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The Rest of July

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters attached.

A/N: I know a lot of people have used a phoenix for one of Harry's animagus forms in their fics; I'd just like to justify my reasoning:
#1; The Phoenix can't be killed and Harry survived death himself.
#2; Animagus forms represent certain characteristics of the witch or wizard they turn into, the Phoenix represents power, nobility, selflessness and love; all things that Harry himself represents.
#3; The phoenix can only die in one way (as far as I know), Harry can only die two ways; if Voldemort himself kills him or of old age.

I'm afraid I haven't gotten much of an imagination when it comes to Pranks, so I welcome any ideas you may have, thanks.

Chapter 8: The Rest of July.

The morning of the tenth of July saw Harry waking up to a sight he could easily get used to, Blaise was curled up next to him in bed because he had a vision last night. His failed attempts at Occlumency the previous day had opened his mind up to intrusion, Voldemort was torturing the Death Eaters that had escaped Harry.

It turned out that they had been one group out of many that were to attack across the UK simultaneously; Godric's Hollow and Little Hanglington were to be the only villages attacked. The rest of the attacks were to cities; London, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Swansea, Edinburgh and many more were all hit.

The attack on Godric's Hollow was to show that Voldemort wasn't afraid of Harry and his past. Through the vision Harry had discovered that he lived at number 12 Phoenix Crescent on the night Voldemort killed his parents.

Although many of the attacks were 'blunted' by the Aurors after they had begun, only one was stopped, and that was by that annoying thorn in Voldemort's side: Harry James Potter, a supposedly underage, incompetent half-blood wizard, who had somehow succeeded in humiliating and capturing his best and most loyal follower; Bellatrix Lestrange.

Needless to say Voldemort was mad.

Although Harry's attempts at Occlumency had opened his mind up to Voldemort, them and his animagus attempts had closed his mind off until he had gone to bed that night.

After breakfast that day Harry and Blaise had gone with Tonks to Rose's house to begin the training, Blaise helped Rose with the animagus transformation while Harry sorted his Occlumency shields out; placing walls around his memories was simple, placing the filters was a nightmare. Hours after he began, he finally succeeded in placing some rather weak filters around his mind, only to be brought back to consciousness by two huge animals licking his face.

On his left was Blaise looking like a giant moving shadow in her panther form; on his right was Rose looking like a golden statue in her lioness form, both were intent on cleaning his face with their tongues.

Leaping to his feet, he was knocked back down to the floor by the moving shadow and pinned by the golden creature, the shadow moving to lick his face again.

"Shadow, no, down girl, Titch, geroff, you're heavy." Harry said between giggles, while trying to lift the huge lioness off and fend off the panther that was intent on licking his face. Not an easy thing to do when both animals are twice as strong as you. "Right, you asked for it." he said before transforming into a lion.

Surprising Rose with his strength, he lifted her off him with his back legs, rolling over he pounced on Blaise, pinning her under him, he returned the favour she was doing for him; licking her face clean.

Getting off Blaise he saw Rose, in her human form, laughing her head off with her 'parents', shifting back he asked the obvious. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." She gasped out.

"No, really, what's so funny?"

"Your face, when we brought you round, it was class, you should have seen it." she gasped before cracking up again.

"Why did you call me Shadow and Rose Titch?" Blaise asked after they had calmed down a bit.

"They're your new there's an idea, Blaise, Rose, with the Weasley twins out of Hogwarts, there's an opening for some new pranksters-in-chief, want in?"

"Of course I'm in."

"Well, with two Potters, you're going to need some brains to make your pranks work, if I'm in, then that's my job."

"Done, Shadow, Titch, welcome to the 'Marauders reborn'." Harry said, beaming at them.

"Why Shadow and Titch though, I'm not that small." Rose said indignantly.

"Blaise looks like a shadow in her form, and your lioness is tiny compared to my lion, plus you're my titchy baby sister."

With their next year looking like it could be fun, very fun, they got back to training, practicing their second forms for Harry and Rose, followed by Occlumency for all of them, Harry reinforcing his filters while Blaise and Rose built their Shields.

Every day until the end of the third week in July the training went on in a similar fashion, Tonks having taken a tail hair and wing feather, from Harry and Rose's Gryffin forms, with a tail feather from Harry's Phoenix form for their wands, in the week it took for the wands to arrive, they had covered, and become quite good at Arithmancy, Occlumency, Legilimancy, potions, and wandless magic.

Rose had also revealed that she used to learn some of the muggle martial arts, and tried to teach Harry and Blaise the basics of surviving for more than ten seconds against an attack, 'tried' being the operative word, they really needed professional help.

Once they got their new wands, (which Harry noted to be more powerful and controlled in that he could alter the spell power easier than with his old one,) Harry, Blaise and either Tonks or Remus (depending on who was available.) began teaching Rose the first four years of Hogwarts. With the ring she was learning at an amazing rate and Harry understood things a lot better than before.

