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Middle Of May

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it's time to try something before you lose your nerve. oneshot drabble

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She wanted to try something before she lost her nerve.

The time was 2:37 pm, she was on a trip with a few friends, and she wasn't sleepy at all.

The sarongs covering the car windows kept them shielded from the hot summer sun. It was a bit chilly in the van, but it was the perfect temperature for a siesta on the way to the beach. It was the perfect time too, to try something before she lost her nerve.

"Pssst," she said to the boy beside her. She wasn't that close to him, but they had a common friend. Their friend was currently asleep in the front row, her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. She looked at her and wished she had a boyfriend's shoulder, and the ability to sleep on car rides so that she could lean on it.

She tapped her seatmate on the shoulder, waking him. She found it better to try on a stranger rather than a friend who would surely laugh in her face. They were on the last row, and all the others were asleep, which was why she whispered. She wanted to try something before she lost her nerve, but she sure as hell didn't want others to witness her attempt. What if she just ended up embarrassing herself? It was risky, but she had to try or else she wouldn't be able to sleep.

This was primarily the reason why she had to try it. She couldn't sleep, not when the idea suddenly popped in her head, jumping up and down and all over the place, dancing the cha-cha and doing back flips in her brain. It was impossible really. So naturally, she had to placate it, or else she wouldn't get the peace she so desperately wanted. Eyeing the other people in the van, secretly wishing she was in dreamland too, she peeked at her seatmate.

He opened one eye, obviously roused by her jumping, dancing, back flipping idea.

"What?" he whispered back, his breath a little raspy.

"How many girls have you kissed?" she asked.

He opened his other eye (bye bye dreamland) and his mouth, just a bit.


"I said, how many girls have you kissed?" she repeated it, just in case he didn't hear her right.


"Is that all you can say?," she said, her brow furrowed.

She moved the pillow separating them and hugged it to her chest. This was not how she expected it. He was supposed to say something besides "what?" and this was supposed to be an interesting conversation.

"I’m sorry, but you caught me off guard. want to know how many girls I’ve kissed?" he whispered to her. He was clearly confused.

"Yes, and guys too, I suppose. If you swing both ways." she whispered back.

"What! No guys. Um, about 5 girls, I guess." he said, his high cheekbones a bit pinker now.

"Oh, I see. Do you remember how they kissed?" she faced him now, her feet tucked under her, obviously relaxed and comfortable with the topic. This could not be said about him though. He was sitting with his back straight, and only his head was facing her.

He thought this was the oddest conversation he ever had, but answered her nonetheless.

"Yeah, I think. I know who was good at it and who wasn't.” His lips switched from a smile to a smirk in a blink. 'How did he do that?' she wondered, a little amazed. He looked at her questioningly.

"There are some who aren't good at it?" she whispered. Now her face was worried.

"Well I guess it depends on the person. I just know how I want to be kissed; that's all," he shrugged. "You needn't worry though. I’m sure you're a great kisser." he said reassuringly.

"How would you know?" she said with an amused look on her face.

"I wouldn't. You just look like it," he said, shrugging once more.

"Now it's your turn. How many guys have you kissed?" he shot back.

'This is quite interesting. Although strange,' he thought.

'I’m going to get some sleep soon,' she thought.

"None, for your information," she said a little defensively.

"You serious?" he was a tiny bit shocked.

"Yes. What makes you think otherwise?" she was still defensive, not sure if he was flattering or insulting her.

"Nothing; it’s just seemed like you kissed a few guys yourself," he said slowly.

Her brow furrowed, and a frown slowly appeared on her lips.

"And I did not mean that in a bad way," he finished, grinning.

She relaxed and smiled back. Repositioning herself so that she was closer to him, she looked up at his face.

"How do you like to be kissed?" she whispered on his ear.

"Why do you want to know?" he whispered back.

"Fine, then help me find out how I want to be kissed."

He turned to her, his nose so close to hers that they were almost touching. His eyes were beautiful. Almost the colour of chocolate cake.

"Why would I do that? I would be stealing your first kiss," he said, his voice low so that the others wouldn't wake. He needn't do it, for they wouldn't wake even if they shouted. She already tried. Who wanted to be awake while everyone enjoyed sleep? Surely not her.

"Teach me. And no, you wouldn't. I’m letting you have it," she said, looking him straight in the eye.

He stared at her and tipped her chin upward. He didn't close his beautiful eyes, not until their lips met and he had to.

The jumping, dancing, back flipping idea turned into butterflies and made their way down to her stomach. They fluttered around for a while, even when he turned her over so that she was under him, giving the butterflies a rollercoaster ride.

The boy on top of her smiled against her lips. 'Or was that a smirk?' she wondered aloud, breaking contact to look at his face.

He did it again, laughing silently. She stared at his lips, trying to understand what he just did, until he pulled her to him once more.

It was both, he lied about the five girls, and he was never asleep.

The middle of May was a nice time to try something before you lost your nerve. Take it from the boy with chocolate eyes who kissed a girl for the first time.
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