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Mission 13: Savior

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It's up to Trunks, Naya, and Marice to figure out how to infiltrate a Taydran prison and rescue their detained comrades along with their confiscated ship. But the real question is ...will they make...

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Mission 13: Savior

Laiserta was forced off of the shuttle by the guards behind her, nearly causing her to fall down the stairs leading from the shuttle to the ground. She glanced up into the sky for a moment, and sure enough, they were in Taydr. She would have recognized the skyline of Hrimth from anywhere, with the imperial palace rising up in the center of it all, the highest building in the capital city of the empire. She could smell that they'd landed at the spaceport in the industrial district, and knew that they were going directly to prison-at least to be held until whoever had wanted to see them alive had done so. She could only hope that the others had found the Verdandi and would find a way to come for herself and the woman who walked several yards behind her soon.
As the caravan approached the gates leading into the facility, they were stopped by the guards on the other side of the gate. "You've got two level zero prisoners, so we need to see proper clearance," one of the two spoke.
The guard in front of Laiserta nodded and produced a small black card with writing on it. She used her eyes to look through the card and see the writing on the other side. 'Drevaan-Gergash Work Facility?' she thought curiously. But this is-
"This way," the second guard gestured as the gates into the compound opened. The prisoners were led inside the gates of the compound, and within moments, inside the facility itself.


"It's not too tight, is it?" Naya asked sincerely.
"No, it's fine," Trunks responded, moving his left hand around after his forearm had been treated and wrapped by the former general.
"Now for the other," she said with a sigh, indicating that he set his right arm on the table. He did as told, gritting his teeth and clenching his left fist as Naya set to work on removing that parts of his jacket that had been embedded in his arm from where the gauntlets had cut into his skin.
Marice placed her hands over Trunks's clenched fist, and smiled weakly, trying to be of some use at the moment. Naya had the ship on auto-pilot, headed for the nearest space station, so in the meantime she treated Trunks for his wounds.
"Where do you think the ship is?" Trunks asked aloud of his two comrades, not watching as Naya worked on his forearm.
"My guess is," Naya answered, "that it was taken off-world before we even decided to leave. Since the annual coronation ceremony kicks off a week-long celebration, Cevan officials must have been too busy to notice that the ship had been taken elsewhere. And," she continued, looking up at Trunks, "if knowledge of our arrival in Ceva was limited to only a few, no one would know who to report the ship stolen to."
"If they took Armada and Laiserta to Taydr, wouldn't they take the ship there as well?" Marice added. "We saw Rieve's men leave once we were given to Taydr back on Ceva, so I don't think they would have taken the ship."
"It's possible," Naya responded, "that Taydr has the ship and not Rieve, considering that if either of the two wanted it, Taydr would be more the likely choice, since they could always use it to prosecute us."
"If Taydr's dealing with a mafia and taking control of the Alliance," Trunks ventured, "then what would stop them from killing us outright?"
"I understand what you're saying, Trunks," Naya continued, "but I have a feeling that won't be the case."
"So, if we assume the ship's on Taydr, then it's probably not far from wherever the others were taken," Trunks continued, still keeping his gaze away from Naya while she worked on his arm. He glanced briefly at his left forearm, his jacket sleeve stained with blood nearly to the elbow, with long rips in the denim as well.
"Hopefully it won't be," Naya replied, still operating on her comrade's arm in the small infirmary of their Taydran vessel, "since it certainly would make it much easier to rescue the others if we had the /Verdandi/."
"So we just need to figure out a way to get into Taydr, right?" Marice queried, summing up their plans with one sentence.
"That's the idea," Trunks answered, wincing slightly as Naya had removed the last shreds of his jacket sleeve from his arm and the blood began to flow once more.


