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Rovers or Lovers

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As a habit, Gerard won’t ask anything about his new friends during his journey. Meet up with another backpacker Frank, will Gerard change? (Frerard one shot)

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What’s your impression about New Zealand? Farm? Dairy cattle? Or shaving fleece? Not only the taste of nature but also the smell of religion. And with the vibration of people too. I’ll never forget that trip.

I used to be a backpacker after the graduation of the art school. Cause I was hard to get a job. I didn’t to push myself so much. So I decided to go travel. I haven’t gone to a lot of places; I’ve only been to South Africa, Italy and China. I’ve never stopped at one place for more then 1 months. I don’t want to live in somewhere constantly, that’s monotonous, it’s not me, I love something flesh.

Finally, I reached New Zealand.

“Excuse me, do you know how to get here?” I was pointing at a map to ask the way to go. My destination was a little farm. I had been to New Zealand for one week already. I had been eating some special foods, visiting some famous places and playing games. My saving was almost used. So it was time to find a job and get some money for going home. Yup, I had been traveling for about half of a year. I was rather tired and miss home. I found the note of this job from a job-finding centre, this farmland was quite tiny as it written and pretty far away. But I didn’t care, cause the salary was pretty nice. Since it was quite far away, I didn’t how to get there; I was asking a man who I guessed he was a native.

“Oh, you only have to get on that bus. The farm is at the final stop.” He gave me a lovely smile. Whoa, this journey must be wonderful since the day I’ve touchdown, people are being so nice to me. I gave him an appreciation before I go. The sky was so blue and the numbers of clouds were just enough. What a shinny perfect day.

It was a vast pasture land. I could see some sheep, horses and cows grazing in a large area which I even couldn’t see the edge. There were some little houses on the left hand side. I approached.

Firstly, it was a wooden house with two floors. There was a large tree planting beside. The building was hided under the sunshine. I smelt a familiar scent, coffee. A cup of coffee was placing on a little white table in front of the house. It was just pure.

I stepped forward the door and knocked it. A moment after, no one answered still. I tried to open the door and it worked. “Hello?” I asked. Silent. And I assumed the owner might be lurking in somewhere else. I walked to another building. It was a little smaller than the first one. I did the process again but no one seemed to answer again. What the hell? Is there any person really exist here?

While I closed the door and began to turn around, I clashed against a being. “Ouch! Sorry!” I took a few steps backward, although there was not enough space for me to do that. And I certainly looked at the one who was standing in front of me. I stunned. He is so fucking beautiful. He has a pair of crystal green eyes. A glittery lip ring was hanging on his pink thin lips. He has a nose ring as well. His shinny hair was perfect matched with his smooth pale skin. He looked at me with a gorgeous smile. “May I help?” My heart stopped beating.

“Oh, I saw the note in the job-finding centre.” I took it out from the pocket of my hoodie. “Are you the owner?”

“No, I’m not.” We took a few steps away from the house. “I’m a worker.”

“Mmm… So, how can I be employ here? And actually I’ll only work in here for 1 week and maybe a couple of days more because I’m a backpacker. I want to get some money for going home honestly.”

He looked at me with surprise, “oh you’re a backpacker? So am I!”

“That’s awesome!” Yeah, it’s really awesome; this guy was just as same as me.

“But hey, let don’t just stand here. Your baggage look heavy, let go put that down.” He leaded me to the house I had asked at the beginning.

“Actually I heard you shouting outside, but I was in the bathroom.” He laughed. Even his laughter sounds great. He then continued my previous topic, “and I guess you’re employed. Cause Travis, I mean the owner here is very nice. He’d probably accept you.”

We entered a room with a bunk and a table. And two pictures hanging on the wall. Nothing else. I put down my belongings and approached the window, tried to scan through the view. I was already standing at the second floor but I still couldn’t see the edge of the farm. Wasn’t the note said that the farm was tiny? What’s the definition of tiny anyway? “Woo… It’s so beautiful…” I gasped and spoke out with a voice just a bit louder than a whisper.

I turned around but once again, he was just standing behind me. He was a bit freaked out cause I was wheeling pretty fast and of a sudden. This time, was his term to step back. “I-It’s beautiful right?”

“Oh yeah, it’s really wonderful,” just like you, I thought.

“My view is likes yours. Cause my room is just next door. So if you have any problem, you can find me if you like.” He smiled.

“I really appreciate it.” I smiled back. And I just realized that I didn’t even know his name. “what’s your name anyway?”

“The name’s Frank.”


“So, I guess you’re now going to meet your employer and visit this place.” He leaded me out to a smaller house. It couldn’t even called as a house cause it was rather petite. And it was full of chicks and hens. A man with beard, check shirt and overall was squatted down, feeding those chickens.

