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I'm So Far Gone Now

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(rated "V" for later chapters)[Was "what if it was you?"] Beccalyn Vires moves from Mississippi to Missouri with her mom after a custody battle with her father. On her first day at Maryville High, ...

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Title: I'm so Far Gone Now
Written by: Francisca Herrera
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild violence I guess and very little cussing. [in this chapter, she only cusses once or twice]
Summary: Beccalyn Vires moves from Mississippi to Missouri with her mom after a custody battle with her father. On her first day at Maryville High, she meets Sam Vaalea and Jayson Macam, and they instantly become friends.
"How lucky am I!"
Then, she runs into Damien Zinddlijk and his cousin, Demitrius Kling. When she finds out their secret identity, Becca finds herself in some big trouble. The biggest she'd ever gotten in! (sorry this is so long lol)(these names are Latin, Dutch, Indonesian and Finnish if your wondering)
I just wanted to say, I know nothing about Missouri. I've been through it once, so my memory's pretty fuzzy. I just thought this was a good state to put her, so don't yell at me if I get something wrong, alright? Alright.


Chapter 1: I Hate You

I hate you I thought to my father, wishing I had the guts to tell him. He simply smiled at me from the other side of the rather small courtroom.

No, no one was going to jail, this time at least. My mother sat next to me, shaking slightly. It was a custody battle, over me. Retarded, worthess me. Being sixteen, I was asked to give my opinion of where I should go. If it were a choice, I'd have told them to send me to a foster home. Both of my parents were pretty suckish. I ran a pale finger through my straight, chestnut hair.

My mother wasn't a bad person, she was just a dead person. I got my looks from her, although the red in my hair was more noticable. She let me get away with anything. She was miserable because of her "mistakes" as she called them. Her "mistkaes" were the reason I was in this stupid courtroom. She rarely ever smiled, and every time I left my house (even to go to school!) she said the exact same thing: Don't make the same mistakes. It was annoying!

Dad, on the other hand, was a bad guy. Sadly for me, I got my personality-loud, clever, sadistic, the list goes on- from him. I hated everything I was, everything he was. My dad and I did have one trait that we didn't share; he wasn't afraid of the law. I'd seen what someone going to jail could do to a family, so I was careful to follow the law. He, however, was the reason I'd learned at such a young age. He was a drug-dealer, and he'd been convicted twice. His brown eyes smirked at everyone, and his voice was very alluring, the whole reason my mom stayed with him for sixteen years. He was too persuasive. (Ok, I inherited that trait too, but whatever).

"Beccalyn Vires," I looked up, "Will you please come up to the stand?"

I nodded, how it got this bad, I never know. But it did, so I got to give my opinion. I stood at the stand next to the judge. I took those stupid vows and cast my blue eyes at my father, a smirk only he could see in them. I can rat you out now. I thought.

"Tell me, is you're father abusive?" The attoney asked, pacing in front of me. He was my father's attorney of course.


"What about you're mother?" He gave me a look. He'd tried to get me to lie about my mother. I lied to him, and told him that I would.

"No, actually, she follows the nation's laws."

The man, whose name I did not know, gave me a sharp look while the judge looked at my father, "What do you mean?"

"Dad's a drug dealer."


I was midly pleased. My Dad had lost the battle. I would only see him on the second Saturday of each month. My mom seemed to be happy, although with the way she looked, I couldn't tell. My Dad was not happy however, because I exposed his entire plan, and his house was being searched.

"When we get home, pack your things."

I looked at my mother, wondering if she was crazy, "What?"

She looked at me, which was weird for her since she was driving, "I want to move. You don't have to pack your things as soon as we get home, but I want a change of scenery."

Isn't this progressing kinda fast? I just got out of a courtroom, and you want me to move!! /I thought angrily. I couldn't believe it. /Did she fall down the stairs again!?

"Why?" I asked. Then is hit me. Was it my fault? Did she not feel safe in town after I ratted my dad out like that? I should have thought that one through I guessed.

"I've been thinking about if for a long time now."

I wasn't necessarily happy, but I had to know, "Where are we moving?"


I'd never hated life more until that moment. I sat in the passenger seat of my mom's red Chevrolet Cavalier. We were heading from Grenada, Mississippi to Maryville, Missouri. It was November, and freezing! It was good that my mom had us get new clothes, so we could brave the cold. According to Mom, she got a house on North Mulberry Street. I couldn't help but picture our new house as a bush and monkeys and/or weasles running around. I know, stupid, but with a name like "Mulberry Street" who wouldn't think of that little rhyme?