"Lai, what the hell is this?" Armada near whispered to the raven-haired woman walking in front of her.
Laiserta sighed. "I don't understand why they'd bring us /here/," she spoke aloud to herself as the pair was led down another long hallway inside the building. She shook her head, her confusion mounting.
"Are you going to just ignore me?" Armada questioned partly in annoyance.
"We're in a work facility," Laiserta shot over her right shoulder.
"Work facility?" Armada echoed, unsure of the definition of such a term.
"It's like a prison but we do manual labor," the Taydran answered back over her shoulder once more, trying to keep her voice down so the guards in front of and behind the two wouldn't hear.
"Why the hell would they bring us here?" Armada questioned with a puzzled look upon her face.
"That's the million beta question," Laiserta responded, keeping her gaze focused forward as the group approached their destination for the time being-the reception hall, as it was so lovingly referred to.
"Have a seat," one of the guards inside barked out, and the pair was forced to the floor against a wall in a long line of prisoners, with more filing in behind them from other adjacent corridors.
Laiserta glanced around where the pair sat, surveying their surroundings. She noticed a few guards to her right at the end of the hall near a door, two holding datasheets, causing her to infer that they were checking lists for prisoners. She then glanced to the left to see more guards bringing in more prisoners behind herself and her comrade seated to her left.
It was then that Laiserta turned her gaze up and immediately froze. A large '8' was painted on the metal hallway wall directly across from where she sat, resembling the haunting number from her memories. Instantly, the sounds of deathly screams and pounding machines flooded her mind, and visions of horrific sights came over her. In mere seconds she was miles from her current position, lost in the terror of the past. Her breath turned ragged and she started to shake uncontrollably.
"So what do you think-" Armada whispered as she turned to face her comrade again, stopping mid-sentence. "Lai," she spoke sternly yet calmly as she noticed that her fellow mercenary had gone into some sort of shock. "Lai," she pleaded once more, unable to wake her comrade from her daze.
Armada then turned her attention down the hall, watching the guards as they went through each prisoner. Two of the guards lifted a middle-aged man from where he sat, and Armada noticed that he was missing an arm.
"B'nakeruun, To Ehn," the first guard spoke slowly and awkwardly.
"Useless," the second guard spoke as he read his list. He lifted his head and looked at the two guards who'd helped the man rise. "He can't work. Have him detained to wait his execution."
Armada's eyes widened at the guards' words. "Lai," she spoke more harshly, visibly panicked as their turn was only four inmates away. "Lai, snap out of it!" she started to shout. "Lai-!"
The mercenary leader was interrupted as she was clubbed with a shock rod to the right side of her face, knocking her over on her side. "Silence!" the guard shouted as Armada tried to recover her vision from the shock.
"Well what do we have here?" the name-checking guard spoke aloud with a smirk as she searched his list for Laiserta's name. "Kikulade, Xyros." He smirked at her once more. "Bet you never thought that after breakin' into eight prisons that you'd end up in one." He paused. "Hey," he spoke, his smirk quickly evaporating. "Hey!" he shouted once more, and after eliciting no remark from the prisoner, shook his head.
"She's in shock," the second guard spoke. "Utterly useless."
"She's not scheduled to be executed yet," the first guard said to his comrade as he read Laiserta's file, "but we better do it now. Last time we held over a level zero prisoner, we almost got sanctioned."
Armada had finally pulled herself upright at this point, and saw three guards moving towards Laiserta. "No!" she shouted as they lifted her comrade.
"I said quiet!" the guard who'd initially attacked her repeated his previous gesture by striking her with a shock rod once more.
"Damn, this girl is heavy!" one of the three commented as they tried in vain to pull Laiserta to her feet.
"Just drag her out of here!" the guard in charge with the list of names shouted, and the three did as told, dragging her backwards into the small room at the end of the hall.
"No," Armada weakly choked out as she saw Laiserta's form disappear behind the metal door positioned to the rear of the two list-guards before her.
"An energy fighter?" the first guard questioned with a raised eyebrow as he read Taydr's information on Armada. "Haven't had one of these for a while," he said aloud as he scanned through other information. He turned his gaze to a couple of guards nearby. "Take her to extraction."
Armada was then lifted to her feet by two guards and led down a corridor heading away from Laiserta. Halfway down the hall, she heard a muffled gunshot behind herself and cringed, knowing what the sound indicated.
The small group of three soon found a small green door, and after swiping a keycard, the pair of guards led the prisoner inside. Once inside, Armada was forcibly seated at a strange chair in the center of the room. The mercenary was puzzled as the guards began removing her gauntlets, but the moment her arms were released, they latched them tightly into the armrests of the chair. The moment the first restraint pulled down on her arms, she felt that this chair, too, controlled a prisoner's ki like the gauntlets had done.
In the meantime, a third guard who was already in the room when the trio entered held out a small, palm-size object before the prisoner as she was strapped into the chair. After a few seconds, a yellowish-green light appeared on the device and the guard spoke. "Hn. This oughtta keep us going for another month."
As the two guards secured the restraints on her arms, Armada panicked as she suddenly realized what was about to happen. "No!" she thrashed futilely, kicking one of the guards in the face while the other reached for his shock-rod. After delivering another dizzying blow, the two guards finished restraining the four limbs of the prisoner and stepped away from the chair, which Armada had realized was more of a mechanism than a seat. The guard stationed in the room waited for the prisoner to lift her head as an indication that she was conscious before activating the mechanism.

