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"Come On" she had whispered as she held out her hand. He took it and went wherever she led him.

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Flik and Odessa should have a love story to themselves. A romantic war tragedy. Hopefully this will be a series of snippets, which, as a whole, make up the love story.
Before anyone asks, yes I know this story takes place at sunrise, but it's called sunset for a reason.
Anyways, as always I'm just babysitting these characters, They're not mine.

"Come on.” She had whispered as she held out her hand. He took it and went wherever she led him.

It was a cold windy morning, still dark, but they were in high spirits. Young and in love, as the saying goes.
It was a long and difficult path to the top of the hill, but they didn’t mind. They hurried up the hillside together, laughing at the slightest thing, finding joy in each others company.
He loved the way her hair danced in the wind, a long, auburn frame to her beautiful face.
She loved his clear blue eyes, so full of determination and the bravery of youth

When at last they reached the top, they sat together, hand in hand to watch the sunrise.
Crimson and gold, it lit up the day. Soon they could see distant villages and fields by it’s light, far off rivers and lakes shining brightly like pools of liquid gold.

They were silent in the awe of nature’s beauty.

Nothing in life could make him feel more than this, except the sight of her, and the knowledge that she felt the same about him.

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze, moved slightly closer and whispering, he said:

“I love you, Odessa.”

The wind calmed a little, and the air seemed a little warmer as she looked into his eyes.

“ I love you too, Flik.”

And they shared their first kiss.
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