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We all need someone to tell us how to save the state of where we are

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It was early and the last morning that Pete and Kristin would be sleeping in a bed together for a long long time. It was also Easter. The young couple decided to take the twins to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny today and also have family visit. Kristin had never met Pete's parents before. They were too busy to come and see the twins before and they finally made the time to come to LA.

Pete woke up and pulled Kristin closer to himself. He wanted to take advantage of this last precious moment alone. Tonight he and the rest of Fall Out Boy would be on a bus to their first show. Pete began to trail kisses along Kristin's shoulder and she stirred in her sleep before turning around to face him.

"Well good morning Mr Wentz," she said and kissed him.

"Good morning Mrs Wentz," he smiled back. Last night they had decided to elope. The press wouldn't bother them at all. It was close friend's and family and completely last minute. They decided to have their honeymoon and reception after the first leg of the tour was over.

"You should stay here with me all day," Kristin nuzzled into Pete's chest and he laughed lightly.

"God, you have no idea how amazing that sounds."

Later that afternoon Pete and Kristin were walking through the mall with their adorable twins. They were just about 10 months now and their hair had been growing fast. They ended up with dark hair, just like their daddy. Pete and Kristin waited in line with the twins. They were surprised that no one noticed them. Then again, Pete's fan base generally consists of teens to late twenties.

Once they were to the front of the line, Pete and Kristin set their babies on the Easter Bunnies lap and Aaron began to cry.

"Hey buddy, it's ok," Pete knelt down and kissed the little boy's head to calm him. He whimpered lightly and Pete stepped back for the picture to be taken. Immediately after the picture Aaron began to cry once again and Pete scooped him up and rubbed his back gently as he cried. Kristin grabbed Lynn and the picture and they made their way to Starbucks in the mall.

"Who would have thought that Lynn would have been the strong one. Lynn screams when Hemingway gets too close, but a giant bunny is cool," Kristin and Pete both laughed.


The boys were unloading their cars in front of Pete's house. Everyone had decided to leave their cars there since Kristin and JJ would be there taking care of Hemingway and the babies. It was just getting dark and they had to get on the road to their first stop. The babies were sitting in a playpen outside as the buses were being loaded up.

"Oh boy am I going to miss you guys," Pete kissed his two beautiful children and hugged them. The babies giggled in his arms and he placed them back in the playpen and walked over to Kristin.

"I love you," he hugged her.

"I love you too," she said into his shoulder. Pete pulled away slowly and kissed her.

"You better record everything that those two do."

"I will," Kristin laughed. "And we'll use the webcam that you bought so that the babies can see you everyday."

"Good," Pete kissed Kristin one last time before saying goodbye. "I'll call you tonight when we get to the hotel."

With that, the boys piled onto their buses and were off to their first show.
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