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Risen emoticons

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[light suggested shounen-ai] He never had long to wait when it came to Naruto, usually his gripes were the first thing for him to yell after the first insult.

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Naruto! my first Naruto! ficlet, so excuse the stupidity. The title of this one is

Risen Emoticons

Oh, and with me, Naruto! refers to the Manga or Show when not in dialogue. Naruto is the person. {The difference is there, you just have to look.}

Summary: Sometimes emotions carry more weight than you want them to. Sometimes things hurt too much to let them go. Sometimes.... Sometimes emotion isn't useless. NaruSasu, KakaSaku (Maybe. as of now undecided. I'm in favour of the pairing though.)

Everyone- Of course you are.(>_>')


Neither Naruto! or the word Emoticons belongs to the author. She owns the plot, a cat, and Sasuke, though he truly belongs to Naruto, and the cat owns her.

Sasuke- You don't own me, you stupid fangirl! And Neither does Naruto!

Naruto-Yeah! I dont want him!

Me- oh really? Who's the one Holding the leash? Who's the one Wearing the collar?

Sasuke- Get this thing off of me!

Naruto- But it looks good on you... {Snicker}

Sasuke-Shut up, dead last!

Ummm... before we get too far off track.... err... yeah.... I'm gonna start the story.

My life is officially over. Yeah, I know I've said that before, but this time I'm serious. I mean it! Stop laughing! Ugh, why do I come to you anyway? All you do is laugh at me! And if anybody sees me talking to a tombstone, my life will be even more over! I'm going to stop visiting you, Akina. Oh, now you're all serious. I see how it is. I get it. I have to threaten you? No, I'm not mad. No, Aki- Akina, stop crying. Stop it. Ugh, Fine. I'm sorry. Happy? Geez, It's weird to see a ghost cry. What happened? Well... Of course, it all started with Naruto....

"Sasuke, you Jerk!" Naruto yelled, pointing a finger at Sasuke. The black-haired male jumped slightly, startled, then wondered why he was being abused by the younger boy. But he never had long to wait when it came to Naruto, usually his gripes were the first thing for him to yell after the first insult. Which was just as well, if he took any longer, they'd probably get into fistfights more often because Sasuke would just walk away from him. Which he was seriously considering doing right now, but then decided he'd rather avoid the physical conflict, still being sore from training the day before.

"What now, Naruto?" he asked, looking at him calmly. A soft wind toyed with his rival's hair, blowing it to the side slightly.

"You stole Sakura's first kiss! That was supposed to be mine, Dangit!" WHat was he talking about? Sasuke wondered, then vaguely remembered being forced to kiss Sakura goodnight after the date he had been forced to go on.

"Huh." His fault or no, The raven-haired boy passed up no chance to bother the blonde. "Oh, yeah, that." He smirked. "You could have had it. She can't kiss worth shit." Naruto screeched-there was no other word for it, he just screeched-

"What?! Take that back, take that back!" The cool blue eyes flashed with anger, wide and locked onto his. The hands curled into fists held angrily down at his sides.

"Why? What's the point in lying? She can't kiss." Like he was one to talk, having never kissed anyone besides Naruto ACCIDENTALLY,{and if anyone said otherwise he would break their neck... and a few other choice body parts, depending on the naysayers gender...} but it was fun to rile the blonde's temper.

"It was her first time!" Naruto objected loudly, like he ever did anything otherwise. Again Sasuke considered leaving, just to annoy the boy in front of him. The conversation was beginning to sound like all the others.

"So? Still no excuse."

"Like you can kiss! I bet the first person you ever kissed was me! And you liked it!"

"Too?" He inquired smirking, interested in the arguement for once. There was humor evident in his eyes for those who knew how to look, but Naruto was not one of them, nor was he interested at the moment in Sasuke's hidden amusement.

"Yeah! You liked it too!!" WHat an idiot.

"You go ahead and like it all on your own. I'm not gay."

"What! Argh! You tricked me!" Naruto yelled at him, fists on hips, glaring at the older boy. The normally filled with birdsong forest was silent for a moment, all the animals having been scared by Naruto's screaming. Sunlight painted dappled patterns on their skin and clothes through the trees, and ironically enough, the particular tree Sasuke had been under was a cherry-blossom tree. The relative isolation of the location was comforting to Sasuke. Or would have been if a certain blonde hadn't shown up, bringing the opportunity for another favourite pastime; Naruto-baiting.

"And this is a surprise to you? You're such an idiot."

"Rah!" Naruto snarled, diving forward and tackling the Uchiha, who was caught by surprise.

"Gah!" He found himself pinned to the ground by the weight of a furious blonde genin. Sasuke couldnt help but grin, even though the position caused sore muscles to protest. Painfully. The expression was closer to a grimace of pain. "Geez, you wanna be on top that bad?" Sasuke asked, hoping to bait the younger boy into jumping off him. Though he had no such luck, the comment did bring colour into Naruto's face.

"Stop saying stuff like that!" Naruto snapped, blushing. He kept Sasuke pinned however, and held his hands next to his head, breathing heavily with effort. Sasuke struggled half-heartedly for a moment, then realized,

"You're blushing." The simple statement brought even more colour into his cheeks, and he shook his head fiercely.

"Am not!" he yelled.

"Are too."

"Shut up!"

And then.....

"Make me."

I don't really regret those words, Akina. I don't. I never regret anything. I'm just scared now. Because my life is over. I can no longer pretend I don't care when I actually do... and he knows it. I am so dead, Akina, I am so dead. No, there's nothing wrong with dead people. If there was something wrong with them, would I talk to you? Didn't think so. I just kind of like being alive. These stupid emotions!!! I wish they would go away! Yes, Akina, I know it just doesn't work that way, but it should. You should be able to choose what you feel. Life is so not fair.




