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Part V

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“Annie, promise me something,” he said. I had no idea what he was going to ask of me but I loyally nodded my head anyways. “Promise me that you that you will always trust me, not matter how b...

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I will never find another lover
Sweeter than you (Sweeter than you)
And I will never find another lover
More precious than you (More precious than you)
Girl you are…
Close to me you're like my mother,
Close to me you're like my father,
Close to me you're like my sister,
Close to me you're like my brother,
And you are the only one, my everything
And for you this song I sing.....

I stayed in his room until I was sure he had told his parents about last night. I was scared but I couldn’t come up wit ha valid reason why. I mean his parents took me in during high school after my mother passed and I was scared to live with my father. His parents loved me like their own daughter. As I was sifting through Brendon’s drawers looking for something to cover, there was a soft knock at the door.

“Annabelle?” I was expecting Brendon to usher me out of my safe-room but it was Brendon’s mom, Christine, at the door. I quickly wrapped the deep blue sheet around my bare body.

“Umm, yeah?” She stepped in and closed the door with a soft click.

“I was hoping that I could steal Brendon from you for a bit.” Surprised, I just nodded.

I saw no harm in it. Okay I really did. I saw crying, screaming and more crying flashing before my eyes as Christine walked out of the room. The sheer thought of it all made me bit my lip and slightly tremble.

Without a single horrible thought left in my mind, I stalked toward the conjoined bathroom and started the shower. I let the sheet fall as I stared at myself. Even after three years of knowing Brendon like the back of my hand, I never figured out why he was so attracted to me. I was average. Very average. My legs weren’t incredible like Betty Grable, whom my mother adorable but they were nicely toned from years of volleyball and field hockey and they were long. My breasts were too great either. They weren’t big like Carmen Electra’s but nor were they small like Shakira. I held around 120lbs on my 5’6” frame. My hair, which had a mind of its own, was deep red and was filled with thick, fat curls. I called it average. Brendon called it perfect.

Once out of the shower, I met myself once again.

Hmmm, what should I do with myself?, I thought. I usually straightened my hair but Brendon didn’t have a straightener…Thank God.

I did find a brush and a tube of mouse. I wrestled and combed my locks into a descent ponytail that reached the bottom of my shoulder blades. The curls bounced when I moved. Then I unfolded Brendon’s jeans and stopped at a memory.

Manda, is it a little weird that me and Brendon share clothes more than me and you do? I laughed and pulled the pants over my hips. I walked calmly back into his bedroom.

“Woah! Brendon. Jeez you scared me,” I sighed. He was settled at the edge of the bed, legs crossed and eyes down.

“Sorry, babe.” He looked up and me and smiled weakly. You look nice. I was still only in his jeans and bra. “You should wear stuff like that more often.”

“Uh huh,” I started as I walked over to him and let him hug my hips, “but you would like it too much.” I laughed a little when he poked at my ribs. Then things turned serious.

“Annie, promise me something,” he said. I had no idea what he was going to ask of me but I loyally nodded my head anyways. “Promise me that you that you will always trust me, not matter how badly I screw up.” That made my mind flash back to the heroine.

“Don’t worry B. Nothing is going to happen.” Those words I said to him but I really needed to hear them too. Christine Urie was a very persuasive person. She could convince you that the sky was really lime green and you would actually research the idea. And she had Brendon in the palm of her hand. Something was up and I couldn’t bring myself to welcome the idea that maybe the Urie’s were on Brendon and mine side this time.

Brendon brought his mom to the most unprofessional place he could think of on such short notice…Applebee’s. It was only two in the afternoon and the lunch crowd was gone. None of the waiter’s seemed to care who he was but a certain little hostess made it very clear that she noticed him.

“Brendon Urie?” she questioned and he actually thought about saying no.

“Yeah,” he sighed while running his hand through his hair, the way he does when he is defeated. The hostess read his look.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Urie; I’ll make sure no one bothers you.”

She sat the two and walked away giggling with another hostess, who, by the expression on her face, could really care less. Brendon wasted no time with his mother.

“Mom, this is serious.” He meant it too. She had loved her son but with his recent messes he left, the drugs, the parties, leaving high school. He owed her and this conversation wasn’t really the right kind of payback.

“So how was your night,” Christine asked, totally ignoring his somberness.

“Mom.” He tried not to raise his voice but this was frustrating. She looked up at him like nothing was wrong.

“We know you love her Bren,” she simply stated. Maybe she wouldn’t be so difficult after all.

“Yeah…” He slouched in his seat and fiddled with the napkin holder.

“Mr. Urie!” The hostess interrupted his thoughts and made him jump.

“Really, there is no need to yell,” he said with a small chuckle.

“Well, I just wanted to know if…if you could umm…I’m not suppose to do this but can I have a picture with you?”

“Uh, sure.” The girl jumped into the booth next to him and asked him to smile his best smile, and when he did she nearly passed out.

“Thanks,” she said frantically and skittered away.

“Mom,” Brendon said again once everything was calm and he found his thought. “I want to marry her.” Honest to god, he was expecting his mother to choke and/or yell profanities at him. And maybe, just possible, throw the nearest heavy object at his face.

“You’re my last son,” Christine said in a near whisper. “And I love you very much. Annabelle is a wonderful girl---’’

“I’m not going to screw up her life,” he said just loud enough for her to hear. “She loves me too.” Christine held up her finger calmly.

“I love you both very much, too much some would say. You’re an adult and I can’t hold your hand every step of the way, Bren. If you feel that this is the right thing for the both of you then I will be behind you. And dammit Bren, I’m getting old, I want me some grandchildren!” They laughed at the comment together.

“Thanks Mom,” Brendon smiled.

She shook her head at him.

“When are you going to do it?”

“As soon as I possibly can.”

You’re all that I’ll ever know
When you smile, my face glows.
You picked me up when I was down…
All my life
I prayed for someone like you.
And I thank God that I…
That I finally found you.
And all my life,
I prayed for someone like you.
Yes, I pray that you do love me too.

Thank guys for the support. And I'm so sorry, I had writers block severly and I re-wrote this chapter three times. Hope you all enjoyed it. Review and rate!
Oh and also since I always put a song at the beginning I decided to let you know who it is by starting now.
1. "All the Same" by the Sick Puppies
2. "Pieces" by Sum 41
3. "Buried Myself Alive" by the Used
4. "Last Request" by Paolo Nutini
5. "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo
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