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How about a massage?

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An unexpected visit from Tamaki completes Kyouya's day.

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Kyouya was sitting on his bed with a splitting headache, trying to concentrate on the book he was reading. Then suddenly his bedroom door burst open and someone ran inside and jumped on top of him. He knew who it was right away.
“Get off me Tamaki!”
“Hello, oka-san!”
“I said get off me!”
Tamaki got off Kyouya and said “My, you’re in such a bad mood today!” Kyouya sighed and replied “I’ve got a really bad headache.” Tamaki looked at him with sympathy “You poor thing! Want me to massage your head? It really helps, I saw it on TV!”
Kyouya couldn’t help but smile. Tamaki was always so silly and stupid in such a cute way. That was part of the reason why he loved him so much.
“No, thank you.”
“But it really helps!”
“How do you know?”
“I told you, I’ve seen it on TV!”
“You can’t believe all that you see on TV.”
“But -”
“You’re making my headache worse. So just shut up, and let me read.” Kyouya pretended he was reading, but he really wasn’t. His mind theatre was playing:
He was lying down with his head on Tamaki’s lap. Tamaki was massaging his head gently, and said “How are you feeling now, my darling?” He sat up and replied “So much better. Thank you, my love!” Tamaki went red “Oh, I’d do anything for you!” and they looked into each other’s eyes adoringly, and drew closer to each other. They were about to kiss when –“Kyouya! I’m talking to you!”
End of mind theatre.
“W-what?” stuttered the surprised Kyouya.
“I asked you what you are reading.”
“A book.” Replied Kyouya
“Let me see it” and Tamaki snatched the book from Kyouya’s hands. “It looks so boring. How can you read this?” he said, and threw the book away. “Hey! I was reading that!” protested Kyouya.
“So what?” said Tamaki
“You can’t just throw it like that!”
“Yes I can. You read too much, that’s why you’ve got a headache. Besides, I’m you’re guest. It’s rude to read like that and leave me alone.”
“Fine!” snapped Kyouya. “What do you want to do?” Tamaki frowned in thoughtfulness. “I don’t know…how about we just talk!” Kyouya rolled his eyes. “What do you want to talk about?” There was a long pause….. “Well?” demanded Kyouya. “Hmm…” was all Tamaki said. “Can you just give me my book back, until you come up with a subject to talk about?” said Kyouya impatiently.
“No, you’ve got a headache!” said Tamaki.
“I don’t have it anymore.” Lied Kyouya
“You are lying!” said Tamaki
“How do you know?”
“I know!”
“Just give me the God damn book!”
Tamaki placed his finger on Kyouya’s lips and shook his head. “Very bad, Oka-san! You shouldn’t swear!”
Kyouya turned red. “Whatever…” he mumbled.
“You know, I can still give you that massage!” Tamaki said cheerfully.
Again, Kyouya found himself unable to stop himself from smiling. “What’s with you and this massage?” Tamaki laughed. “I don’t know. I really want to try it on someone!”
They were quiet for a moment. Then Kyouya looked at Tamaki and saw him looking at him with a sweet smile on his lips. “You look really nice when you’re smiling Kyo-chan. You should do it more often.” Kyouya turned his head away so that Tmaki would not see him blushing. “I –I wasn’t smiling!”
“Yes you were. Don’t try to hide it. And you looked really nice and…cute.” As Tamaki finished the sentence, he drew closer to Kyouya, and to Kyouya’s surprise, kissed his cheek. Kyouya’s face was redder than ever. He touched his cheek with his hand, just where Tamaki planted his kiss. It was the sweetest feeling ever. For a moment, Kyouya was completely intoxicated. When he was back to his senses he cried “Wait a minute! What did you just do?”
Tamaki smiled. “I kissed you.”
“W –Why did you…do that?!”
“You just looked so cute and….I just felt like it.” Said Tamaki simply.
“So….if you feel like kissing someone…you just do it?”
“Even if…that person happens to be a…guy?”
Tamaki only laughed in response.
“Alright then.” Said Kyouya and kissed Tamaki’s lips. He had no idea what he was doing. It was like, his body was doing it, but his mind was trying to stop him. Finally, when his mind won and he broke the kiss he lowered his eyes, his heart already broken, and said “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Please don’t say anything. It’ll make me feel worse. Just leave and…don’t ever mention this again.”
He slowly looked at Tamaki, his heart racing, to find him looking at him with his eyes wide with excitement. His cheeks were pink, and he was smiling. “Kiss me again Kyouya.” Kyouya’s eyebrows were raised. “What?” “Kiss me again!” repeated Tamaki.
The next moment, Kyouya found himself kissing Tamaki passionately like he’ve never kissed anyone before. Tamaki wrapped his arms around Kyouya’s neck, and Kyouya put his arms around Tamaki’s waist. Tamaki licked Kyouya’s lips and he slowly opened his mouth, letting Tamaki push his tongue inside and brush it against his.
When their lips finally parted for breath, Kyouya, looking into Tamaki’s eyes adoringly (like the way he was in his mind theatre) said “I love you, you retard.” Tamaki smiled and said “I love you too.” Then they hugged, and then they kissed again, and then they both lied in the bed, their arms around each other.
“I’m glad I came here.” Said Tamaki
“So am I.” replied Kyouya, giving Tamaki a kiss on his forehead.
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