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Against the world

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When I woke up I was lying on my stomach and there was a deep throbbing pain all over my back and shoulders. I could hear the snap and crackle of a fire and I turned to see Gerard sat with his side to me, staring intently into the red flames, resting his head on his knees. He looked paler than usual and he was twisting a red rosary between his fingers, I recognised it as the one I had been wearing. "G - Gerard." I croacked, his head snapped up and he turned to look at me, I coughed and gingerly got to my knees, my body shook with the effort, I felt so weak, like all my bones were made of delicate china. I had no shirt on and white bandages had been wrapped around the top half of my chest and back. There must have been a lot of blood when my wings had been cut but now there wasnt a speck of blood anywhere, he must have cleaned everything. Gerard knelt infront of me and smiled, he looked so tired. "How are you?" He asked.
"I feel weak, and my back aches but I'm okay. You did so great Gee..." I shuffled foreward into his warm arms and rested my head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arms round my waist to avoid the top of my back and kissed the side of my head. "You've been out cold for hours, I was so scared I'd done something wrong, and then you started looking like you were getting better and all these Angels started flying above where we were so I had to carry you all the way here and you looked like you were getting worse then and I thought I was gonna lose you..." I hugged him tighter and kissed him gently.
"You did fine baby, I'm fine. You wont lose me, I promise. But what about the Angels? Did you get away from them okay?" I asked. He nodded and pulled me with him to sit infront of the fire, I sat in his lap and gingerly rested my back against him. He wrapped his arms round me again as he spoke. "Yeah, they didnt see us and I managed to get here un noticed. We're really deep into the woods and the trees are thick here so they wont find us." I sighed with relief and looked into the fire.
"What did you do with my wings?"
"Nothing, they dissapeared after I cut them off." I nodded and felt him hold me tighter. "What were the Angels gonna do to you before you escaped?" He asked.
"Ban me from going to Earth alone, and they were gonna put me in the detention chamber which is basically an empty room and you have to sit in there and do nothing, but in my case they probably would have made me copy out the rules and sins onto fresh parchment or something. Even though the real punishment is to kill me but they said they were gonna give me one last chance." I replied. Gerard nodded. "I was going to be killed. They told me how the Angels had found out and that they had told Satan, man he was so pissed. He was coming to take me to the iron chamber himself which means he'd probably do some torture stuff on the way so I ran for it. I just wanted to find you and in my haste to get away I ended up in these woods somehow and then I spent the day here trying to figure out what to do and then you flew past me and hit that tree." I giggled slightly even though there had been nothing funny about it at the time. I snuggled closer to him and closed my eyes. "Ya know what the other Angels think?"
"What?" He asked.
"They think your tricking me so you can get into heaven and start a war between heaven and hell."
"Thats weird, the other Demons think your tricking me for the same reason." I giggled and rubbed my eyes with a yawn.
"I'm not tricking you." I said, already half asleep.
"I'm not tricking you either." He responded. "Your falling asleep arent you?" There was amusement in his voice and I shook my head with another yawn. "No." I insisted. Gerard chuckled and he felt about the forest floor before finding my shirt and pulling it over my head for me, I slipped my arms into the sleeves and fell back against him. "Night Frankie." He giggled, planting a kiss to the top of my head. "Night Gee..."

When I woke up speckles of gold covered the forest floor from the rays of sunlight that managed to get through the leaves. The fire had burned out and was nothing more than a pile of ashes, Gerard was asleep and had fallen back against a tree trunk in the night. He was resting against it now, lips partly open and his breathing heavy. Some of his hair had fallen into his face and I brushed it back, smiling at how peaceful he looked. I crawled over to the ashes and blew at them, watching the wind pick them up halfway off the floor and lift them into a dance. I climbed to my feet and walked through the trees, trying to take my mind off the numb throbbing of my back. Running my fingers over the leaves I followed my feet until I reached a small stream, I smiled to myself and knelt beside it, dipping my hands into the clear water and cupping some so I could drink. After I had drank as much as I wanted I leant back and hugged my knees to my chest, watching the water running at a steady pace, bubbling round the edges of the bank. Some birds flew down and drank before flying away together, watching them made me sigh. They could be together, no questions asked, that was type of love 'god created'. Plus, they both had wings. I knew some demons had wings too but even if Gerard did we couldnt fly away like that. Not only because I had lost my wings, but because the Angels and demons would be out looking for us. We would have to keep hidden, and figure out some form of a plan. The vastness of what was going on suddenly hit me, the whole of heaven and hell would know about us, and most of the angels and demons would be roaming the Earth after us. If the humans didnt start getting suspicous then I would be surprised, but then we've all been taught how to keep heaven/hell a secret from the humans and demons can blend in just as well as angels do on earth, in fact, they probably blend in better than we do. We? There was no we anymore, at least not where heaven was concerned. It was like by having Gerard cut off my wings I had truly submitted myself to him and made myself an angel no longer. Of course, Angels dont need their wings to be part of heaven, but I was very symbolic and I knew there was no chance of me being accepted into heaven again. And there was no way Gee could go back to hell. But we arent human, so... what were we now? I shuddered and hugged my knees tighter, it was just us now. What we were is dead. And what we are has never existed before. It scared me.
"FRANK!" I looked up and turned round, soon after Gerard came shooting out of some trees, when he saw me he sighed with relief and scooped me into his arms. "Oh god, I didnt know where you had gone. I was so scared, I woke up and saw you had gone and I thought some Angels had got you." I hugged him as he put me back down.
"I just came for a walk, I didnt want to wake you." I apologised. Gerard showed me a long white feather.
"This was in the fire ashes, its an angels isnt it?" He asked. I took it off him and examined it before nodding.
"It wasnt in the ashes when I got up... an Angel must have flew above the trees or something, they couldnt have seen you otherwise they would have taken you." I said. Dropping the feather into the stream, not wanting to see it. Gerard nodded and I took hold of his hand, we walked back to where we had spent the night in silence. But as we approached it I heard voices, we crept nearer and I pulled Gerard down behind a bush, where we could just make out two people. "I swear down he was sat right there, I saw him!" I recognised Rays voice as soon as I heard it. "You better not be lieing to me Toro, or I'll -"
"I swear he was sat there! Look, ashes, he must have lit a fire last night or something aswell." Cried Ray, before the other person could continue. I recognised his voice too but couldnt place it. Gerard, however, could. "Mikey..." He whispered to himself. I remembered him as Gerards brother and my heart skipped. A demon, with an Angel? "Hm...your right. But these ashes went cold hours ago. You said you saw him ten minutes ago." Said Mikey.
"I did, he must have only just left. Maybe... Maybe if we go this way -"
"Your just making guesses now Toro. Bloody hell, why did I agree to go with you anyway?" Snarled Mikey.
"Because we're the only ones who wont hurt them." Ray said quietly, there was a long pause before Mikey spoke.
"Gerard is my brother, and as much as I'm angry like the others, I know I can make him see sense. But why should you care about him?" He asked.
"Its not him I care about, its Frank. I've been his friend for years, and Renardo is so angry he's forgetting that Frank wouldnt go with this demon unless he really loved him. So, I'm like, the only friend he has left right now. And your the only one Gerard has left too, if we work together -"
"Spare me the heart warming speech Toro. God, now I remember why I kept ignoring you when we were human." I heard them both walking away and looked at Gee, he smiled gently back at me. "Should we go to them?" I asked, but he shook his head.
"No. They're the only ones who arent trying to find us so we can be punished, which means if we go to them we put them in danger too." I nodded slowly and he took my hand. Kissing my cheek. "For now, we just need to keep away from the world as much as possible."
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