“Travis!” Frank yelled and made that man jumped a bit. He then turned around and stood up slowly. A softly smile hung on his face.

“This is Gerard; he got the note and asks for the job.” Frank introduced me. Travis offered me a hand and I surely shook it. Frank continued, “And I’ve already accepted him for ya!” He said with a huge grin.

“You Frank do things are really fast.” Travis pretended sarcastic. And we went into laugher.

“So, let me show you what you’re going to do.” Travis announced to me and I nodded. “I’m obliviously feeding some little chickens. It’s an easy but rather boring job. But I’d like to continue. So let’s get out here and I’ll show you something more interesting.”

We got in the pasture. “As you can see, it’s a huge farm. My horses, my cows and my sheep are running around happily.” He chuckled a bit. I can tell he was like a kid who is showing his most beautiful toy to his friends and being so proud of it. “And you see there is fence over there?” Frank and I nodded. “Every morning, my lovelies will be out from there. And you guys’ job is herd them back in the afternoon. Let them out during tea time and get them back before sunset. Got it?” Frank and I nodded again, “Got it.” He continued, “But there are some special cases like if it is raining, they gotta be back.”

“Alright, just be causal. You guys can go to the market whenever you like. Only inform me and appear in time.” Travis said and he turned away for making us dinner.

This journey is the most memorable one. The weather in there was really nice everyday. It is the first time for me to work in a farm. Those horses, sheep and cows were pretty cute. And Travis is really kind to me and always made us some delicious meals. I was beyond glad to live in this brilliant place. And of course, one of the reasons was… I could live with Frank. I knew it wasn’t right to have such feeling of a guy, but I couldn’t and I didn’t care. I found that I like him more than the day before. He was so charming, so attractive and so adorable. I spent every moment with him. That was really great. Sometimes, we made pies for us and Travis. Sometimes, we rode horses. And sometimes, we would just lay on the grass, smelt the nature, listened to the breeze. I had been spied him under this situation which made the most beautiful picture in this entire world. Frank, who I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with till the end of the day. But I didn’t tell him my feeling cause I thought he didn’t like me more than a friend. I just love him silently.

“Hey Frank.” We were sitting on the grass, I was watching the sheep.

“Mmm…” And he was looking at the clouds

“Did I tell you that I won’t stay at a place more than a month?”

“Yea you did…”

“Well… I’ve been here for more than 2 weeks.”

“So?” He faced me.

“I’m leaving tomorrow.”

He shocked; he wider his eyes. He avoided my eyes for a while before he suggested, “Let’s go to the market for the last time then.”

“Look Gerard! This dairy settle pattern scarf is really suitable for you!” He joked. This scarf looked stupid. It was black in color, with some white spots and a white shape of cow in the corner.

I just laughed out loud. Afterward, Frank had bought it already. When did he take out his wallet? I even didn’t notice.

Then, he tried to put it on my neck. But I dodged and resisted with hanging in the air, “C’mon! I don’t feel like wearing it.” And we both laughed.

But then he stopped and said lightly, “as a farewell gift?”

I couldn’t resist anymore, I couldn’t resist with his eyes. It was like magic, while I look at them, I’ll melt and I can’t move. Therefore, I just let him did. He bound it round my neck very carefully and so concentrated. He was so attractive with his face full of concentration.

A water drop dropped on my nose suddenly, it brought me back to reality. I touched my nose and looked into the sky. “Oh gosh, it’s raining!”

“Let’s get back to the farm. Travis must be rushed now.” As he said before, his lovely animals have to be back behind the fence if it is raining. Therefore, we ran back there certainly.

“Frank! Go there!” Travis pointed to the leftward. “Gerard! Go there!” He pointed at the right. Three of us were being so busy to herd those animals back. The rain became heavier and heavier, and the sun had already gone down. After they were got them back, we locked the fence and Travis started to count the number. “One is missing!” He shouted. “Then we go find it separately!” Yelled Frank. “Okay!” I answered.

I ran and ran, eventually I reached a tree. The missing sheep was there! “Frank! It’s here!” Frank was searching it beside me so I told him. I held it my arms, cause it was just a lamb. Frank and I ran back to the fence. “Travis! We got him!” “Thanks god!” Travis hugged his little lamb and then immediately put it back behind the fence.

After that, we were pretty tired and we got all wetted. We decided to get back into the house and change our clothes. And maybe take a shower. We went back into our own room. While I was finding my cloth, I realized that it had just washed this morning and it was hung outside. As it was raining, the cloth must be apparently wet.

As I remembered Frank had said if I have any problem, I could go find him. “Frank, my cloth got wetted outside! I’ve got no cloth.” I knocked his door.

He opened it and I was shocked. He was only in his boxer but he didn’t think it was a big deal. “Just a moment, I’ll go get it.” Cause he just simply passed though me and approached his baggage.

