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My Saviour.

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Gerard was having the hardest time of his life, he thought he'd never get through it, until he met Frank.

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It was raining, hard. I had just got fired from work and was walking home to my crappy apartment because my car had been towed. I had 2 dollars to my name, and I wasn't even close to home yet. No cars were passing by and no one was walking down the street. I had to pass a dark alley and something didn't feel right. As I passed the dark entry I noticed three guys standing in the middle of the darkness. Oh God, please don't let this happen I thought to myself. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, they're walking towards me!!
"Hey! You!" One of them yelled, I sped up my pace and tried to avoid them.
"Stop running, emo fag!" Another said before tackling me to the ground.
"Get... Off... Of... Me!" I mummbled, losing the feeling in my abdomin.
"Hahaha! Faggot! I bet you dont even want me off of you. Does this make you hot?" The one crushing my ribs spat.
I couldnt control myself, I started to cry. All three of them started kicking me and spitting on me. I felt like garbage. The last thing I saw before I passed out was two lights, I thought I was dead.
"Hey, Hey.. Are you alirght?" I heard a voice say.
"Mmmph." Was all I could manage.
"Oh dear, Lets get you to a hospital." The voice said once again, I still couldn't see his face for that fact that I couldn't open my eyes.
"No." That was the only thing I could get out before passing out again. When I woke up, i was in a car, racing down the street.
"Where.. Where am I?" I asked the person driving.
"Since you don't want to go to the Hospital, you're going to come home with me." As the man looked back at me, I saw his face. Obviously dyed black hair running slightly over his eyes, the most gorgous hazel-green eyes, a soft, ghostly white complextion. He was definitely an angel.
"Am I dead?" I asked this beautiful man.
"Of course not!" he laughed.
"Ok, so are we close to your house?" I asked, warily.
"We're here now." He answered with a smile.
It wasn't the biggest house, but it was a house. Not like my dingy ampartment, that's for sure.
"Let me help you get inside. Then you can get washed up and I'll give you some pajamas and you can sleep in the guest room." He told me, helping me walk out of the car, because we both knew that I couldn't get up by myself, those guys had really done some damage. As I walked, or stumbled, inside, the mysterious man sat me down and introduced himself.
"Hi, I'm Frank Iero." He said, putting his hand out.
"Hi... I'm... Gerard Way." I said, putting my hand in his. It hurt even to do that.
"Let's get you washed up." Frank told me, guiding me to the bathroom.
"Oww! Oh my God! It hurts!" I cried.
"What? Are you alright?" Frank said worriedly.
"No! My back, my ribs, my neck, my arms, my legs! Everything hurts!" I couldn't help it and I started bawling. Frank grabbed a washcloth and began lightly rubbing down my neck and back. It hurt, but felt good none the less.
"You really... Don't have to" I stumbled on almost every word.
"I insist. You ovbioulsy can't do it by yourself." He responded in all sincerity.
I just let him, because I, to, knew that I couldn't. As he finished, He walked me into the bedroom and laid me down.
"Thanks" I said, smiling weakly.
"Your welcome" Frank said.
I couldn't resist myself, I gathered all of my strength and lifted myself up to Frank's beautiful lips. I was thinking of stopping, but then I realized that he was kissing me back.
"Wow." Was all Frank said.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I hope you-" I was cut off by Frank's lips.
The rest of the night was spent laying in bed, kissing. I didn't care that for all of my 20 years, I thought I was straight. I loved a man. I loved this man, Frank Iero.

And I will always love him, no matter what.
He was my saviour, and I would never let him forget that.
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