The scream that followed would have been heard throughout the entire facility... had the room not been structured to be sound proof.


"That's the last of the supplies," Naya dusted her hands off after setting down a box of canteens before Trunks. After noticing that he hadn't noticed her, Naya spoke. "Why so deep in thought?"
"Trying to think of a way we can get into Taydr," he answered without turning his gaze towards her.
"Don't worry; we'll come up with something," Naya set a hand on his left shoulder. "We only need time to devise a plan."
"Hey, look at this!" Marice shouted as she bounded into the ship's bridge, carrying a large black shirt of some sort.
The two mercenaries in her midst only stared at her in response, waiting for the explanation to her exclamation.
"Uniforms!" She held up the Taydran jacket she'd found with glee.
"Too bad we don't have anyone that speaks Taydran," Trunks replied gloomily. "We might have been able to fool them."
"That's it!" Naya began.
"What?" Trunks and Marice questioned in unison.
"We don't need to speak Taydran!" Naya paused before continuing. "Lai told me that native Taydran is a dying language as the official language of Taydr is Ferian, and has been for some hundred and twenty years." After receiving blank stares, Naya felt compelled to ask the pair, "Don't you understand? The official language of the Taydran military is Ferian/! We don't need to /know Taydran!"
"And if we have uniforms on, then..." Trunks trailed off as all three members of VDD understood what was being said.
"We'll fly right in and they'll never know it was us!" Marice declared with visible determination.
"As long as the ship hasn't been reported missing, they'll let us in without a second thought," Naya added with a smile as she turned to the youngest member of their current crew. "Marice, what size uniform do you have there?"


After hearing the deafening screams from within, Xyra-mae held her hands to her temples and screamed, falling to her knees in tears, unable to express her grief in any other form. She knew Akeru-sae was within those blast doors on the eighth floor...and she knew that she was one of the lucky few inside that could still scream, indicating that her pain hadn't grown so strong yet as to cause her to go mute like all the others...

Laiserta was oblivious to her surroundings as they changed while the guards proceeded to drag her backwards, away from the other prisoners and her comrade, into a separate room. They pulled her all the way in, propping her seated form up against the wall opposite the door. All the while, she continued to convulse with wide, deadened eyes.
One of the guards before her spoke to the guard on his left, watching as the man loaded a pistol. "So you're gonna shoot her?"
The prison guard cocked the weapon. "How else are we going to execute her?" he questioned as he turned toward the prisoner in question. He stepped towards the incapacitated woman and raised the pistol, holding it less than a foot away from the center of her forehead. His expression saddened, and he spoke. "Though my life is in vain compared to Your completeness, I shall suffer no more-"
"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" the third guard who'd presently remained silent thus far spoke.
"She's Taydran," the executioner returned as he looked to his comrade. "She deserves her last rites." He turned to look at Laiserta once more. "I shall suffer no more, as Your compassion and mercy bring me to the Paradise promised to us in our Creation."

"Xyros," a voice whispered almost inaudibly. Xyra-mae turned around to see an unfamiliar figure standing at the end of the hall, a light behind it casting it in shadow. "You mustn't die, Xyros." Xyra-mae's eyes widened, finding herself confused yet comforted by the vague figure. "Fight back...Lai..."

