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Meet Panic at the disco. Again. And without the !

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A year after the infamous story behind Meet Panic! at the Disco. When Max has to spend two weeks, again, with the band, we see what really has gone down since we last read about this fictional pair.

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I looked up from my desk and towards my boss that was standing in front of my desk. There was a CD in his hands, but I couldn’t figure out what was on it.

“I have an assignment for you, if you would like to follow me into my office.”

I stood up and my nerves started to kick in, he had always told me my assignments while standing in front of my desk, or by passing me notes or e-mails, never before had I been called into his office.

“Close the door behind you.”

I did as I was told and then sat down in the chair in front of his desk. He put the CD he had been holding on the table in front of me.

“I read your article you did about this band two years ago. Now I want you to see them again and write a follow up.”

I took the CD with trembling hands. The title read Pretty.Odd, a name that sounded awfully familiar, but my brain wasn’t really connected at that moment.

“Max, are you alright?”

”Yeah, yeah. I’m alright.”

“Ok, so you are willing to do this again? Follow them around for two weeks again?”

“Sure, it’ll be nice to do that again.”

I had been stuck in New York for two years, ever since the news of me fucking a certain lead singer had been the talk of the town. Or at least, the talk in the office. For a year I had to listen to crappy bands playing in even crappier clubs, and write crappy reviews that hardly got published. That was a terrible punishment for something that I wowed never to do again. But we’ve gotten a new editor, that’s obviously willing to give people second chances.

“Fantastic. I know you can do it Max. We’ll arrange a flight for you to L.A where you’ll meet up with the band and you follow them as they make their way around the country.”

“Sounds fun, when will I leave?”

“Tomorrow, early morning. So just finish what you were doing and then go home and prepare. I’ll get you the tickets in an hour.”

I stood up and shock his hand.

“Thanks for giving me this opportunity again.”

“You are a great writer Max, you bring things alive by just writing about them. I have full faith in you.”

I couldn’t help smiling; it had been awhile since I had heard compliments. It sucks not having a boyfriend who takes care of that.

I quickly went over to my desk and started to gather my things. Ann, the girl who’s been working on the desk next to me for few months had a smirk on her face.

“You got fired?”

“No, I’m returning to my old field, following bands around.”

She looked kind of disappointed.

”Oh, following whom?”

“These guys.”

I handed her the CD without thinking. Suddenly I heard her squeal.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God! I’m so jealous! I’m a major fan of these guys.”

“Oh, really. Well, I’ve worked with them before, and they are pretty nice.”

I hope they are not assigning me to Good Charlotte again, I never really liked those guys.

“Seriously? You’ve actually met Panic at the disco?”

My smile faded and my hands started trembling again. Panic at the disco? Was it them that just released Pretty.Odd? Oh dear.

“What, is everything alright?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine, I really am.”

I sat down in my chair and buried my face in my hands. So the new boss hadn’t heard of me and that lead singer. Meeting them all again, after a year. After things got out of hand with me and Brendon?

“You are so lucky.”

I head Ann say. I sighed and looked up.

“I guess I am.”

Meet Panic at the disco. Again. And without the !
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