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The roads ahead each of us
May differ in direction
But know that we can always walk back
And meet at the connection

We shared a life, a love, a time
But all is almost done
We’ll always have the memories, though
Of all the fights and all the fun

As we walk a new mile in the path of life
Some might forget the other’s face
But let us not forget their smiles
And their hugs that brightened days

We might not see each other later
But let’s not say farewell
For fate and chance might be kind to us
Yet only time can tell

So let’s cherish these moments together
Past hatred and grudges let’s mend
Let go of the past and look to the future
But let the friendships never end

We’ll soon charge ahead towards the unknown
And we may walk separate or together,
But let’s always hold on to this point in our journey
Of a life, a love, a time, to remember
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