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A L/Light one-shot I guess...

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Interesting xX Rewritten Xx

Light sighed loudly and ran a hand over his face. He and L had been up for more then 24 hours, working on the Kira case. No matter how much Light protested on staying up any longer, L finished swallowing the bite of cake before saying “We must try getting farther on the case Light-kun” or “Light-kun, it isn’t my fault that you refuse to eat some sugar substance to replenish your energy” and it was starting to irritate him. He noticed that L looked over at him with a frown but ignored him. Instead he went back to looking at the files of different victims of Kira’s. The ticking of the clock seemed to get louder and louder each second, and the room seemed to get quieter and quieter. Finally Light turned to L again and said with an annoyed voice,

“Can we at least take a short break? This is starting to kill me.” L simply kept typing whatever he was typing while answering,

“It doesn’t look like it is killing you, Light-kun.” With a frustrated growl Light slammed the laptop closed and sat back in his chair, crossed his arms, and closed his eyes, refusing to work any more until he got some decent sleep. He could feel the gaze of L on him, but ignored that as well.

“We won’t get anything accomplished with you acting that way.” Light snorted and glared at L.

“I won’t get anything done being so tired, Ryuzaki-kun.” complained once more. This time L sighed and said,

“Fine, you can get some sleep but I’m not unchaining you.” Light looked at the chain and pinched his face up to where it looked like he smelt something bad. He really hated that chain. Though he was somewhat used to it, and used to having to sleep and shower with L, it still annoyed the shit out of him.

“I know that Ryuzaki-kun, you seem to be telling me that a lot more lately.” The two guys stood up and started for the room but then L muttered a small "hold on" and scampered into the kitchen so quick that Light nearly lost his arm, before he quickly walked after him.

“What now?” He asked. L didn’t answer but instead dug in the fridge for a moment before pulling out a piece of cake. He got himself a fork, completely oblivious of the teen rolling his eyes at his behavior. Then they went into the bedroom. L crawled up onto the bed, and Light sat down on the edge, taking off his shoes before lying down under the covers with his back to the insomniac. Within moments he was asleep.

As L ate his cake he watched the teen who had an eight percent chance of being Kira. He really was annoying at times. They could be spending this time trying to find the second Kira and the real Kira, instead of fucking sleeping! But noooooo! Light just had to sleep. With a frustrated sigh L sat the now empty plate on the bedside table, keeping the fork to suck on while he pondered his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Light was having the strangest dream ever. And he was starting to not like it one bit. It had started out with him in a dark room with him, L, and the investigative team. They were having a meeting and sharing some information that they had gotten on the Kira case. Apparently there have been 4 new murders, but they found the bodies so mutilated that they didn’t know whether or not they were actually convicts or not. Soon the Investigative team retired for the night. As the last one walked out the door, L and Light made eye contact. L smirked, which both scared Light and amused him at the same time. Why was he smirking? Then, without warning, L had him pinned up against a wall. His surprisingly soft lips met his in a hard kiss. What surprised Light the most was that he actually started kissing him back. He wasn’t supposed to do that! Cold hands found their way up Light’s shirt and over his stomach.

Light bolted up in bed with a gasp, covered in perspiration. He panted a little as the dream slowly faded away and he noticed L was staring at him questioningly.

“Are you alright, Light-kun?” Light turned to look at L, who had such a worried but innocent expression on his face it made him remember the dream and he felt himself blush. L frowned and placed a hand on Light’s forehead, which made Light blush even more.

“Y-yeah I’m f-fine, just a bad dream’s all.” Light stuttered an answer to L’s question. L frowned slightly before pulling away his hand.