~~I have no fear now, you are all that I have.~~

I flipped open my cell phone, "Hey Brandon." I said, happy to hear a friend's voice.

"What's up? How's the move?" He asked. Brandon Neus and I'd been friends since we were in diapers. We'd barely ever been separated, and he was taking this hard. Almost harder than I was.

"I guess everything's OK." I answered.

"How far out of the city are you?" He asked, he sounded choked up.

"Not even a mile, and I already miss the crap out of you and Aly." I answered.

"Remid me why you guys are driving again." The amusement was apparent in his voice.

"My mom's afraid of flying, you know that." I hissed.

"And where are you heading?" He asked.


I heard his mom yell in the background, "Gah, I gotta go, my mom has to use the phone. Tell me the second you get to Missouri."

"OK." I answered, hanging up afterward.

~~I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not~~

"Hey Aly." I answered. I never got alot of calls on my cell phone, so I felt pretty cool right then.

"Where are you?" She asked, panicing.

"Just outside of the city." I answered. Aly was technically Allison Onthouden, but since she moved to Grenada when we were five, she's been part of the gang. Her and I weren't as close as Brandon and me, but we were pretty close.

"I miss you soo much!" She yelled.

"I miss you too, trust me, moving to Missouri will be..well miserable."

I bet you're wondering why I'm talking like that in front of my mother. Like I said, she's practically dead.

"I just wanted to check on you, I have to do that stupid book report!" She yelled, "Bye!"

"Later." I said, hangning. I grimaced, the word lost it's meaning when it was impossible.

"You'll like here, trust me." My mom said in her emotionless voice.

Fat chance. I thought, but I did nod my head anyway. I stared out my window, watching the familair landscape fly past me.


"We're here." Mom said, trying to sound cheerful. It wasn't working.

I looked out her window to see a house, two stories. It was pale beige, the same color as everyother house on the street. I had to admit, Missouri was pretty, but I didn't like it. It wasn't Mississippi. My home. When I walked into the house, I was slightly surprised. It was big on the inside, The walls in the living room were a blinding white, just the way my mom liked it. I sighed, and pulled my jacket off. I held onto it.

"It's...nice." I said, not really convincing, but convincing enough for my mom.

"You're room is upstairs, the last door on the left." She nodded.

I hopped up the stairs, and ran to my new room. I walked into a good sized white room. There was a walk-in closet and a really big window. My bed was already set up against the wall with the window. I smiled at the small gesture. I quickly set to putting everything away. I couldn't stand things out of place. And I figured that I should get it over with now.

After that was over, I joined my mother downstairs and helped her set up the living room.

I hate it here already.


I get to go to Maryville High now. Yay. I thought sarcasitcally, getting out of my mom's car. I let my hair covered my face, and held tightly to my binders.

I walked through the quad to the main office, freezing my butt off. I was surprised there was no snow. When I walked into the warm office, I wished I worked there. Until I saw the secretary. The poor woman, who's nameplate read Mrs. Candec, was buried in papers. She ran around in a frenzy here and there to file things away and such. I felt bad that I had to check in with her. "Umm, excuse me." I said, stopping her for a moment.

"Yes, what can I do for you, sweetheart?" She asked throwing a manilla folder into a one of the many filing cabinets shutting it with a loud bang!

"I'm new here. Uhh Beccalyn Vires." I said, she might have forgotten.

"Oh yeah! Sorry sweetie," she dug through a stack of papers, until she found a yellow half-sheet of paper. "Here is your schedule and a school map, get all of your teachers to sign this and bring it back, ok darling?"

I nodded and took the paper, less than thrilled at the names she'd used. Once out of her hectic office, I grimaced. I had no sense of direction. On the way to Missouri we'd gotten lost twice because my mom left me as the navigator. I stared hard at the map as I walked, not paying attention to my surroundings. First period: Trigonometry with Mr. Robinson. Boring. I wondered why I was taking that class to begin with, couldn't I just take a regular algebra class? No, my mom would whine and say something about how she made the mistake of not getting a good education when she was my age. She was really annoying sometimes.

"Hey! Watch it!"