I can't beleive what I just did. My life just came to a crashing halt. Why am I such an idiot?! Why? It's one thing to have thoughts in you head. Thoughts can be controlled, tamped down so no one knows what you're thinking beyond what you let them see. I don't think anyone will ever know the real me, Iruka-sensei, but I can't hide this anymore. And of course, it all has to do with Sasuke-the bastard.

Naruto wandered aimlessly in the forest. A flash of pink, unexpected in the lushly verdant forest caught his attention and he turned his head to see Sasuke, sitting under a blossoming sakura tree. He twirled a kunai in his left hand, and gazing off into space absentmindedly, not really paying attention to anything. Naruto smiled and decided to go bother his emotionless rival.

"Sasuke, you Jerk!" Naruto found the words escaping from his mouth as he pointed a finger at Sasuke once he had come into fighting range, though fighting range for ninja could be anywhere from a mile away to an inch away, depending on the fighting styles... The black-haired boy simply appeared to be bored, the only indication of his surprise the dropping of the Kunai in his hand. A bad move had Naruto been an enemy ninja, though most enemy ninja didn't walk up to you screaming, Naruto grudgingly admitted to himself, only idiots trying to pick a fight did. The idea of what to argue about struck him suddenly as a petal from the sakura tree they were standing under floated in front of Sasuke's face. He took as little notice of it as he did of the person.

"What now, Naruto?" he asked, looking at him calmly. The wind blew, and more petals swirled around Sasuke, who paid no attention.

"You stole Sakura's first kiss! That was supposed to be mine, Dangit!" What was he talking about again? Oh, yeah, Sakura had been gushing about that kiss to anyone who would listen, which was the reason he'd decided to take the walk in the first place, deciding to not be one of the poor saps that would listen. For hours. as she poured over every single detail, over and over until it was as much your memory as it was hers.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, that. You could have had it. She can't kiss worth shit." Sasuke responded, standing up and dusting his hands off.

"What?! Take that back, take that back!" Naruto screamed at him.

"Why? What's the point in lying? She can't kiss." Like he was one to talk! It wasn't like he'd kissed anyone but Naruto! And even that was an accident!

"It was her first time!" He shouted in response.

"So? Still no excuse." Sasuke said dismissively.

"Like you can kiss! I bet the first person you ever kissed was me! And you liked it!" Snapped Naruto. #and so did you...#

"Too?" Inquired the Uchiha, the smirk dominating his features. Naruto saw a flash of amusement in the others eyes, then dismissed it as a trick of the light.

"Yeah! You liked it too!!" Wait...

"You go ahead and like it all on your own. I'm not gay." He was amused!

"What! Argh! You tricked me!" Naruto yelled, glaring at the older boy, trying to get over the shock of seeing something behind the others eyes. The normally filled with birdsong forest was silent for a moment, all the animals having been scared by Naruto's screaming. Before Naruto could puzzle out how he felt on discovering the fact that Sasuke did have emotions, the other spoke.

"And this is a surprise to you?" He asked, rolling his eyes. "You're such an idiot." #He's right, you know...#

"Rah!" Naruto snarled, diving forward and tackling the Uchiha, slamming them both into the ground. He quickly grabbed Sasuke's hands and pushed them into the ground on either side of his head, and held tightly so as to prevent the other from using a jutsu to escape.

"Gah!" Sasuke winced in pain and Naruto instantly felt apologetic, though... "Geez... you wanna be on top that bad?" Sasuke asked, causing Naruto to blush fiercely at the images and comments the question caused Kyuubi to send into his mind.

"Stop saying stuff like that!" Naruto snapped, blushing harder, keeping Sasuke pinned, hands up next to his head. Sasuke struggled, attempting to break free. #Isn't it wonderful how he keeps squirming like that? Don't you just want to-#

"You're blushing." #Oh, he stopped. Too bad. It was so're aroused, aren't you?# Asked the nine-tailed fox darkly, chuckling. Naruto shook his head against the particularly vivid image of his rival he had just received, featuring some artfully torn clothing and well placed hands. Naruto swallowed hard and objected,

"Am not!" Kyuubi laughed.

"Are too." #Are too. Or you're not human.# Kyuubi said scornfully. #And You're no demon.# He added, sending an even more vivid picture into his mind, complete with sound and tactile sensations. Naruto almost moaned.

"Shut-shut up!"

Then Sasuke said the two most tempting words in the universe.

"Make me."

He said make him, so I did. I dont regret it, Iruka-sensei, but- What did I do? oh, I- Yes, I did. Stop- stop laughing. It's not funny. Iru-Iruka-sensei, I'm serious. Stop Laughing! Iruka-sensei! Did he- yeah, I think so... wait! That means- What? Oh, Ramen? Sure!

Iruka- Ramen makes everything better.

Me- So... what do you think?

Naruto-Kyuubi's so mean today!

Sasuke- I hate it. Get this thing off of me.

Akina- oh, poor Sasuke... I'd beat her up if I wasn't dead.

Me-You'd hit me? {sniff}

Akina- Okay, maybe not...


Naruto-I love it! {Hee hee} How'd I make him shut up?! I wanna know, I wanna know!!

Sasuke-{Twitch} No, Naruto... you don't.

Naruto-Oh shut up sourpuss. Tell me, Tell me!!

Sasuke- -.-

Me- {Whisper}

Naruto- Oh. Umm... make the scary person happy and review... Please?

Sasuke- Or flame. I can use that to melt this thing, since my fire jutsu doesn't work on it.

This is now a parody of my current work. do not expect a continuation, there isn't one. I was only like... I dunno, was I fourteen, fifteen? somewhere around there, when I wrote this story.
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