“Alright then, we should get a shower before the others get here.” Light looked over at the clock. It read 6:00am. He had been sleeping for about 6 and half hours. It sure as Hell didn’t seem like it though not with the dream where-… Light didn’t even want to finish the thought. He had other matters at hand. He had to take a shower with L right after- NO! No thinking about it. He scolded himself. The whole time he was in his little thought land he had gathered his clothes and followed L to the big bathroom, only to walk into the wall next to the door instead of through the doorway. Laughter erupted from L. L couldn’t help it; the stunned and surprised look on Lights face was hilarious and so cute. Strange to think of the teen as cute but somehow it was. Sometime L found himself thinking strange things like that when it came to Light. It never really bothered him though this time the thought made him stop laughing though he continued to chuckle despite the glare and nearly shouted,

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, RYUZAKI!” from Light who was to mad to use honorifics. When L didn’t shut up, Light’s fist connected with the side of his face. All thought of a shower was forgotten. Instead the two were instantly a big flailing heap of limbs and torsos on the ground, rolling around with shouts of, “I hate you!” and more “Shut the fuck up!” or “No you shut up Kira”. By this time Light was on top of L, a leg on either side of his waist, his hands pressing at his throat just enough to where L could barely utter,

“Chance of Yagami Light-kun being Kira…, 21 percent.” That made Light scowl and shout,

“I ALREADY TOLD YOU I AM NOT KIRA!” Then they were back into the heap of flailing limbs and torsos. This one ended quicker though, with the outcome of L on top.

“Really? You could have fooled me, Light-kun.” L ground out between clenched teeth. Oh how he hated this teen! Or did he? But before the other could say anything else there was a knock on the door. Reluctantly L got of Light, both of them seething with rage. The team seemed to notice this to, because all of them glanced at the two worriedly. Light wondered why, too. It’s not like this was something new. It happened all the time.

“Is everything all right?” Aizawa asked.

“It seems as if there had been another fight.” Matsuda stated the obvious. Every one looked at Matsuda as if to say “No fucking duh”. Soon though everyone settled down into their usual positions. Some going through papers, some watching the news for other information, while L and Light were yet again back at the laptops, typing away in silence, a murderous aura coming off the both of them and directed to the other.

The news woman on the television caught everyone’s attention though as two new murder cases were released. “This just in two more criminals, one from Asakusa, Japan, and the other from Osaka, Japan, were found dead early this morning.. Both were said to have died from a heart attack, and both are believed to be victims of the notorious but yet mysterious killer, Kira.” Then the show went on to other unimportant news. L’s cell phone rang and he took it out of his pocket, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. He didn’t have to say any greetings, it was obviously Watari. L agreed to something then hung up. A few moments later pictures and information of the two dead men were opened up on the screen. Everyone looked through it and read it. About 10 hours later the team left, leaving L and Light alone once again. Light picked up on his complaining again about not having a comfortable bed to lay on, not getting enough sleep, stuff like that. He was ignored for some time until, almost an hour later, L shot up and stormed into the bedroom, jerking the chain roughly making Light follow behind. Once into the room Light was shoved onto the bed harshly. L stood there at the side glaring down at him.

“What was that for.” Shouted Light who started to sit up, but was punched in the face so hard to where he fell back onto the bed. But this time, L got up and pinned him down. Anger apparent in his eyes and posture, which was strange since L was always so calm and collected.

“I’m giving you what you asked, a comfortable bed, and here you are asking me what the fuck it was for?” It was L’s turn to snort. Light wrapped a leg around L’s and flipped them two where he was the one leering over the other. The two glared into the dark depths of each others eyes.

"Why do you hate me so much L? I do everything you ask of me. I work all the time, hardly getting enough sleep. I run errands for you when you want someone 'trustworthy' enough. You also have considered me to be you first friend before. If that is true and I am your first friend, why have you been treating me as if you hate me?" Light said, finally speaking the thoughts that had been taunting him for a while now. Almost all anger and hate disappeared from the two. Before answering L leaned up and kissed Light gently, softly. Then he moved to whisper in Light's ear

