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Chapter Four

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Kylie and Wesley draw closer, to danger and each other.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-03-27 - Updated: 2008-03-27 - 637 words

Kylie’s eyes snapped open and she realized she wasn’t in the bedroom anymore. She was in a long dark hallway, and she knew that something waited of her at the end of it. Quickly she turned, and tried to run away, but no matter how fast she tried to run, the end of the hallway came closer and closer. She looked back in fear, and saw a tall man standing there, his face covered by a devil’s mask.
“You will be mine Kylie,” he said, and she whimpered with fear. He grasped her arm, and pulled her closer. “Soon you will join with me,” he said, “be my consort, and bear my son.”
He cupped her head, and kissed her on the mouth, a hard, painful kiss.”
Kylie sat up and screamed, a long scream of horror. She realized that she was back at the safe house, as her ragged breathing slowed.
Suddenly Wesley burst into the room, through the adjoining door, his gun in his hands.
“Are you ok?” He asked, hurrying over to her.
“I’m fine,” she said, shakily, “just a bad dream.”
He holstered his gun, and sat down next to her on the bed.
“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked, “sometimes that helps.”
“I was in a long dark hallway,” Kylie said softly, “I knew something waited at the end. Something evil, but as much as I tried to run, I kept moving toward it. Finally I saw a tall man, wearing devil mask standing there. He told me that soon I would join him, I would become his consort, and bear his son. He kissed me and it was the most degrading and painful kiss I’ve ever experienced. I hated it.”
She shook her head, “I’ve never been so frightened in my life.” She said softly, “I know it was just a dream, but still, it seemed so real.”
Wesley saw that she was shaking and he drew her into his arms, softly stroking her hair. She looked up at him, and as their eyes met, he saw the same feelings reflected in her eyes, that he felt.
Slowly their lips met and they kissed, as her hands tentavily cupped his neck, drawing him closer. He closed his eyes, and moaned, deepening the kiss, reveling in her sweetness. Finally they drew apart, and stared at each other, each not sure what to say.
He leaned close and kissed her again, harder this time, as she clung to his shoulders, giving her mouth to him willingly.
He drew away from her again, his breath ragged, looking at her flushed cheeks and her sparkling eyes.
“That shouldn’t have happened,” he said, “it won’t happen again.”
He got up quickly off the bed, although he was tempted to kiss her again.
“What about if I want it to happen again?” She demanded, following him off the bed and standing there, hands on her hips.
Wesley stared at her, at how beautiful she looked, even after sleeping for hours. His body screamed at him, to take her, that she was willing. The dragon deep down inside him growled, wanting to gain control.
He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, before looking at her.
“It can never happen again,” he repeated. “I am here to guard you, and that’s it, nothing personal can happen between us.”
He turned around quickly, opening the door to his room and stepped inside, closing an locking it. He leaned against it, sighing deeply, he was falling in love with her and that was the worst thing he could ever do. She wasn’t for him, she never could be. He ran his hand through his hair, then closed his eyes, wishing that he was anything but what he was.
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