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Chapter 5 - A Meeting with Sonic

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DarkFire runs into Sonic... but can she convince him that there are really people after him, trying to hunt him down?

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Chapter 5: A Meeting with Sonic

DarkFire heard voices coming from inside the mansion. “Do you hear that? The voices from the mansion are getting closer and closer…”

A whoosh of air came from the door of the house, which was suddenly opened.

“Sonic just ran out the door!” said Kate, excited. “And he is going for his evening run!”

Doctor Thompson looked worried. “We will never catch up with him! We can’t warn him!” he shouted.

DarkFire turned around, into the sunset, away from the commuter traffic, leapt, and flew at a speed slightly higher than Sonic’s current speed.

Doctor Thompson could only stare as DarkFire slowly closed into Sonic, a few hundred metres away. “Wow…”

DarkFire was chasing at top speed. She was unable to see anything but Sonic, closing in… She took a deep breath, and expelled it; sped several metres ahead of Sonic, and stood in front of him.

Kate gasped. “What is DarkFire doing? Sonic is going to run into her, and that’s gonna hurt!”

Sonic froze right in front of DarkFire. “What are you doing here? I was about to run straight into you! Watch where you’re going!”

“Sonic! I have uncovered this plot to destroy you and take over the world! You better be prepared! And these people are planning to capture your friends, so they cannot help you.” shouted DarkFire.

“Are you sure now? I know a lie when I hear one.” said Sonic, sounding uncertain. “I don’t want to set out to find this is all jus a big hoax. Are you setting me up?”

DarkFire shook her head. “I heard people on a plane discuss the plan. I’m being dead serious about hearing them…” DarkFire continued on with a small voice. “Well, I’m not sure if they were trying to trick me…”

“Did you say something?”

“No. But I have heard about the plan, and I think you might want to know about it in case they start coming for you soon… No-one ever believes me…” DarkFire sat down on a bench, and buried her head in her claws.

“Alright, I take that back” said, Sonic, apologetically. He knelt down to come face-to face with DarkFire. “I’m convinced you’re telling the truth. That’s great news; I have been looking for excitement for months on end now! Thanks for the good news, buddy! I’ll set out to destroy those villains as soon as possible!” he exclaimed.

DarkFire slowly separated her claws from her face. She slowly stood up., with a bizarre look on her face. Her voice was shaky. “But…”

“What’s the matter?”

“These people are pretty dangerous, and, well, you don’t want to die, won’t you? There are a lot of them…”

Sonic merely smiled. “What, are you worried? I have handled these situations a million times before, and I didn’t die once. And I won’t die this time, either!” He was grinning. “What’s your name?”

“I’m… DarkFire the drakehog.” Her voice was still slightly shaky.

“Trust me; I have been through this too many times to worry. It’ll be only a few seconds before it’s over for them. Hope to see you again, DarkFire! Thanks again for the good news!” Sonic bolted off down the road at full speed.

“Oh no… What am I going to do? Sonic won’t regard this as a warning…” DarkFire started walking back to Kate and Doctor Thompson, staring at the ground. “He’s going to die out there, and we’ll all die…”

“DarkFire!” DarkFire jerked her head up. Kate was right in front of her. “What made you like that? You seemed pretty sad…”

“Oh, I was only acting so he would believe me. He wasn’t believing me at first, so I had to play the sympathy game.” replied DarkFire.

Doctor Thompson nodded. “Do drakehogs have any mind-reading capabilities? Or do they just know a bit about psychology naturally?” DarkFire noticed him holding a black clipboard. He was also holding a pen.

“Kate is right, you are obsessed with science!” declared DarkFire, angrily.

“Oh, I’m sorry… Anyway, what happened with you and Sonic?”

“ He thought he could handle it himself. He was looking for some excitement, and he thought it was good news.” stated DarkFire to the others. “I guess I’ll have to warn the people living in the city, then. Anyone got some paper bark and blackberry juice that I could use?”

“Did you say paper bark and blackberry juice?” said Kate, puzzled.

“Oh, sorry. I meant a computer, paper and a printer.”

“What are you doing with all that?” asked Kate.

“Putting up posters. Posters to warn everyone about the plot. And do you guys have anything to eat? I’m really hungry, I haven't ate anything for almost a day now

“Whoa, are you sure about the posters. I don’t know about you, but if I see them, well, I’d think it is all just a big hoax. As far as I know, Doctor Thompson has plenty of food where he lives.”

Doctor Thompson cleared his throat.

“Oh no, not more scientific jargon!” groaned Kate.

“No, I am taking DarkFire back to my house to stay temporarily. You can head off to where you live now.”

Kate nodded. “Okay, I’ll be meeting DarkFire a little later, then! See ya!” She ran off across a traffic intersection, and was soon out of sight. Doctor Thompson gestured in the opposite direction. The pair started walking along a long stretch of road, busy with commuter traffic.

After a ten minute walk, Doctor Thompson and DarkFire stopped. “Well, we are at my house” said Doctor Thompson. “I’ll see Kate after the weekends”

Doctor Thompson looked around the place. He knew that this was a narrow lane with no commuter traffic at all; just a few houses.

“What are you looking for?” enquired DarkFire.

Doctor Thompson turned to face DarkFire with a wicked smile. “DarkFire, you are about to meet your doom.”
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