"Because you are the only thing that confuses me, Light-kun. You are an excellent rival as well as my equal but yet you confuse me." Then L shoved Light off the top of him and started to go around to the other side of the bed. Light just stood there a moment trying to process his thoughts, but when that failed him he ran up to L and hugged him from behind. L stopped and turned around, pulling away to where the only contact was Light holding L at arms length. The two stared at each other once again and then this time it was Lights turn to kiss L. After his dream last night and after the brief kiss he had received earlier he was curious as to what would happen, and how L tasted. This kiss was just as soft and gentle as the last, but more questioning on both ends. They pulled away for a second before moving back in more roughly. The kisses turned more frantic and a little sloppy. Light pushed L backwards and onto the bed that they shared. As he did so he stuck his hand up L's shirt and rubbed it along the smooth, pale skin. As he ran his fingers along his stomach, he was slightly surprised to find that the older man actually did have muscles, though you couldn't see them. L moved one hand to Light's neck and the other to the back of his head as he moaned quietly at the contact. They broke apart for some air and Light went to L's neck, nipping, biting, licking, and sucking at different places. He found L's sweet spot but ignored it, teasing the man. That annoyed L so he flipped them over and started to kiss Light again, exploring that hot, wet cavern which was, surprisingly, almost sweeter then the sweets he ate. Light broke the kiss just long enough to pull of L's shirt. A few minutes of frantic kissing, biting, moaning, and hardening of the cock's later, the two found themselves completely naked. Light had returned to his position on top and was kissing his way down L's stomach. Both of them were somewhat sweaty and panting slightly. L gasped loudly as he felt a hot wetness around his manhood. He looked down to see that Light had began sucking on it, licking it every now and then. He felt a velvet tongue snake across the head and he gripped the bed sheets even tighter then he already had been. Light was enjoying the taste of pre-cum he had just licked off of the head of L's cock. Even though Light wasn't fond of sweet things, L's sweetness he could get used to. He started sucking harder, wanting to hear L moan louder, but L stayed quiet. A graze of teeth along the sensitive skin and Light was granted what he wanted and more. L nearly screamed as he came. Light made sure to swallow down all that L had given him, not spilling a drop. Then he came up and kissed L passionately and harshly, while pressing their members together, making L hard once again. Light kissed his way down L's jaw and over to his ear where he whispered,

"Are you ready, L-kun?"

"Just do it already." L's growled as he arched up into Light, grinding their hips together. Light gasped and moaned as L unexpectedly attached his mouth to Light's collarbone, nipping and sucking hard. When he pulled away there was a big purple spot. Light glared at him and flipped him over, telling him to get on his hands and knees. In around two minutes Light had L prepared and ready for something much larger then the three fingers used to prepare him. Light grabbed L's hips and was all the way inside him in one thrust. Then he waited. L had gasped at the pain when Light had entered and was glad that he had waited for him to get used to the HUGE and uncomfortably thing that intruded his ass. Light was trying his best to not fuck L senseless at the moment. His eyes were tightly closed and he was clawing at L's hips. L felt so good and he was so tight. Finally L gave him permission to move and immediately he was pounding into him. In a matter of seconds he had found L's prostate and hitting it. The both of them were moaning like crazy now. Light pulled out and L whimpered, but stopped when he was violently flipped over and slammed right back into. After a few good thrusts Light sat up bringing L with him. L wrapped his arms around Lights neck as he started to ride him, Light wrapped his arms around the older mans waist. L clawing at Light's shoulder told Light that he was close. He whispered into L's ear between pants,

"Together, L-kun." And Light began thrusting harder. He felt L tighten around him and that was enough. The two of the came at the same time. Light came into L's waiting body and L came over their chests and stomachs. They fell backwards onto the bed. To tired to bother cleaning up, Light pulled the sheets over the top of them. Light kissed L and pulled him close. A moments silence then L said,

“22 percent chance that you are Kira."

"Fuck you Ryuzaki." L chuckled and the last thing that was said before they fell asleep was,

"You already did, Light-kun."

Meanwhile, while the two were asleep, the shinigami, Ryuk, was in the far corner of the room chuckling to himself about the thing that had just occurred.

“I think things are going to start getting extremely interesting!”
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