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The New Way Brother

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Mikey meets Rae, and something may happen betweent the two of them

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She awoke the next morning to the smell of chocolate pancakes. Looking over to where her untouched food was, there were pancakes instead. A small knock at the door made her sit up in bed. The door opened and a new face appeared.

“Uh, good morning. I’m Mikey, my brother told me to see if you were awake. He said to make sure you eat, and um to give you these clothes.” Mikey walked into the room with an armful of clothes. Lots and lots of black things. Black shirts, and pants, and underclothes too. “He said to get you black cause that’s all you had on, well except your shirt. If you want me to get you other colors, then I will. I hope these fit, they looked like they would you know?” She nodded and smiled at him.

“Thank you so much Mikey, it really means a lot to me. So thank you.” He blushed looking away from her. “I don’t know why Gee said you were troublesome. You seem so nice and sweet.” Now it was her turn to blush. “So, I’ll leave you to eat and find some clothes. Just knock on the door when you want something, I’ll be out there, ok?” She nodded at him, and he turned around to leave.

“Mikey?” She asked jumping from the bed and running to him. He turned and threw his arms out assuming she was going to try to run. But she hugged him instead, holding him close and inhaling his heavenly scent. He smiled like flowery fabric softener and axe. “Thank you for being so nice to me.” And she turned to find some clothes. Mikey slowly backed out of the room completely dazed at what she did.

When the door was closed, she went to work on finding an outfit. There were long sleeved shirts, some with V-necks, and tank tops, and T-shirts. There were jean shorts, and pants, some with chains, and skirts. She settled on a black V-neck T-shirt and a black mini skirt. Looking next, to the pancakes she found herself completely famished. Taking one bite she let the chocolate melt in her mouth, and then she took another, and another, until they were gone. She drank the orange juice, and she ate the small piece of toast. Though she was being held hostage, it was the best breakfast she ever ate. When she was finished she went to the door and knocked. Sure enough Mikey opened it a crack and she smiled at him again.

“Can I use the bathroom please, I need to go, and I need to brush my teeth and comb my-” he cut her off.

“There’s a bathroom in your room over in the corner.” He said pointing to the back right. She turned her head feeling completely stupid for not noticing it sooner. Mikey seemed to read her mind. “Don’t feel stupid, it was dark last night, and I’m sure you were scared to death too.” She turned to look at him again, but this time she looked serious.

“Hey Mikey, am I the only one who’s ever been brought here?” He had no reply to this, he only looked sad.

“Like I said, the bathroom is back there.” And he closed the door. She ran to the bathroom having needed to pee for over 13 hours. When she was finished she brushed her teeth and washed her face. The feeling of cleanliness was relieving, but her hair was a disaster. Brushing through the knots, with a brush she found in a drawer, was a major chore. But she was successful in the end. With that done she went back to the door and knocked again. Again Mikey opened up, looking more cheerful this time.

“Mikey, can I have some paper and pencils. I have nothing to do in the cell all day.”

“Yeah Rae. I’ll be right back.” He closed the door and returned moments later with some paper and several pencils and pens. “I got you these, and I also got several books, in case you wanted to read.” He handed her the things, and she looked at the books. There was one about myths and legends, some about history, and some on Vampires. Her eyes widened at these, and that is all she wanted to read about were Vampires. She had been fascinated with the make believe creatures since she was little. When she grew up she wanted to be a Vampire, but that was a long time ago.

“Rae you ok?” Mikey asked drawing her out of her flashback.
“Uh,” she cleared her throat. “Yep, I’m ok. I only want the Vampire and myth books though.” He smiled taking the other ones back.

“Well just knock when you need me again. Gee said that if you’re good for the next day or two, he’ll let you come out of the room and get some fresh air. Of course I’ll have to escort you, but I wouldn’t have a problem with that.” He blushed a little at that last comment. Rae laughed lightly.

“Me neither Mikey, me neither.

As the day dragged on, she sat there in the room not making a peep. She drew and read, but mostly drew pictures of weeping angels with flame ridden wings, demons submerged in light, crying young girls reflecting herself, and evil gorgeous men towering over their terrified captives who pleaded for mercy. She sometimes chose to drew realistically, but most of the time she drew in an anime style. She had gotten lost in the paper and the images it created. A sharp rap on the door made her jump slightly making her heart skip a beat.

“Yes?” She asked to the door attempting to restart her heart. Mikey came strolling in, closing the door behind him and receiving a smile from her.

“Oh hey Mikey, what’s up?” she asked him feeling completely at ease.

“Well…Gerard said that since you’ve been good today, you’ve eaten and haven’t made too much noise, and that if you want to you can eat downstairs with us. I mean you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or do-” she cut him off by sighing.