Suddenly, I hit the ground, Stupid map. I thought, picking my stuff off of the ground.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I said, looking the boy in the beautiful hazel eyes.

He was tall, about 5' 8", a good three inches taller than myself. He had beautiful, short black hair, and pale skin. His hazel eyes saw right through me, it was unnerving! He looked me over a couple of times, until a smirk settled on his flawless face.

I glared as my face flushed, "Wanna tell me what's so funny?"

He bent to my level, "You're cute when you blush." Was all he whispered.

My face turned six or seven different shades of red; he laughed at me and walked away. That's when I noticed who he was walking with. He looked kinda like the other, but his hair was blood red./ Is that even a natural hair color?/I thought, noting that he had the same pale skin and the same flawless face.

I growled, and looked once again for my first class. Turned out it was down the hall, and I made just before the bell rang.

"Ooh! A new girl!"

I turned to see a boy, shoulder length blonde hair and bright green eyes. He was pretty skinny, arms and all, but looked pretty healthy. I smiled at him and gave the teacher the yellow paper. He signed it, "Here you go, Beccalyn. You will sit next to Samuel." He said, "Sam, please stand up."

The boy from a second ago shot up in his chair, a huge, goofy grin gracing his features. "That's me!"

I smiled and took the seat next to him. During class, he leaned over, "So, Beccalyn--"

"Call me Becca. Please."

"So, Becca," he corrected himself, "let me see your schedule."

I gave him my schedule and looked around the room. That's when I noticed the guy from earlier. Not the one I talked with(Ok, so he laughed at me and embarassed me to oblivion, I still counted that as talking), but the one with the crazy hair. I decided to call him: Mystery Boy B.

"Cool! We have next period together!" Sam whispered handing my schedule back to me.

"Sweet." I made a mental note that my next period was science.

"And I can walk you to the majority of your next classes, since we're going the same way most of the time."

Yes! No more map!!!

"Sure, if you want." I tried to sound calm.

He smiled wide as the bell rang. I stood, noticing, in the corner of my eye, that Mystery Boy B was staring at me, a small smirk on his face. I smiled slightly at Sam as he led me to the science room. He said something about us being great friends, and I agreed. He vaugly reminded me of Brandon. "Anyway, here we are, Mrs. Patterson's Science." He said, leading me into the room.

Class was pretty boring, I had her sign my slip, and sat in the way back by Sam. We whispered to eahother the whole time, we weren't doing anything too interesting, and neither of the Mystery Boys were in that class.

Sam walked me to my next class, which was P.E. and told me that he'd meet me there after class, since he had Health.

I walked into the locker room and gave my teacher, Ms. Rollins, the slip of paper. She gladly signed and gave me the locker next to a girl named Jayson.

"It's a weird name, I know, my dad thought of it." She said, tieing her shoes.

"Don't worry about it, lots of people make fun of the name Beccalyn." I said, putting my hair in low a ponytail.

"That's a cool name!" She exclaimed, putting her long dark brown hair in a high ponytail. Her dark brown eyes smiled at me, and she gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back, and we walked into the gym to play whatever game they were forcing us to play.

Basketball. Not my sport. I decided, walking into the locker room.

"It wasn't that bad," Jayson tried to make me feel better, "you could have hit Ms. Rollins in the head!"

I groaned, holding my bruised arm, "I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right Becca, God." She scoffed, a smirk on her face. Her skinny, yet strong arms slammed her locker door shut and she sat on the bench, waiting for me to finish fiddling with my jeans.

When the bell ran, we walked out of the locker room, to see Sam waiting for me. "Hey Sam! This is Jayson." I said, pointing to the brunette next to me.

"Hey Jayson!" He yelled, taking his spot next to me, we walked to the cafeteria. "Aren't you hungry, Becca?" He asked when I got a lemonade.

"Nah," I said as Jayson led us to a table.

"You must be crazy, I always have to eat." Jayson sighed, taking a huge bite of pizza.

"Seriously, food is good!" Sam agreed, ripping a cookie in half.

I shook my head and took a sip of my lemonade.

~~Hold your head high, heavy heart~~

I answered my cell phone, "Hi mom, what do you need?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I won't be home when you get home, I'm dropping off the car, do you still have the extra key?" Her dead voice asked from the other line.

"Yeah." I answered, confused on where she'd be.

"Alright, good bye." She said, hanging up before I could answer. She seemed anxious for something, but what?