Laiserta snapped back to reality with a start. She gasped as she realized that the large hole in front of her was indeed the end of the gun. Thinking quickly, she kicked up with her left leg and in an attempt to knock the pistol away from the prison guard before her. The guard, however, didn't let go of the gun, and fired a shot, hitting Laiserta in the top of her right shoulder. Despite her wound, she leapt to her feet and charged at the guard with the pistol, ramming him into the door with her left shoulder.
Meanwhile, the other two guards had reached for their shock rods, as neither of the two held any other kind of weapon, and headed for Laiserta. The mercenary first turned to her right and planted the guard with a deft kick to the abdomen from her right foot before turning around to spin-kick the other with her left leg. With all three guards on the ground temporarily, Laiserta knelt down next to the first guard and snatched the keys to her restraints from him and quickly unfastened the left cuff.
The final guard she'd planted now rose and reared his shock rod for a strike. Laiserta countered his approach by sliding along the floor around the man, standing behind him, where she pulled his arms over and behind his head, forcing him to drop his shock rod. Upon seeing him relinquish his weapon, the Taydran mercenary threw the guard forward and into the wall opposite the pair.
As the three guards began to rise once more, they noticed their prisoner holding a shock rod with a menacing smirk upon her features. "Dos verkanna." After the mercenary's profane words, each of the guards lost consciousness at the end of their own weapon.
After finally dispatching of the guards, Laiserta used her special ability to look through the door to the other side, and found herself surprised at the scene she witnessed. "Whoa," she spoke aloud, as none of the guards had apparently heard the scuffle inside the room. They continued on with whatever it was they were doing, oblivious to what had happened. However, leaving through that door wasn't an option-the guards outside were eleven strong, with four having automatic weapons.
"Time for Plan B," she said to herself, turning away from the door. Laiserta still had her eyes in X-ray vision mode when she turned and glanced at the floor, and as a result a grin came over her features.


