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Gabe cracks me up. Seriously, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life and it's only the first hole! Gabe is so tall that there was only one club that was almost tall enough for him so he's kinda hunched over. We both really really suck at this. We put our limit on putts at 6 because we both surpassed the 6 mark on the first hole.

"Wow, I never used to be this bad," I laughed and set my pink ball down and began to aim.

"Don't lie, you've always sucked at it," he teased and I stuck my tongue out at him. I took a shot and made a hole in one. Gabe's jaw dropped.

"Fuck this I quit," he tossed his putter to the ground and walked off. I laughed and he turned around and picked it back up so he could take his turn.

We made it to the 18th hole and we both stopped keeping score because it just got worse from there. We had chosen the hard course instead of the easy one and we were cursing ourselves the entire time. We returned our clubs and walked to the concession stand. Gabe draped his long arm around my shoulder.

"So, we've got plenty of time til the party, we should go back to your place," he whispered into my ear softly. His breath on my ear tickled slightly and I smiled.

"Sure," I said and leaned into him a little bit. He ordered us a soda and we made our way to his car. "So, what do you want to do at my place?" I had a feeling he just wanted to be alone for a little while before being in a giant crowd later.

"I don't know, watch some TV or play video games or something," he was obviously joking because he was smiling wide. He can never keep a straight face. I rolled my eyes smiling. "What?" he said still smiling.

"Nothing Gabe," I laughed and leaned back in my seat. Gabe reached over and took my hand, intertwining our fingers.


So Gabe was lying, just as I suspected. We turned the TV on, but neither of us watched it. I am currently lying on my back with a very aroused Gabe laying ontop of me. I love making out with this man. He knows exactly what to do and when. I never thought that making out for like, an hour would ever be this much fun. Gabe's hand gripped my thigh tightly as our kissing intensified. I need to come up for air, but I don't want our lips to part. Gabe's phone began to vibrate loudly on my glass coffee table and he groaned and pulled away.

"What the fuck do they want!?" Gabe complained and I giggled. He looked down at his sidekick and then answered. "Hey Pete what's up?"

Pete's a stupid prick for interrupting this. I sat up and Gabe walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. I took one look at the clock and realized that I needed to get ready. Gabe wanted to be there somewhat early and he wanted to leave in about 45 minutes. Gabe was still talking to Pete and I walked up and wrapped my arms around his waist. He kissed the top of my head.

"Yea, we're leaving in about an hour and we can swing by and pick you up. Ok, I'll call you when we're there. Bye," Gabe hung up the phone. Great, we were picking Pete up and were responsible for giving him a ride. Can't the fucker drive himself or ride with Patrick, Joe or Andy?

"So we're giving Pete a ride," I said, looking up at Gabe. He brushed a few strands of hair out of my face.

"Yea, aparently Joe's car is full. That's cool isn't it?"

"Yea, it's fine," and it was. I was completely over Pete. I mean, sure I was still attracted to him, but I was falling hard for Gabe. And really fast. We hadn't really discussed our situation and I hated to initiate those conversations.

"We should probably get ready, but I still wanna make out," he said and lifted me onto my kitchen island and began kissing me. He made making out so incredibly sexy you almost didn't need to have sex, but sure as hell wanted to! His phone began to ring again and he pulled away slowly. "Fuck," he mumbled and glanced down at the phone. "Well, guess we should get ready, my phone is only going to ring more." I nodded and he helped me off the counter before answering whoever was calling.


So I am a little vindictive I guess. I made myself look extra hot tonight just to flaunt it in front of Pete. So maybe I'm not fully over him, but I don't want to be with him. I just want him to be jealous that I'm with Gabe now and see what he missed out on. My hair is sleek, straight and down. I wore some really sexy patterned boots with a peasant dress that went down to my midthigh. Pete was locking his place up as Gabe and I waited in the car.

"You look great," Gabe said as he took my hand. I smiled at him. He looked pretty fucking amazing too. His favorite pair of jeans and patterned button up with a hat.

"You too babe," I said and squeezed his hand gently. Pete climbed into the backseat.

"Hey guys, thanks for picking me up," he said and Gabe pulled onto the street.

"Sure man. So hey how much do you want to bet that Brenny is going to be fucked up before we get there?" Gabe laughed.

"He's probably already there puking," Pete joined in Gabe's laughter. So I guess it was Brendon Urie's birthday. He was turning 21 I think. This will be a VERY interesting night indeed.

We walked into the private party and there were so many celebrities around that it was crazy. Gabe took my hand and lead me through the crowd to the Birthday Boy.

"Happy Birthday fucker," he said and hugged what looked like a slightly drunk Brendon. "Hey, have you ever met Kiley?" He motioned towards me and Brendon shook his head.

"I'm Brendon," he shook my hand. He was really gorgeous. All of thes guys are gorgeous. This is just too much for me to take sometimes! I smiled at him.

"Hi, Kiley. Happy Birthday, I hear that you're finally 21." His face lit up.

