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i dare you

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She grabbed his black shirt and dragged him to a corner near the rest rooms.

"Hi, I’m Mike. And you are?" she said in one quick breath, sticking out her hand to shake his. He took it and laughed. It went straight to her heart.

"Hi Mike, I’m Mike." Surprised, she laughed with him and he looked at her with eyes that could say a million things.

She knew him, of course, but he didn't even know her name. She knew that he had someone, but frequent mutual gazes on the way to classes were enough to make her want this.

"Would you mind humouring me? It’s for a dare," she said with a straight face.

His eyes never left hers when he said, "Sure. What is it?"

"You have to kiss me for 11 seconds," she said, voice flat and lifeless.

He bit his lip, contemplating, and her heart hummed inside.

"Is it really that hard?" she asked, he eyes showing vulnerability while her face and voice remained cool and calm.

He quickly caught her with his gaze, said "No, it should be hard, but it's so damn easy", and took her in his arms.

It was the best 11 seconds they had. The only, but the best.
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