"What did your mom want?" Sam asked, taking a huge bite out of yet another cookie.

"She won't be home after school and she dropped the car off," I sighed. I played with the paper on my lemonade, ignoring whatever Jayson was saying at the moment. I looked around the lunchroom, mentally naming people I knew. Eventually, my eyes landed on a specific table, only to see the Mystery Brothers staring at me. Mystery Boy A stared at me, that stupid smirk on his face. I had half a mind to get up and yell at him. Who did he think he was?

"How come you're staring at Damien? I know he's hot, but..." Jayson asked, snapping her fingers in my face.

"What? Who?" I asked, not recognising the name.

She pointed at Mystery Boy A, "That's Damien Zinddlijk." She said, pronouncing the name perfectly.

"He's a jerk." I said, taking another sip of my lemonade.

"He doesn't really talk to anyone, so I wouldn't know." Sam joined the conversation.

"See the boy he's with? That's Demitrius Kling, but he preferrs Dimitri." Jayson finished, pointing to Mystery Boy B.

"Like I care." I said, throwing my bottle away.

"We'll be late if we don't hurry." Sam said, "Come on!"

"Wait up!" Jayson yelled.

I looked down, "Hey! Give me my stuff!" I yelled, following them out the door.

We ran all the way through the quad, laughing and such, but it wasn't until I got to the door of my fifth period class did I get my stuff.

"Here you go, Becca." Sam laughed, handing my binder back to me, "You're really not that fast a runner." He commented, leaving with a smirk on his face.

I glared at his back, but before I could run after him, Jayson grabbed my elbow, "You an exact your revenge later, right now, we have to get to class."

I nodded, and followed her into the classroom. I gave the teacher, whose name was Mrs. Marks, the slip of paper, and waited while she signed it in her elegant script. I looked around the room to see that all the chairs were put in pairs, and there was only one seat left. Next to Damien. She smiled at me when she handed the paper back, "As you can see, I like partners in this class." How could anyone tell? "Who you sit with will be your partner for the rest of the year." She looked around the room, as if it was hard to find the only open seat, "You will sit with Damien Z." She leaned closer and chuckled, "I can't pronounce his last name."

Reluctantly, I walked to the seat next to Damien. I was less than thrilled to know that whatever partner-type things this History teacher could think up, I would have to work with that asshole.

"Hi there." He said, waving kindly at me.

I glared at him, "What could you possibly want?"

He looked surprised, but a playful smile soon surfaced on his face, "And I heard that you were nice."

Oh, how I wished looks could kill at that moment, "Who told you that lie?"

He looked at me for a second, but soon turned back to the lesson. Maybe he's afraid of me and doesn't want anything to do with me. How awesome would that be? I thought, although I couldn't get over his beautiful face. That was something I couldn't stop thiking about. If only it wasn't attached to a jerk.

Class was slow, and, for most of it, Jayson and I passed notes. She asked me about Damien, because she thought he was "Sooo sexy!" I told her how gross that was and then told her the story of that morning.

She replied with, "Oh, he must hav ben cranky, it was erly in da monin."

I winced, I hated chatspeak with a passion, and this proved the point that it was evil.


I sighed happily and stood up, only to see that Damien was watching me. "Gah! what is your problem!?" I asked, jumping out of my skin. He just smirked at me, and left the room.

"What was that all about?" Jayson asked once we were out of the classroom.

"It doesn't matter." I answered, following her through the school to my next class.


When school finally ended, I bid my friends good bye, and practically ran out to my mom's car. Throughout the day, Damien and Dimirti stared at me like no tomorrow. I wasn't that interesting, other than my red hair,(and even that was pretty lame)so what did they want from me? I drove home, although it wasn't that long a ride. Something I could have easily walked, if I wanted too.

"What the hell?" I thought aloud, walking into my house to see that my mom had left out something for me to eat. She never prepares food like this, does she expect to be gone all damn night!? I thought bitterly, throwing the food in the fridge, literaly. I ran upstairs and did my homework. Well, to a certain degree. I did my night routine, showering and brushing my teeth, that finally calming me alittle. I realized--not for the first time--that I was a little mean to Damien. I guess I owe him an apology. I thought.

"I hate apologizing."


I would definitely love some CONSTUCTIVE critism. Don't be all mean about it though. That's all I ask.
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