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don't believe the movies

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As I fall
(To a ground of thumbtacks)
Someone catches me
Tis you
Tis you, my angel
Great white wings
(invisible to the world)
And golden hair
And silver eyes
And gentle hands
Offer comfort from the cold

Hell seems so far away now
(Caught up in you)
This is somewhere else entirely
Somewhere far, far away
Where there is only you
(And me)

Sweet songs run in circles in my head
Dancing ballet
With cotton candy tutus
And tiaras made of heaven
My laughter echoes
Leaving my lips
Reaching my ears
(Such a foreign sound)
And enveloping my world
(My world is you, only you)

The sweetest sin
Is letting you stay
Every second by my side
(I must be in heaven)
Where redemption flies away from sight

(oh, why, my angel, why)
The stars are being subtle
Twinkle, twinkle
Just doing their job
As if telling me an awful secret
(I see only what I want to,
And I see you, only you)
Something so wrong, it is only right
(Dared myself to ignore it)

Lucifer was the most beautiful angel
(The devil isn’t ugly)
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