“Yes Mikey I know the speech. ‘But you can’t do anything, or have any human rights blah blah blah.” She waved her hand through the air. “I know it all.” He just looked at her for a moment as if he were waiting for something, and he was.

“So? Will you come down and eat with us?” He asked innocently. She shook her head sadly.

“Mikey I…I don’t think I can. He just took me, how could I sit and eat in the same room as someone like that? Tell me how.” She didn’t look up, afraid to see the hurt and pain in his eyes. She knew he would want her to eat with him, he cared about her just that much. But she couldn’t with ‘him’ there.

“Please Rae? It would mean the world to me, and you can avoid Gee all you want. Throw him dirty looks, curse him to the darkest pits of hell, though he’s convinced he’s going thee anyways, it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want you eat alone here, locked up in this room with no one to keep you company. Please reconsider Rae, for me, please?” And she was forced to gaze into his brilliant hazel eyes. God how could this man be so persuasive?

“Fine” She sighed in defeat. “But I won’t like a minute of it, and you’re right, I will curse him to the darkest pits of hell.” Mikey ran over and grappled her in a hug that left her without air for a moment.

“Oh thank you, thank you. I’ll go tell the guys, and I’ll be back when the food is ready, ok?” And with that he ran out of the room leaving Rae sitting on her bed wondering how the hell she was convinced to sit and dine in the same room as the men who kidnapped her.

A while later Mikey returned. He smiled as he opened the door, for he was holding something, a box maybe.

“Hey.” He said walking over to her. She smiled as best she could, not wanting to show her discomfort too much. “I brought you this; Ray went out awhile ago and got it for you. Gee said he didn’t want you looking too shabby for dinner with us. Wet tend to dress up when we have guests, but I suppose the word ‘guest’ is used a bit too loosely.” He half smiled laying the box on the bed. Rae carefully lifted the lid off and exposed a black satin dress. She looked to Mikey, and he nodded to the bathroom.
“Go change in there, and I’ll wait out here till your done, ok?” she silently nodded not wanting to argue with him.

When she got to the bathroom, she closed and locked the door, and began to strip off her clothes. She wouldn’t have minded to wear her current outfit, but she assumed it would only make Gerard angry. When she had removed her clothing, she began to put on the dress. It somehow felt like she was donning her fate, to live forever in this house, never to again feel freedom, or life. But this was what she wanted, wasn’t it? To live with Gerard Way, her hopes and dreams coming true, but why didn’t it feel that way? Why didn’t it feel like that? Suddenly there was a small rap on the door.

“You alright in there?” Mikey called to her. She frantically began pulling up the straps.

“Yes, I’m almost finished.” And she was finished, she just couldn’t bring herself to either look in the mirror, or remove herself from the room and go willingly to her captors’ arms. She would never do such a thing, never. But she sighed and turned around, gasping at the reflection. Though her cheeks were slightly flushed, all else was perfect. The dress had spaghetti straps, and it came just above the middle of her thighs, revealing her pale legs. It held tightly to her body showing all of her perfect curves, mostly her chest, and making her seem quite elegant.

“Let’s knock ‘em dead.” She whispered to herself, and she turned and opened the bathroom door. Mikey was pacing around nervously, and when he turned to see her he looked stunned as well.
“So, how does it look?” she asked innocently. Mikey only stared in shock, his eyes looking her up and down, settling on her legs. His face suddenly went red and he turned away, obviously, in embarrassment.

“We better get going, Gee’s probably wondering what’s going on.” And he headed to the door, looking back to see if she was following him, which she was. She was eager to get out of that room, eager to see them again so she could look at them and let them know just how much she hated them, eager…to learn the layout of the house, it could help in her escape but it would take time to learn everything about the occupants, their habits, and what went on. Mikey grabbed her left arm as they got to the door and led her out into the hallway. The carpet was a deep scarlet red, and the walls were a royal golden color. Mikey looked sideways at her with a questioning expression on his face.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked her. She shrugged her shoulders, not looking anywhere in particular.

“Nothing, just wondering what we’re having for dinner.” She locked eyes with him and he simply stared back. They were like his brother’s eyes, the same hazel color, constantly changing from brown to green. But Mikey’s were softer and friendlier. There was more innocence to them then Gerard’s.

“We’re having lasagna.” He said to her looking forward due to the fact that since neither of them was looking where they were going, they almost ran into the wall.

Soon the hallway ended and they headed down a gently winding staircase, her shoes ‘clicking’ against the hard white marble. He continued to lightly drag her around the corner to the left, where he pushed open a dark mahogany door that held her biggest nightmare to come.
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