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Chapter Six

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After the safe house is attacked, Kylie and Wesley must flee to safety.

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Later Wesley lay in bed, staring out into the darkness, unable to sleep. After Kylie had stormed out of the library in tears she refused to talk to him. He closed his eyes and winced when he remembered the cold expression she got every time she saw him. He knew it was all for the best, that she deserved better once this was done, but still that didn’t make it hurt any less.
Finally he sighed and got up, giving up on sleep. He opened the door to his room, and stepped out in the hallway, when his sensitive ears picked up a sound.
He stopped and listened, then realized what the sound was. He swore and took a step toward Kylie’s door, when a boom filled the mansion.
He looked toward the stairs, and saw smoke billowing up them. The bastards had blown open the door, they had found the safe house and were now inside.
He turned and started toward Kylie’s door, when Angel came running up.
“They’re everywhere,” she said, and he nodded, grabbing her arm and pulling her into Kylie’s room with him.
Kylie sat up in bed, her eyes wide with fear, watching them.
“What’s happened?” She asked, as Wesley closed the door and pushed a dresser in front of it.
“Thorne’s people,” Angel said, “they’ve found you and have blasted through the door of the safe house. Soon they’ll be up here, we don’t have much time.”
“Take Kylie,” Wesley said, “make sure she gets to safety. I’ll hold them off.”
“No!” Kylie cried, getting out of bed and hugging him tightly. “I won’t leave without you.”
Gently he lifted her head, and stared in her eyes.
“I’ll be right behind you,” he said, “I promise.”
“That’s a lie,” she said and he nodded, then quickly kissed her, before handing her to Angel.
Angel pulled her over to the window and opened it up.
“It’s a long way down,” Kylie said, as the pounding at the door started. “How are we going to leave this way?”
Angel smiled, and grasped Kylie around the waist. With a strength belying her slim form she pulled Kylie into the window and then jumped. Kylie’s scream was cut short when instead of plummeting to the ground, wings furled out of Angel’s back and they swooped away from the mansion.
Wesley watched to make sure they got away safely, then he summoned his sword, holding it in front of him as the door splintered open. Tabatha stepped inside, her eyes taking a feral gleam when she saw Wesley.
“Where is the woman Wesley?” She asked, “the master is eager her.”
“She’s safe,” he said, as he stepped slowly toward the window.
Tabatha saw the direction of his path and snarled, her eyes changing color.
She summoned her sword and started toward him as he reached the window.
“Sorry Tabatha,” he said, “today’s not your lucky day.”
Then he leapt out of the window, shedding his clothes as he plunged toward the ground. Just before he hit, he changed into his dragon form and swooped away from the safe house, Tabatha’s cry of rage echoing in his ears.
He changed back into a man, knowing that Tabatha and her companions would be searching for him in the sky. He quickly summoned some clothes and dressed, then ran through the forest, keeping an eye on the sky.
Finally he reached the cave that was the arranged meeting point if the safe house was ever compromised.
He entered the cave and ducked quickly as something flew at his head.
“Damn it,” he swore, “it’s Wesley.”
Angel came out of the dimness and hugged him tightly. He followed her into the cave and was surprised to see only Kylie there.
“Where are the others?” He asked, turning and looking at Angel.
She shook her head.
“I went back after I got Kylie to safety,” she said, “they’re all dead. We’re the only ones left.”
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