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To the end.

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Would I die for you? Well here's your answer in spades. Shotgun sinners, Wild eyed jokers, Got you in my sights...

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Gerard Arthur Way was found unconscious in his home in New Jersey.
Found by his wife, Kylie Demonte, Way was rushed to the hospital but passed away hours later. The official reason was stated as an over dose on drugs and alcohol.

Way, a former lead singer of rock sensation, my chemical romance, was extremely vocal about his sobriety as well as his depression and daily struggles of a fragile soul and brilliant mind. He became sober in august of 2004, following a falling out concerning his drug abuse with his long term high school sweetheart, Skyler Olsen, the decition to become clean was Way's final try to save the troubled relationship as close friends have called it, describing it as rocky, full of conflicts and unstable.

Way and Olsen first met when the 7 year old Olsen was brought to the Way's house for a play date with best friend Mikey, Gerard's younger brother. It wasn't until 10 years later that the two started officially going out, they were often a cause of worry for close friends and family, described as dysfunctional and not mature. The controversial couple lived up to their bad reputation when they secretly got married on December 29, 2003. With a small guest list consisting of just the two of them and the priest and after a night of binge drinking, the two decided to tie the knot and keep it a secret until the messy breakup in 2004.
They kept their romance away from the lime light by Way repeatedly stating of him being a single, during a tour Olsen worked on as assistant photographer and Way's band headlined, a few photos were leaked to the media, linking the two. After insisting the two were friends, Way finally came clean and admitted to have a romantic relationship with Olsen, later admitting them to be married. The two were known for being nice and polite to fans of the band, earning their trust and admiration.
During the short break in their relationship, Way was linked to a number of women, eventually patching things up with Olsen. A few months later, Olsen has been shot to death behind the stage of one of MCR's headlining concerts by a close friend, William Relitz.

Meeting Relitz, heir to a large shipping company, while studying for her degree in photography, the pair became good friends.
Relitz was admitted twice to rehab over issues of drug and alcohol abuse, countless suicide attempts, depression, paranoia, physical abuse of his former wife and self harm.
Even thought it was commonly believed that Relitz was a hit man hired by Olsen's mother, the theory was proved long and was dismissed as Relitz's attempt to clear his name.
Over past conflicts Way triggered and fueled a few of Relitz metal issues and believing the best way of punishing Way is to take Olsen down, William purchased a weapon and carefully planned out the murder, using an accurate plans and lists of the band where abouts and Olsen characteristic traits.
Relitz later admitted to have spent most of his money and time to study Olsen and Way and plan in his words 'the perfect justice making'

After Olsen literally died in his arms, Way shied away from the public eye and retreating to his isolated home, admitting himself in the only interview he conducted after the murder that he 'could never be the same again and that he in fact remarried'.

His marriage to Kylie Demonte was far from being happy and rumored to be just a cover up of the perfect family man to his active drug use.

Way, a role model for a generation, often referred to as a hero. Inspired many with his genuine lyrics but never tempted to live the life of the rock legend he was. Gaining popularity and fans by being a true performer on stage as a contrast to his quiet reserved nature, he remained a mystery and a controversy at the same time. A character who truly belong in the rock wall of fame.


Well this was a very sad chapter for me to write cause I hated to do this to our beloved Gerard but what can you do, I'm a tragedy whore.
This is the end of hate letters and you can keep my brother, I enjoyed it very much and hopefully so did you!

While we say goodbye to the stories, we don't say goodbye to the writer and I encourage you to check out my recent story 'we can settle this affair', full of drama, tragedy (I'm a whore, we already established it) and good times of yet another teen.

See you around my pretties!
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