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what 10 years (off of joe's solo album) was really about. Note:yes, i meant to put the smiley in the title and sorry i still have writers block on the other story. :( i'll get to chp6 soon. oh an...

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Ok, so what if everyone thought the song was about Billie? It was probably better that way, only I had to know the real meaning to the song. The only thing was I wanted one other person to know.
Of course thought, this was my solo album, and it wasn't like he was here for the mixing. Well there was one thing I could do, I thought. Taking the tape out I slipped it into a jacket grabbed my keys and walked out the door.
Five minutes later I found my self standing outside of Steven's door. Breathin deeply I knocked on the door knowing this might be my only chance.
The minute I stood waiting for the door to open was pure torture. I fumbled with the CD trying to go over my plan.
As I finally decided on how things would end up going I heared the door open. Turning around I found myself face to face with Steven.
"Hey mind if I come in?" I asked.
"Yeah sure," he said moving out of the doorway so I could come in. Walking in I followed him to the living room.
"So, how's your solo album coming along?" he asked as he walked to the kitchen to get a drink.
"It's going good, con't complain. I have a great drummer, but I need your help with something."
"Really," He said emerging with two bottled waters. "What do you need my help with?"
"Well," I began, taking one of the botles. " I need to do the mix of this song, and I wanted you to hear it and see what you think."
"Ok, I can do that. where is it?" he asked.
Producing the CD I asked "mind if I put it in?"
"No, not at all, besides you know where the CD player's at."
Getting up I walked over to the entertainment center. Placing the disc in I pressed play before walking back and sitting next to Steven on the couch.
The guitars started and it was then I realized I'd reached my PNR, "Point of No Return."
"Sounds good, but guitar is your gift after all."
"Thanks," I said softly, and that's when the singing began.
"I've gotta tel you what's in my heart. It's kinda hard, but here's a start," as the song continued I looked over at him.
Turning gtowards him I placed my hand pal up on his knee. I was greeted by two very confused brown eyes. Looking at him I swallowed, praying he'd get the hint and wouldn't reject me. I shifted my gaze down, to look at my hand, scared outta my mind, but as I heard "So put your precious hand in mine," and felt a warm precence in my hand I grinned.
Looking up at him I saw a smile on his face. Nothing could be better than this moment I thought.
There was an unspoken message that passed between us in that little gesture. We'd both wanted something, and now we knew we were on the same page.
I'd know Steven now for over three decades, but as we both sat there smiliing just looking at each other it was like seeing a completely different person in front of me. The time I'd taken for granted just having him there beside me, made me now think I had been a fool.
No matter how much I'd messed up back then, I wasn't going to now. I studied his face, every detail. the way his hair, half drapping over his shoulder, framed his face. The natural color along with the enhanced hightlights of his hair. The way his eyes lit up and you could see every emotion and though with one look. The smile on his face that seemed to scream 'finally!'
In the background I heard "a lifetime isn't enough time to say what I gotta say."
I started laughin when I heard that.
"What's so funny?" he asked.
Smiling I motioned to the CD "fits us perfectly doesn't it?"
It was then that I knew he finally got the reason why I'd come over
He had a look of suprise then a grin broke out over his face. The next thing I knew he was pressed againsst me pulling me in a hug.
Scooting back to look at me he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief before letting me have it.
"Do you know how long I've-"
"Waited?" I supplied.
he stopped mid rant realizing that I felt the same way.
"The ocean of our love can be a stormy sea but in the end its just you and me." He started laughing when that line was sung.
"What?" I asked looking at him confused.
"Wow, you really did get us down."
"Yeah, well I had 30 years to get it right."
"I'm glad you did," he said leaning foward then he hesitated.
That's when I took the biggest step I'd taken all evening. I leaned in closing the gap between us. I pressed my lips against his, they fit so perfectly. Almost like we'd been made just for each other.
Pursuing the kiss i heard my song faintly in the back. Judging by the response I got back I guessed that this was one of my best ideas.
"Forget the stars at night that's not what sets me free, nothing else compares to what your smile does to me."
Well now the one person I wanted to know the songs true meaning knew I mused, and I was happy with that.
Man, whoever said you can't always get what you want must have been crazy, cuz I know I definently got what i wanted.

Yes i totally poked fun a mick jagger with that line

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