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To Save a Hero

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It has been a month since DarkFire the Drakehog found a new life in the forest. But one day, she finds she is the only one who could asve Soinc the Hedgehog from an evil plan by an unknown group of...

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Character Profiles: (More to be added as story progresses)

DarkFire the Drakehog (My Character)

Nicknames: DarkFire, DF, Dark

Gender: Female

Species: Half Dragon, half Hedgehog

Age: 12

Appearance: DarkFire wears a dark blue shirt with jeans, with a belt and two daggers, with red hilts. Her body is dark bluish-purple, and she has dragon's wings, claws and a dragon's tail. She wears orange spiked shoes. Two of her quills resemble dragon horns, and are others are long. Two of her other quills come from the side of her head, and curve inwards. Two others come from higher up, and also curve inwards, as though something is supposed to fit there. DarkFire has orange pupils. Her body has scales. She sometimes carries a black jewelled staff with strange markings. (Necromancer’s staff)

Abilities: DarkFire can fly faster than Sonic, and can run almost as fast as him. She has complete control over shadows and fire, and can breathe fire. She is skilled at wielding her daggers and is good at martial arts. DarkFire has another form, called “Full Dragon DarkFire”. She can also turn any weapon she is wielding into flame. She is has the powers of a necromancer, but her necromancer powers are extremely weak. She can make her staff appear or disappear at anytime she wants.

Full Dragon DarkFire: DarkFire has another form, called Full Dragon DarkFire. This occurs when she is angry, or in extremely rare cases, when she is feeling desperate. In this form, DarkFire’s quills and wrists emit a ring of fire. Her body is very hot, and she can make herself glow red. Her necromancer’s staff, if she is holding it, is on fire, and if she brings anyone back to life, the person is on fire, and it does no harm. When she returns to normal, though, she feels very tired, and needs a lot of rest to gain strength. Her full abilities in this form are unknown, as she has only been in this form a few times.

Strengths: She cannot take any damage from anything hot, including very hot water. Her scaly body greatly decreases damage from physical damage. She is skilled at defending herself with her abilities.

Weaknesses: Water weakens her abilities greatly, and makes her feel very tired. If DarkFire uses her necromancer abilities, she is immediately weakened, and needs time to recover from the condition. (Happens because her powers are undeveloped)

Personality: She is normally friendly and understanding. She likes making people laugh, and has a good sense of humour. She sometimes acts like an adult. When she is very angry, a personality which she calls the "Inner Dragon" comes out. This personality is mostly the opposite of her normal personality. This happens very rarely.

Other Facts: DarkFire is very uninterested in love and romance. She becomes aggressive when anyone asks her out for a date or anything of that sort. DarkFire, in severe cases of romance, can possibly have her “Inner Dragon” personality come out for a long time. She can turn into a super form with the Chaos Emeralds.


It has been a month after the Smith’s mansion had burnt down. But investigations were still continuing into what really happened during the fire. Even more, someone had taken everything of any good value from the house.

In the distance, a young drakehog watched the investigation. She was the one who burnt the house down. She was adopted by the family, but was mistreated in almost every possible way. The dusty footpath was all black, sooty and cracked from the extreme heat from the fire.

She heard footsteps nearby. The drakehog jerked her head upwards, peeking over the bush. She saw two men, in fluorescent yellow jackets, looking in her direction. She ducked immediately, hiding herself from sight.

“Did you hear that?” asked one, unsure whether he was hallucinating or not. “I think I heard a rustling sound”

“Hear what?” asked the other. “I didn’t hear nothing!”

“The bush just made a sound!”

The drakehog spun around, and dashed off, into a nearby forest.
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