I got into his room. He placed his cloth round his shoulders and finding out a dry one for me. “Here.” He threw it to me and he continued to wipe his hair dry. He looked so sexy when he was all wetted. Even sexier than usual. He finally noticed I was looking at him, I avoided his eyes. He was puzzled. And then he approached and asked, “Why are you just standing here? It’s easily to get cold with your body wet.” He raised his hands and helped me wiped my hair. I kept gazing at him because he is so stunning; he is so prefect for the world. He realized me again. He looked at me and slowed down his movement. We just stared at each other for god knows how long till I held one of his hands and leaded it onto my chest. I leaned forward, our lips connected. His spare arm wrapped round my neck. I started to lick his bottom lip; playing his lip ring. Then my tongue slowly entered his mouth. He tastes so good. My spare arm went to his waist; pushing him closer to me.

I pressed him onto his bed. My hand went through his cheek, which I wanted to feel for a long time. It is so smooth. We slowly pulled apart. We gazed at each other until Frank sitting up and pulled off my t-shirt. And then he pushed me against the sheet so he was on the top. He leaned forward and began to lick my neck. It made me moaned slightly. He followed up with licking my nipples and put a hand on my pants. My pants were tight; he knew it too. He undone them and threw them onto the floor. He kissed it and sucked. He made me felt like heaven. And I realized I was on the edge. I stopped him by sitting up. He looked at me; puzzled. But then he understood cause I saw him smiled and kissed my lips with his legs placed separately next to mine. I wrapped his waist and made him against the sheet. I pulled apart with him and looked into his eyes sincerely. “I love you Frank.” I whispered. Those three words came out from my mouth with my heart beating extremely fast and loud. Even louder then the storm outside. Loud enough for him to hear. “I love you too Gerard.” I couldn’t imagine he really said that. Cause I never felt he love me back. What we were doing was just played around.

I gazed at this beautiful tattooed torso for a while. Not that long to make him shocked. I began to plug a finger inside him while I leaned forward to kiss him again. Slowly and carefully, here came the second one. “Gerard…” He moaned. Knowing that I was thrusting pretty slowly, I no longer teased him and raised my speed. “Oh…Gerard…I… I want you inside me…” I pulled out my fingers and did what he wanted and I wanted to do. I pushed myself into him gently. Thrust in and out, in and out. “Frankie…” I stroked his hair and began to raise the speed again. We sweated, just like we were wetted by the rain. I hugged him into me tightly. No more distance between us. We breathed in unison, following with our movement. We were like one person, even our soul had also combined together. “Ah…Gerard…oh…” My breath became heavier; I could barely speak out his name. “Frank…”

“Ah…” He grabbed my back tightly, even scratched it. I could feel we were on the edge. With some final thrust in and thrust out, I exploded inside him and he burst on my chest. I lay down on him and still embracing him tightly. A moment after, we recuperated. I got up and lay next to him after giving him a deep kiss. I faced him with a smile on my face. I wrapped my arm round his shoulder and pushing me closer. “I love you Frank.” I told him again. “Love you too…” He kissed my shoulder, he was really cute. He is really, really cute.

Next morning, I woke up before him. I stared at him after sitting up. I was trying to figure out if last night was a dream. It wasn’t, obliviously. Frank, the most beautiful person, the one in perfection was asleep next to me. But I guessed he might think I was someone who would just fuck around. Sighing. I kissed his forehead before I grabbed up my things and got back to my room.

I said goodbye to Travis. I told him was going home, to New Jersey. I didn’t why I had to tell. I never told anyone that my origin cause I don’t think I have to. But this time, I just told. Perhaps I hoped that Frank would find me there. I wasn’t sure.

I’m back. And I’ve never gone any travel again during these two years because I don’t want any things to cover this memory. Not that I’d forget it easy, only I think the feeling would be different. I want to keep this feeling as long as I feel like. I keep the cow scarf in a box which I bought it at the airport of New Zealand. Sometimes, I put it out, just staring or touching it. To memorize him. To memorize a person who I only known for about 2 weeks. To memorize a person who I don’t even know his full name nor his origin. I know nothing about him but I love him, I just simply love him, although I’ve never seen him again.

Today, I go to the comic books store as usual. Only that I’m day off, I can go there in the afternoon. And I go forward the horror scene comics corner as usual too. While I approach, I stunned. I see a tattooed guy. With all the familiar tattoos, standing there searching for some comics.

“Frank…” I don’t know if it sounds like a whisper to me or more like a call for him.

He faces me. “G-Gerard…” And then he slowly turns from shocked into grin.

We take a few steps forward each other, holding each other very, very tight.

“Gerard… I won’t let you go again…”


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