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Round and round he ran.

Her eyes tried to stay focused on the air in front of her, but they couldn't, not when he was running past her, each round he completes equal to about two of hers.

'Don’t look. Pocket your smile,' she told herself.
And on and on she ran, never matching his pace. She was fine with that, even though she wished he were beside her.

'One more round,' he said to himself. Yet slightly to his left, he caught a blur, and he chanced a glance at her. The voice in his head told him 'not yet.'

'Slow down, slow down, or you'll never catch her,' it whispered.
So he did, gradually matching her footfalls.

He stared at the air in front of him, and she did the same.

She allowed a small smile, and never looking at the other, their paces synced perfectly.

Round and round they ran.
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