Laiserta cringed as she placed her left hand on her right shoulder. The shot hadn't grazed her as she'd first thought; the bullet was indeed imbedded in her muscle, right next to the bone-she knew this for a fact because she'd used her own eyes to check it out. Despite the pain, she continued trudging forward in the seemingly little-used tunnel beneath Drevaan-Gergash Work Facility. As the escapee neared yet another intersection of tunnels, she glanced down the two horizontal to her current position, and after seeing nothing of interest, continued moving forward.
It was then that Laiserta stopped upon noticing small traces of blood on the floor of the tunnel. She looked to her shoulder, and although it bled, the blood on the floor was darker and drier than her own. She knelt down near the unknown blood to examine it closer. Taking a gamble, Laiserta forced her eyes into what she referred to as 'blood mode,' enabling her to see past stains of any sort of liquid, especially blood. The mercenary gasped as she looked around her-the floors and walls of the tunnel were covered with layers of blood from years, however...
"Grates?" Laiserta said aloud to herself as she glanced skyward to see grate openings lined up above where the strongest concentration of blood stains had been left behind-indicating that the blood had fallen from above. Laiserta brought her gaze back down to eye level and thought briefly. "I must be below the execution chambers," she surmised aloud. As she stood, she suddenly remembered what one of the guards had said earlier-/" /You've got two level zero prisoners..."
"If they were gonna execute me, then..." Laiserta's head shot up, and she took off down the cylindrical tunnels once more, trying to find the nearest way up. Once she made it to the next intersection, about fifty meters from where she'd stopped momentarily, she took a right. After following the tunnel about forty feet from the junction, the tunnel headed left and Laiserta found herself face-to-face with a ladder leading up to another removable floor panel, much like the one she'd cracked open to find the underground tunnels of the prison.
Laiserta slowly ascended the ladder, and once she reached the top, she held tightly through the pain in her shoulder to the ladder with her right arm while she lifted the floor panel with her left. Luckily, as the young Taydran discovered, no guards were present in the room she soon found herself in after removing the floor panel completely. After restoring the panel to its original position, she moved on, heading into the hall and turning left outside the door.
In the hall, Laiserta moved slowly, walking down the sides of the hall with quiet footsteps. More blood... she noted as more than a few drops of fairly fresh blood trailed down the hall from the opposite end of where she had entered and continued into one of the cells. Laiserta glanced around once more to check for guards before she continued towards the cell in question.
Once again, Laiserta used her enhanced optics to check inside the cell to see if indeed it held the prisoner she sought. Inside, the mercenary couldn't see past a strange block in the center of the room, but she immediately recognized the left forearm lying bloodied across the floor, sticking out from behind the rectangular slab of metal that she found her eyes couldn't penetrate.
"Here goes nothing," Laiserta spoke as she backed away from the door, unholstering one of her two pistols-she'd found them in the armory earlier, along with her short-staff and trench coat-and began firing at the cell's lock. After three dead-aim shots, the door malfunctioned and opened as a result, allowing Laiserta to rush inside.
Laiserta quickly holstered her weapon and knelt by the unmoving form of Armada. "C'mon spider-head, we gotta get out of here," she gently shook her superior, and after eliciting no reaction from her, she forced the woman to roll over onto her back.
The sight that greeted Laiserta only reinforced her fears. Armada's half open eyes were blank and lifeless, though her body still felt relatively warm. No, she can't be... Laiserta's thoughts raced until she decided to reach for a pulse. Unsure as to whether the pulse she felt was the victim's or her own, Laiserta bent over and held her ears to Armada's nose, and felt a faint breath, indicating that whatever had happened to the mercenary, she was indeed still living.
"Time to go, spider-head," Laiserta spoke to her unconscious comrade as she stood and lifted her limp form from the floor. Laiserta struggled as she pulled her comrade up and onto her back, wrapping Armada's arms around her neck, and pulling the mercenary leader's legs up, propping them on her gun holsters. "Now to find a way out," Laiserta spoke aloud as she and her charge exited the cell.
"Hey!" a guard shouted from the end of the hall upon seeing the Taydran exit one of the execution cells with a prisoner in tow.
"Shit," Laiserta cursed under her breath. She used her right hand to arm herself with a pistol and started firing as she ran. After several shots, she hit the guard in the leg and he dropped to the ground, leaving her free from him at the moment. Only the real problem was that she had no clue where she was headed.
I think I came this way, Laiserta thought as she looked downward at the familiar grates under her feet as she ran with her official leader in tow. She soon found herself approaching a dead end, with the options of going left or right. "Oh great," she spoke aloud, "I know I didn't turn here." Laiserta stopped once she reached the intersection and glanced both directions. Well, here goes, she thought briefly before taking a right and rushing down yet another corridor of cells.
Just after she'd turned Laiserta glanced back and heard gunfire hitting the wall behind herself. Realizing that the guards weren't far off, she tried to pick up the pace while running through the hall. At the next intersection, she quickly skidded to a stop as she now saw four guards barreling down the hall in her direction. /Damn/, she inwardly cursed while gripping her charge's arms with her left hand and drawing a weapon with her right. Laiserta slowly lifted her arm to aim, gritting her teeth through the pain as her shoulder continued to bleed. With at least one of the guards in her sights, she fired seven shots rapidly, emptying the clip in her semi-automatic.
Luckily, three of the guards dropped, taking the attention of the fourth away from Laiserta for a few seconds. She took this time to holster her empty pistol and draw the second, full weapon from the other side of her body. The last guard was only six feet from her when she fired, dropping him with a shot in the lower abdomen. After dropping the fourth guard, Laiserta quickly moved to her left, into the only corridor not yet occupied by prison police. Suddenly, Armada's body started to slide down her back and Laiserta lost her balance, falling backwards with the unconscious form of her leader.
"Not now," Laiserta breathed heavy as she lifted herself from the ground. With only one hand and one knee off of the floor, Laiserta noticed the approaching sounds of the guards coming at the pair from the corridor behind herself. "C'mon!" she shouted aloud to herself as she quickly lifted her comrade's limp form onto her back once more.
However, the guards behind her were carrying assault rifles, and they fired-missing the mercenary pair by mere centimeters as Laiserta moved from the open doorway. "Agh," Laiserta cried out briefly as a piece of shrapnel found its way into the side of her left knee, courtesy of the bullets embedded into the wall nearby.
Laiserta, realizing that outrunning the guards was an impossibility, leaned back against the wall closest to where the guards would enter the corridor, keeping Armada pinned between her back and the wall, freeing her left hand. Laiserta then quickly reached into her jacket and pulled out another clip of ammunition, which she used to reload the once empty pistol at her right side. With both pistols loaded, she waited for the three guards to enter the room and hopefully fire before they could.
Just at that moment, the blast doors in the corridor entrance next to Laiserta closed and an alarm sounded. Confused, Laiserta blinked in confusion. "Huh?" she breathed heavily, curious as to what was happening.
"They're trying to lock them in," one of the guards on the other side of the door was heard telling the other two. "The first area effected by lockdown is execution."
"Quick, this way!" Laiserta heard another voice speak and took her own cue to run.
As the guards on the other side of the now sealed door left, Laiserta glanced up to see "Tersva" written on the walls above and across from where she stood. 'Holding'... /she thought. /They must have been on the other side, still in 'Execution'... /Laiserta sighed. /How did I ever get this lucky?
Laiserta quickly put her weapons away and held onto Armada once more, taking off down the corridor away from the door that had just saved her life by mere seconds. "Holding's usually closer to the front," she said aloud as she ran, taking a left turn. "So I must be close...I think."
Just as Laiserta had turned into the next corridor, gunfire rained upon her once more. "Shit!" she shouted, skidding along the hall as she tried to dodge the shots. She saw a hall to her right up ahead and took the turn, almost tripping over the stairs she found in the next hall. After charging up the half-flight of stairs, Laiserta ran to the end of the hall only to find a dead end. Noticing a small square panel in the wall resembling what used to be a window, Laiserta took her chances and kicked at it as hard as she could, and watched as the panel fell down and out of the building. She walked up to the new window and glanced down only to see that she'd managed to make it to the second floor.
"Stop them!" what looked like a captain of the guards shouted and the others started firing. With no choices left, Laiserta dove out of the window. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth, bracing for the impact...

