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Patrick has a 'small' insecurity problem. Pete trys to cheer him up. First fanfic i've posted...

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Patrick's POV
I sigh and look down at my lap. Well where my lap should be. Instead there's this huge fat roll hanging over it. I poke it and groan. Pete walks into the room, "What's up?" I shrug. "Ugh, for once tell me what's wrong!" "Fine, I'm gigantic." He grins, "Actually, your quite short." I roll my eyes, "I meant fat Pete. I'm fat." He frowns, "No you aren't..." I laugh sarcstically, "Yeah sure toothpick." He sighs and leaves me in his bedroom.

"Patrick!", Pete calls from downstairs. "What?" "Come down here and eat with us!" "Not hungry!" "C'mon Pattycakes!", Andy calls. I ignore them and continue reading, as my stomach growls. Joe walks in andgrabs my arm, "Come on or I'll take the book and...and throw it out into the pool." I roll my eyes, "Fine I'll come down but I'm not eating..." He drags me out. "Aha! He lives!", Andy jokes. I sigh and grab a couple chips. Joe grins, "I thought you refused to eat." I flip him off and eat another one.

After Andy and Joe leave, Pete grins over at me. "what?" He just shrugs. I roll my eyes and get cloths together, "Hey, is it cool if i take a shower?" Pete shrugs, "Sure Patty cakes." "Don't call me that Peter!" "Oky Doky Pat." I groan and jump in the shower.

I dry myself off and pull my boxers, and shirt on, realising i forgot shorts. "Damn it", I mumble. I put my cloths in the washer and try to sneak to Pete's room, Where unfortunatley his sitting. "Ooh sexy.", Pete grins. "Yeah, whatever.", I reach for my bag, but he snatches it away form me. "Nope. Not unless you take it back." "take What back?" "the whatever part. You are sexy." "And your a liar." He grabs my hat. "Damn it peter! Fine whatever I take it back, even tho im ugly and fat, plus I have glasses." He shoves my bag at me, "Whatever Patrick.", and leaves the room. I pull on the shorts and go after him. "ugh! What?" "You don't see yourself the way I do..." "Obviously not." He sighs, "Patrick..I think your...perfect. In every single way." I can't help but smile, and, of course, turn red, "R-really?" He nods adn I pull his head towards mine and kiss his soft lips

The End
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