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Split Second Smile

by sweethatred 0 reviews

i dare you to see her

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2008-03-29 - Updated: 2008-03-29 - 99 words - Complete

Her cheekbones scream “I’m taken”,
Like the “No Vacancy” signs
On the motels that dot the highways.
With lips curved in a natural frown,
She pretends it doesn’t matter-
It doesn’t matter that she’s alone.
Yet once in a while, it cracks or slips
This pretence that she keeps up.
But never does anyone see her smile,
Her sweet, silent, split second smile.
And after a while, it ends.
Just like that.
Sharp edges and upside down curves
Take over and dominate her face once more,
And it’s all because
You didn’t look.
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