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Never _ Forever

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A stage manager looks for Ryan and Brendon....What happens when he finds them in the bathroom.

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Never _ Forever
By: Sesshomaru15
Typed on: March 29, 2008

“Ryan, Brendon, where are you?” The stage manager called
searching backstage for the duo.

“Hey Spencer, have you seen Ryan or Brendon anywhere?” he
asked when he passed him while he was searching.

“Sorry I haven’t. Why? Can’t you find them anywhere?” Spencer
asked suprized. Ryan was usually found putting on his face makeup a
half-hour before the show. “Why don’t you try Jon or Eric? Maybe they
know where they are.

“Thanks. I think I’ll do just that...would you mind helping me
search for them?” the man asked.

“Sure. I’ll check the crowd’s area. You find Jon and Eric and ask
them,” Spencer said walking off to find Brendon and Ryan.

The man also walked off on a new quest. The quest to find Jon and
Eric. Where he found them was suprizing. They were in a vacant
dressing room making out.

“A-hem!” he said causing both of them to hurry out of the kiss they
were in to look up at him curiously.

“Do you guys um...have any idea where Ryan or Brendon could
be?” he asked them blushing.

“Well...I have no clue where Ryan could be except for in his
dressing room but for Brendon...he sometimes likes to hide from us in the
girl’s restroom. We’ll come with you to see if Brendon’s there,” Jon
said grabbing Eric’s hand and pulling him up and walking towards the


Snicker They’ll never find us here,” a very hyper Brendon said
smiling evilily.

“Um... why exactly did you drag me to a girl’s bathroom
Brendon?” Ryan hesitantly asked him.

“ see...I....uh,” he stuttered turning a crimson shade
of red in his face.

“Will you please just tell me already Brendon!?” Ryan asked not
liking being in a girl’s bathroom at all.

y!” he stumbled out of his mouth. (A/N: He said I like you very much and
It’s okay if you don’t like me back because I’m gay!)

It took Ryan a minute to process what Brendon said and when he
did he smiled and did something.

He kissed him....right as Jon, Eric, Spencer, and the stage manager
walked in the bathroom.

Laughs Well, we found them,” Jon laughed rolling his eyes. He
had only been waiting forever for the two to admit they loved eachother.
He was very happy they did...Next victims....Spencer and William.
‘Muah ha ha ha ha!’ he cackled in his mind.

End of story....I think I might try going deeper in to the whole Jon Eric
thing....maybe. Hell, I might even go into the whole Spencer William I
said at the never know.
Well Hi!
My Name’s Rakuya and I’m really really new at writing band fics. I’m
usually writing Inuyasha fics.
My sister is a huge fan of Ryden so I thought I would try writing her on to
cheer her up! I really hope it worked!!!
Please Read and Review!
Arigato...oops! I mean thank you!
I’m used to Inuyasha things. Sorry. ^^’
-Ja ne! @_@
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