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Every time you disappear and I remember

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Joe called me about noon and invited me to come over. He was bored and wanted someone to play video games with. I had nothing better to do then write so I showered and left for his place with Lady in tow. Lady and Succah would love each other! And they did. They ran all over the backyard while Joe and I spent some quality time together.

"So what's going on with you and you admirers?" Joe asked as we raced each other.

"Well Gabe seems cool but I don't have a date with him for 2 days and Pete comepletely confuses me. Is he seeing Ashlee again or something?" I bit my lip as I tried to pass Joe and he threw a banana peel at me. Bastard was too good at Mario Kart.

"Well I know that Ash has been calling him incessantly. I mean, I'll kill him if you're his rebound. Fucking kill him."

"With what? Your fro? Drown him in it," we laughed and Joe beat me once again.

"Reigning champ!" He announce to no one at all. Lady and Succah looked at him like he was crazy. After playing for a little longer we went to the kitchen to have some lunch.

"I fucking love how your drawers close themselves," I opened and closed his drawer like 30 times giggling.

"I know, it's amazing how lazy you can be these days," he said and took a bite of his sandwich.

"So why do you think Pete is being a flake?" I leaned on his kitchen island.

"Well he's either going to die because he is using you for rebound or he's probably just afraid of getting hurt again the way he did with Ashlee. Look, I'll say something to him. Kind of like a brotherly 'don't fuck with me head' type thing that makes you look innocent and we'll see what happens." He was chewing throughout this entire speech and lisping. God he cracked me up.

"Okay, but just don't say anything about me talking to you."

"Sure, I'll say Marie told me." He took another bite.

"Okay," I said and then thought for a moment. Why not ask for advice about Gabe. "Should I keep my date with Gabe?"

"I would. That way we can see how Pete really feels. If I liked a girl and she went on a date with my friend then I'd be trying to win her over." I nodded. That made sense.


Two days went by with no word from Pete. What the fuck was his deal? Oh well, his loss. My date with Gabe was actually pretty good. We went to dinner and then we came back to my place. We decided to take a walk to the beach, which was just a block down the street. We made out in the sand and Gabe is pretty sexy. He didn't try to cop a feel or anything. We just walked into my apartment and had to wipe the sand off of our asses onto the patio. It was pretty funny. I got changed into something that wasn't covered in sand and let Gabe put his clothes in the dryer. We sat on the couch and watched Forensic Files until about midnight.

"I'll call your tomorrow girl," Gabe said and kissed me goodnight. I gave him a quick hug and shut the door behind him. He was a genuinely sweet guy. I walked over to the couch and sat back down for another episode. I was deep into the case when my phone beeped. I picked it up and noticed a text message. Maybe it was Gabe?

Pete: i need to see you

What? It's almost one?

Kiley: why?

Pete: we need to talk

Oh boy, what was he going to say?

Kiley: sure

I remained in my seat on the couch until there was a knock on my door about thirty minutes later. I opened the door and Pete was standing there looking pretty upset.

"Hey Pete, come in. What's wrong?" I was kind of concerned. I stepped to the side and let him in. We walked to my couch and sat down.

"Look, I'm sorry for being kind of a flake on you."

"Well yea, you kind of pissed me off when you left in the middle of the night Pete."

"I know, that was an asshole move, I'll admit that. I just, I'm just not ready for something Kiley but I can't stop thinking about you." That was a contradictory sentence.

"What are you saying Pete? I'm confused."

"Look I don't think I'm over Ashlee enough to have another relationship but I can't stand the thought of you with someone else."

"I'm not going to just stop dating because it makes you jealous."

"I know I know. I just wanted to tell you how I feel."

"Look Pete, you either want me or you don't. Make a choice and let me know." I was actually pretty mad at him. Fuck that! I appreciate his honesty about not being ready, but no way I am waiting around for him. I went to stand up and Pete grabbed my hand and pulled me back down and kissed me tenderly.

"I want you, but I'm not ready for you. I am afraid right now and I dont wanna let you down." I don't know why but I kissed him again and again and again. Men generally aren't open with you about their feelings and it turned me on so much to see him this vulnerable. And I was just plain stupid.

He just told me he couldn't commit but what was I doing? I was pulling him into my bedroom. We calasped onto my bed in a kissing frenzy. His hands moved over every curve of my body as mine explored his hair, back and chest. I knew I was making a big mistake but he felt so good on me. I pulled his shirt up over his head and then proceeded with mine as he removed our pants. He laid back down on top of me and his skin felt so hot against my bare chest. I was almost electrifying. The intensity of his skin touching mine increased as he pushed into my. I arched my chest up into his and let out a moan. He thrust deeper and deeper into me as he moaned into my shoulder. It was all over in about 10 minutes and he calasped on top of me. He rested his head on my chest and we just laid there holding each other. Soon after we changed positions and fell asleep.


Pete and I had breakfast the next morning together and I haven't heard from him since. It's been three days. I knew that sleeping with him was the biggest mistake, especially since I knew that I was on the verge of falling hard in love with him. And guess what has happened. I'm in love with Pete Wentz. I can't tell anyone what happened because I don't want Joe to castrate him. If anyone if going to do it then it will be me. I'm just fearing that he went back to Ashlee. I cancelled my next date with Gabe and told him that I couldn't be involved with them both. He was really sweet and understanding. I honestly just wanted to be alone and cry by myself.

I did get a lot of writing done though. My character was going through a broken heart and so was I. A lot of my real emotions were put into that chapter. It took all my strength not to call Pete. We would run into each other eventually, that I knew. I just wanted to get over him. My phone beeped and I looked down at it. One new text message.

Pete: im outside let me in

Oh man... what was going to happen now?
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