet paper bag, let alone hear my /zanpaktou's voice.”

“Shut up,” growled Kurosaki, flushing at the criticism. Sweat dripped from his orange hair. “You asked me, remember? I told ya' then you shoulda asked Renji or Rukia if you wanted someone who learned this the normal way. Now, come at me again.”

Wiping away the thin trail of blood from the corner of his mouth, Ishida raised his still-sealed zanpkatou and made ready to attack the taichou in front of him. He wondered, briefly, why he was always cursed to do things the hard way.
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