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When Bakura finds the perfect spell to get back at Yami, he jumps at the chance to use it, but when Ryou prevents the spells completion, what will happen? A HPYgo crossover

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Ryou Bakura,Yami Bakura,Yami Yugi,Yugi Mutou - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008-04-04 - Updated: 2008-04-05 - 860 words

Dark Magician Yugi: Bakura has been looking for a long time for a way to get back at Yami, and what better way than to attack Yugi? Therefore, when he finds a spell that can alter Yugi's form to one he can control, he jumps at the opportunity, but what happens may not be for the worst.

Bakura laughed silently to himself, trying not to attract his hikari's attention. While Ryou had been keeping everyone busy, Bakura had been searching for a way to get back at the pharaoh, and now he had found it, an ancient spell that would change Yugi's form to one he could control. The idea of turning the all too innocent Yugi into a killing machine, and to see the look on Yami's face when Bakura made Yugi do things he would never do under normal circumstances made him smile. As he planned, he waited, all he would have to do is get Yugi alone, and he could put his plan into motion. Yugi yawned sleepily; he had a wonderful day with Yami and his friends, hanging out at Teya's watching horror flics while Teya leaned on his shoulder, eating hot pizza and watching Yami beat Joey another 10 times in a row at duel monsters, but now he was ready to go home.

"I'm ready to go home and get some sleep Yami."

"I'm glad you had fun aibou, but I don't think I'm ready to go home yet...would you mind if I went with the gang to do some other stuff?"

"Nah, you go have fun, I'm done for the night."

"Hey Ryou, you look almost as beat as I do, how about we walk home together?" Yugi asked

"Yeah sure."

"I'm coming too." Bakura said, surprising everyone

"Why don't you come with us Bakura, we're going to have fun at Yami's expense." Joey said as he nudged Bakura in a friendly way.

"Someone's got to go with the Hikari's to make sure they make it home all right, and I really wouldn't want Yami to miss out."

"All right, if you're sure."

Yami walked off uneasily, he could tell that something was up, even though the former thief had renounced his ways, Yami held on to the belief that some people never changed, but he reasoned, even if Bakura tried something, Ryou would be there to help him, and so would the cards if Yugi needed protection. Bakura waited patiently as Ryou babbled on with Yugi about nonsense, invited him into their house, and then asked Yugi to stay over for the night. As Yugi went to call his grandfather, Bakura took care of Ryou.

"I've finally found the way to get back at Yami and I don't want you screwing it up, if you do anything that I don't tell you to do, or try to alert Yugi to what's going on, you know the consequences."

"Y...y...yes Bakura, I...I...I...I... understand, Yu...Yu...Yugi won't know a thing I promise." Ryou stuttered as he cowered

"He'd better not, and stop stuttering, it makes you sound like the wimp you are."

Ryou shuddered, not daring to say a word, knowing that with his run of luck, even if he managed to say something without stuttering Bakura would still find something he didn’t like.

"Hey Ryou, my grandfather gave the ok! What do you want to do?"

"Why don't you go sit down and I'll fix us some snacks and then we can verse each other on my new video game."

Yugi didn't even notice Bakura sneaking up behind him, he just hummed happily as Ryou wrung his hands, wishing that he could do something, anything to warn Yugi as Bakura smashed the last vase in the house over Yugi's head. He picked up Yugi's limp form and placed him on a star shaped alter in the shadow realm, and as Ryou watched helplessly, Bakura began to read the spell.

"Power of darkness heed my call,

Change the one on the alter to make him fall,

Break his will and bind it to me,

Yugi Mouto no longer shall be free"

Bakura approached Yugi with a knife, and a blank duel monster card the last bit of the spell only being that he had to cut Yugi and put his hand to the blank card. That's when Ryou finally worked enough courage to do something; he tackled Bakura from behind, the card falling onto Yugi’s prone form as Bakura fell.

Ryou was just about done with Yugi's feet when he accidentally cut his hand on the sharp corners of the star shaped alter, bleeding on Yugi and the card that lay on him. At first, nothing happened, and then suddenly Ryou was blasted back by a surge of magical light.

"What did you do?" Bakura yelled as the corners of the star folded in. The light brightened enough that Ryou couldn’t watch any more, and when he could finally open his eyes again, Yugi, the blank card, and the alter were all gone, leaving a very pissed off Bakura alone with a cowering Ryou. ...

End chapter
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