Trunks floated high above his comrades, firing energy blasts at each group of prison guards headed their way. Is this ever going to end?! he thought in exasperation as yet another three guards fell victim to him. Far below him, on the ground, Marice and Naya were trying to fight their way into the facility, wielding the same automatic weapons that some of the guards did. Marice, while she did commit to learning how to use a weapon such as the one she carried, wasn't doing much. Naya, however, fired with deadly precision at those that Trunks had neglected.
"Marice!" Trunks shouted from where he flew above the rest, "the Verdandi's over this way!" he pointed to his left to a shipyard around the side of the prison. He could easily recognize the silver ship from the other black ships of the Taydran fleet. "Go for it and I'll cover you!"
Marice nodded vigorously and ran off to do as she was told, satisfied that she no longer had to feebly try to use the automatic she carried. Trunks proceeded to provide her cover as she ran for the gates behind which the Verdandi was stored, until he turned to face the building once more as a crashing noise was heard. "Naya!" he screamed as he saw Laiserta had leapt from the building, apparently carrying Armada. He took off in their direction, but knew that he wouldn't make it in time because he was much closer to the shipyard.
Naya glanced at Trunks before turning to see what he was flying towards. Naya's eyes widened momentarily with surprise as she saw her comrades falling. She then reached out towards her comrades with her right arm as her eyes focused in concentration. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder and realized that she'd been shot. Turning to face her attacker, she drew her weapon and fired, ending the threat before rushing over toward her comrades.
Just as Laiserta was expecting to hit the ground, she felt herself roll several times and skid across the pavement beneath her. The landing had hurt, but it hadn't killed her. She opened her eyes slowly as she sat upright only to see that she must have let go of Armada during the fall because her body lie several meters in front of her and slightly to the right.
As Trunks approached Laiserta's position, he fired a ki blast into the window, finishing the guards who had apparently chased his comrades thus far. He landed and knelt next to the ailing Laiserta. "Lai, are you okay?" he asked in rushed and worried tones.
"How," Laiserta choked out, "how did I survive that fall?"
"I don't know," Trunks shook his head, unable to describe what he saw just before what would have been the impact.
"Trunks!" Naya shouted as she ran towards her three comrades. "We need to get out of here, now!"
"Right," Trunks nodded, helping Laiserta to her feet. He then headed towards Armada and picked up her unconscious form. It was then that he noticed Naya's injury. "Are you all right?"
"I'll be fine," she replied through heavy breaths. "We need to go."
After taking a few steps, Laiserta stumbled and fell, landing on her right knee. She grimaced as the piece of shrapnel in her left knee now prevented her from moving without assistance. "Damn," she cursed at her inability to walk unaided at the moment.
"Here," Naya reached down and helped Laiserta up to her feet. She then wrapped Laiserta's left arm around her neck and acted as the Taydran's left leg.
As the four ran, Trunks kept an eye on the guards behind them and fired as needed to hold them off. "Where's Marice with the ship?!" he shouted to Naya while running.
Just then, the Verdandi descended upon them, driving up wind and dust as it hovered above the ground. "Let's go!" Marice shouted from where the stood at the top of the back end cargo hatch's ramp. She disappeared inside the ship once the four made their way on board. The group stopped to watch as their ship quickly made its ascent into the upper atmosphere and the cargo hatch began to shut, the final indication that their reunion and escape from Taydr had actually occurred and was successful.
"We've gotta get everyone to the infirmary," Trunks spoke to Naya before heading farther into the ship, referring to both her and their far more injured comrades. Naya nodded and followed, helping Laiserta to make her own way as well. Laiserta took one last glance at the landscape of Taydr before the cargo hatch fully closed, silently praying to never have to see another prison again.
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