"It's about time! Now I can actually go into Angels and Kings with everyone and drink. It was kind of depressing to just stand and stare at everyone having fun before."

"I bet, I hated it too."

"Hey Kiley, I'll be right back," Gabe said to me and walked off. I turned back to Brendon.

"So you're Gabe's girlfriend?" He questioned me.

"Well, I don't know if I'm his girlfriend," I said smiling.

"Well he called you his girlfriend before." AWWWWW! I'm Gabe's girlfriend.

"Really? Well, awesome. So where's your girlfriend?" I glanced around for some girl that could be here with him.

"Oh, I don't have one."

"What? Well we'll need to fix that then when you guys come back from tour." He laughed.

"That sounds like a plan," he said and Pete walked up to us. "PETE!" He hugged Pete tightly. "I'm fucking 21 man!"

"About time asshole. Hey look, Dirty is here and he wants us to set him up with a beer bong filled with Jack Daniels. Let's find something to make it with." Pete said and Brendon seemed so filled with glee that he would have exploded. I shook my head and walked off to where I saw Patrick and Ryan Ross.

"Hey Kiley, how've you been?" Patrick hugged me.

"Good Patrick, I haven't seen you in almost a month. Hi, I'm Kiley, Joe's sister," I held my hand out to Ryan Ross.

"Ryan," he said and shook my hand. A pretty blonde walked up to him and linked arms with him. We all sat and talked. A drink was held in front of my face and I took it and followed the arm to Gabe's face.

"Thanks," I smiled and he kissed me softly and turned to the group and began telling some story about what just happened at the bar with Travie and Dirty.


Gabe and I stayed to watch Brendon blow out the candles and have a few strippers pop out of his cake. It was pretty entertaining to see how surprised he was. It didn't even look like one of those cakes and I think it almost scared him!

Pete decided to stay and make sure that Brendon got home safely, so Gabe and I left for his place. I hadn't been there yet and I was a little excited. It's a big step when the guy you are dating wants you to be at his place. Means he actually likes you. I expected him to live in a giant place, but he lived in an apartment. It was a really nice apartment. He also had a closet that was just as big as mine, but it was filled with more shoes than mine and I was a little jealous!

"God I am so tired," Gabe yawned and began taking off his shoes and dressing down. I couldn't help but watch him undress for bed. He was really, really sexy. He glanced up and caught me watching.

"Aren't you going to join me?" He raised his eyebrow at me and I smiled. I walked over to the other side of the bed and began to undress as well. I unzipped each boot and dropped it to the floor and I unzipped my dress as well and then walked into his closet for a t-shirt. I pulled one over my braless body and left the dress on the closet floor I climbed into bed with him and he pulled me close to him. His lips began a trail of kisses up the back of my neck and his hands explored my tummy. I turned my head and kissed him. He gently rolled on top of me and began to grind into me. God he made me want him so badly.

Gabe lifted the edge of my shirt and I helped him pull it off me before assisting him with his boxerbriefs. I ran my fingers gently down his abs and lifted my hips to help him remove my panties. He tossed my panties to the floor and our lips crashed together as he fiddled with his nightstand drawer. What a good boy! Sitting up, he ripped open the condom wrapped and rolled it onto his penis. He was definitely a big boy. He lowered himself on top of me and slowly pushed into me. I don't think I've ever felt such bliss before in my life.


I opened my eyes slowly. Gabe still lay next to me, naked. Last night was so completely amazing that I am still tingling. I gently slide out of the bed and put on Gabe's shirt and my panties before heading to the bathroom. My hair was a little bit of a mess so I combed through it. I made my way to his kitchen and found the coffee machine and began to make coffee. A pair of warm hands slid around my waist and startled me.

"Good morning baby," Gabe said and kissed my neck. "Sleep well?"

"Of course with all the excercise that you gave me last night."

"Good," he smiled and he hugged me. "Kiley?" He asked kind of nervously.

"Yea?" I turned to face him and he leaned back against the kitchen counter.

"I'm in love with you," he said softly. It was so obvious that he was nervous to say it. I instantly filled with butterflies in my belly and smiled brightly.

"Gabe, I love you too," I said and kissed him. He hugged me tight to him.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked again nervously. I nodded and he took a deep, nervous breath. "I know this is really soon, but we've been inseparable this past month or so and I cannot picture myself ever being with anyone else." Gabe reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a box. Holy shit, what was happening? Then Gabe took my hand and got down on one knee. "Marry me please Kiley. You're the one."

I was absolutely speechless for about thirty seconds before responding. "Of course I will," I said smiling. Gabe slid the most beautiful ring onto my finger. It was a princess cut diamond on a white gold band with little diamonds imbedded in it. Gabe kissed me and picked me up, hugging me.

What would Joe think of this? We've been dating just over a month and here we are, engaged? I mean, I am stoked, but will Joe freak out or be happy? What will Pete think too?
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