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Reality TV Sucks

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Another chapter. yaY.

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Lei: Bryan, it's time for you to meet the new recruits who will be bunking with you!

Bryan: Oh yay.

(Lei calls the recruits in)

Lei: MTV has donated $500,000 to the military in exchange for having some specific people enlisted whose daily lives could be filmed.

Bryan: What the fu-

Lei: This is Xiayou, boy-crazy teenage girl with lots of friends!

Xiayou: Hi, everyone! (Waves at the camera)

Lei: Next is Jin, loner and generally quiet kid who hates his father!

Jin: I just...I just want to be left alone for a while if that's okay...

Lei: Then we have bad boy Hwoarang!

Hwoarang: Nobody understands me.

Lei: And finally is A+ student Julia Chang!

Julia: Hey, everyone, I hope we can all have lots of fun working together!

Bryan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Announcer with a fake Hawaiian surfer accent: And now back to The Real Army!

Julia: (to camera) We've all been trying to get along, but Bryan's really been finding it hard to adjust to having friends.

Xiayou: I think Allan really liked me, he asked me out for another date!

Bryan: He only likes you cause you walk around in that slutty schoolgirl outfit.

(Xiayou runs off crying)

Julia: (to camera) I think it's because he's not used to friendship, you know, we just have to show that we care about him.

Jin: (to camera) I mean, well, you know, it's just...yeah...

Julia: Everyone, I know we don't want to enforce rules, but someone's been leaving their juice on the table without a coaster. Now I know it's not Bryan, because he only drinks beer.

(Bryan drinks some of his hard liquor)

Julia: But we made these rules feeling that we'd all try out best to follow them.

Hwoarang: I don't follow the rules, I break them!(crosses arms menacingly)

Xiayou: (to camera) I like Hwoarang, I mean he's really cute since he's a boy, but he's been trying to cause all kinds of problems, like when he leaves the sink on, I mean, how hard is it to turn the sink off?

Jin: (to camera) Yeah....I always make my bed, but he messed it up once. I decided to ask him about it, but than he just did it again.

Bryan: (to camera) ...the kid's an asshole.

Hwoarang: (to camera) They just don't want to take the time to understand me, man.

Julia: (to camera) It's really been hard trying to study though whenever Bryan and Hwoarang are fighting. They basically stand in front of each other waving their arms around, while making a bunch of threats, and neither and they never actually do anything.

Bryan: (to camera) started during that tag tournament they held a while back. He and I got stuck on the same team, and he said something to me that pissed me off, so I shot something back, and we just started arguing for a while. I think the only reason neither of us tried to kick the shit out of each other was because we were on the same team, and I guess that kind of stuck.

Hwoarang: (to camera) Yeah, I mean, it's like arguing with Bryan's the only thing that I really enjoy. I tried arguing with Jin, but, the guy's just...well, you know.

Jin: (to camera) Yeah, when Hwoarang's yelling at me, I just close my eyes and try to imagine myself in my happy place...with mommy...

Xiayou: (to camera) ........I like boys!

Bryan: (to camera) ...

(camera stays on Bryan)

Bryan: (to camera) Leave me the censored alone.

End Of Chapter 5

I got the arguing bit from Bryan and Hwoarang's Tag intro, in case you couldn't tell. I made it pretty obvious, though you might not have seen it. I tried to give the characters the feel of modern teenagers like in the Real World, though I wouldn't know personally, since I never watched the show. And I'm not a teenager myself, but a 42 year-old man who writes fanfics in his basement naked.
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