At the end of the third week they had covered everything she needed and more, they were taking some time out to have fun and get to know each other better, when an official looking owl flew through the window, dropping a thick letter off for Harry and two, one thin, one thick for Blaise.

"Ministry seals, well one of yours is probably for underage magic, but what about the other, and mine for that matter?" Harry said looking at the letters curiously.

"OWLs." Blaise said opening the thin letter. "Dear Ms. Zabini, you have received an official warning for the multiple use of underage magic. However the warning has been retracted as it has come to our attention that you have recently been emancipated by your godfather. Sorry for bothering you." Blaise read, looking up to Harry who was giving her a I-know-something-you-don't smirk. "Why would Severus do that, doesn't he want me to become a Death Eater?"

"Now you know Occlumency I can tell you why not." Harry said, smirking at Blaise. "He's a spy for Dumbledore."

"He's what? So you mean he did this on Dumbledore's orders?"


"Wow, I didn't know that."

"Yeah, well not many do or he wouldn't be much of a spy, would he? Now open your OWLs."

"Alright smart ass, what about you?"

"Ladies first." Harry said as Blaise opened the thick letter with an almost scared look on her face.

Dear Ms. Zabini,
Congratulations on your OWLs, we hope to see you for your NEWTs.

Grading scale:
O=Outstanding (Pass).
EE=Exceeds Expectations (Pass).
A=Acceptable (Pass).
P=Poor (Fail).
D=Dreadful (Fail).
T=Troll (Fail).

Grades (NB. only overall grades are shown, for more details on your grades and the grading scheme, please send an owl):

Arithmancy: EE
Ancient Runes: O
Defence Against the Dark Arts: EE
Charms: EE
Herbology: A
Transfiguration: EE
Potions: O
Muggle Studies: A
History of magic: P

Passes: 8.
Fails: 1.
Total owls: 8

You have qualified to study the following 7 subjects.

Ancient Runes.
Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Please send an owl with your selected courses to Professor McGonagall.


Mafalda Hopkirk.

"I can be an Auror." Blaise stated, shocked that she had done so well. "Your turn Harry."

"I didn't know you wanted to be an Auror." Harry said as he opened the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,
Congratulations on your OWLs, we hope to see you for your NEWTs.

Grading scale:
O=Outstanding (Pass).
EE=Exceeds Expectations (Pass).
A=Acceptable (Pass).
P=Poor (Fail).
D=Dreadful (Fail).
T=Troll (Fail).

Grades (NB. only overall grades are shown, for more details on your grades and the grading scheme, please send an owl):

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O (plus extra credit - extra owl)
Charms: EE
Herbology: A
Transfiguration: EE
Potions: O
Care Of Magical Creatures: O
Divination: D
History of magic: D

Passes: 6.
Fails: 2.
Total owls: 7

You have qualified to study the following 5 subjects.

Defence Against the Dark Arts.
Care Of Magical Creatures.

Please send an owl with your selected courses to Professor McGonagall.


Mafalda Hopkirk.

"Well I'm on the next step to being an Auror too. God knows how I got into Snape's class though"

"What courses are you taking next year?"

"DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and COMC, you?"

"Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, DADA, Charms, Transfiguration and Potions, Rose do you think I should drop Ancient Runes?"

"Nah, why don't you become an unspeakable? They'll use Arithmancy and Ancient Runes more than Aurors."

"I never thought of that...Nah, I'd like to come home and gloat about how well I'm doing on my cases."

"You would."

"I'd rather be a good Auror over an average unspeakable."

"Slytherins." Harry said rolling his eyes.

"Hey, I happen to agree with her Harry."

"Oh Merlin, my sisters going to be a Slytherin...God help me."

"HEY." Was the chorused reply from the girls.

The next few days leading up to Harry's birthday were spent having fun. Enjoying the holiday and for Harry, acting like anyone his age should, messing around, teasing the girls, spending 'intimate' moments with Blaise, well...saying 'intimate', having a guard watching every moment kind of destroyed the atmosphere slightly, but it was still fun.

On the morning of July 31st, Harry woke up to the familiar scene of Blaise curled up in bed with him, neither of them could sleep properly without the other one present in the same bed. Although Harry rarely ever had nightmares any more, those that he had were worse than the others as they usually involved Blaise and Rose falling through the veil with Sirius.

Although Harry tried his hardest to have fun, it was made almost impossible by the fact that every morning before they set off for Rose's house, they would get the same thing, a newspaper. Every day the headline would show similar stories, attack reports, casualty lists, Death Eater updates, all of this was because...

The second Darkness had descended, with an attack every week, some times two or three a day; the Aurors were being pushed to the limit and beyond to minimise the damage done. Men were having to work twelve hour shifts, St. Mungo's had been expanded, Auror acceptance requirements had to be lowered to allow more people in. training time was slashed due to the need for more Aurors on duty.

The wizarding world was in no way equipped for a war, yet they found themselves in the middle of one.

One that only Harry could stop.
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