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That was so random

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The girls are being random...nothing new there!

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Well, I've decided that I'm not going to continue with thisstory, asd no one seems to be reading anymore. However, I am turning it over to Emmi (RyanRossLuver) and she'll be using my account to update for me. This is my final addition to this story. Over to Emmi's work.

Amy's POV
The next day, after convincing Mikey that I would make out with him after we spend the day out with the group, we headed out of the school grounds to the local village. We met up with them at a little Italian Cafe, about five minutes away from the school grounds. Everyone ordered pizza 'cept Emmi, who had a salad. Once the food arrived, we started talking about music, and who our greatest influences were, while Frank stared at Emmi.

Frank's POV
"So Emmi, who do you take influence from?" I asked, not tearing my eyes away from her. She just sat rigid, staring ahead, her fork poised delicately in her left hand.

"Emmi?" Ray asked, sounding as concerned as I must have looked at that point.

"Oh shit," Amy said, before getting up from her place next to me and gently shaking her. She came back with a startled look.

"Uh, what just happened?" Casey asked, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and I nodding along.

"I'm epileptic, among other things, and I must have just had a fit or something," Emmi replied as Amy sat back down.

"Among other things?" Gerard asked, pushing his plate aside, as he was done eating.

"Mmhmm. Lets see, you want to know everything?" I nodded, as everyone else, Amy included, said yes.

"Well, lets see. Apart from being lactose intolerant and epileptic, I'm vegan; I have Raynard's Syndrome; I'm clinically depressed; I have a weak immune system; I'm asthmatic; I get motion sickness and I'm bipolar," she said, counting each off on her fingers as she went along.

"Since when were you bipolar?" Amy asked, looking really worried.

"Umm, a week after you moved, Carol noticed that aside from the emotions I was feeling cause of Lou-Anne's death, I was having way too many mood swings and I was snappy. She decided to take me to the doctors and they revealed the truth. It's a real joy to be me," she finished, pushing her food away and standing up. The rest of us stood up, and Ray and Gerard went to pay the bill, whilst the rest of us went outside.

Amy's POV
Once we were outside, Frank pulled out his ciggarettes and lit one up, while I pulled Emmi and Casey aside.

"Now Emmi, tell me and Casey the truth. Do you like Frank?"

"Maybe. I don't know. I've knoiwn the guy, what, two days, so I think it's too early to be deciding," she replied. I could tell in her voice though that she liked him. We started walking around the village when the guys caught up to us.

"You know, for girls you walk pretty damn fast," Gerard said as Mikey took my hand. We headed towards the park as it was such a beautiful day, when we lost Emmi to a shop window.

"Emmi what are you - Oh, it's a tattoo parlour/piercing place. Go figue," I said. I'm telling you, that girl is addicted to marking her body.

"I wanna get my tongue pierced since we're here. Amy, you're coming with me."

"No way girlfriend. No way am I getting my tongue pierced. However, I might get my navel done," I said, takingher outstreched hand.

"I've always wanted a piercing or tattoo," said the unblemished Casey. She came inside with us, as did Frank, who became transfixed with the walls of tattoo designs. We talked to the owner and he took us to the back room, where he did Emmi first. She opted to be the first as she was used to the pain, and got a silver bar with black spheres. Then Casey went next, deciding to get a gold bar through her eyebrow. I was last, and held onto Casey's hand (Emmi had disappeared back into the main shop) as I got a silver bar with a red stone through my navel. We went outisde to the shop front as Emmi ran back to the guy.

An hour later, Emmi had re-emerged and Frank went in. We were all pondering out loud what he was getting, and were trying to get out of Emmi what else she got, whilst she shook her head and got out her credit card, ready to pay for everything. Casey and I pulled out our wallets, but she shooed our hands away.

"My treat girls. Think of this as our first real bonding session." Casey and I headed outside, where we got the third degree from gerard, Ray and Mikey about what we had done. Once they saw how good the piercings turned out though, they relented.

Another hour later, and Frank had emerged, paying for his tattoo and lip piercing after Emmi paid for our stuff. We headed back to school and got settled in Casey and Emmi's room, which we decided then and there would be our regular hang out room. We played a few random games, but the one most memorable was the quick paced 20 questions for Emmi from everyone.

"When's your birthday?"
"July 4th."
"What piercings do you have?
"Nose, ears three times in the lobes, twice in each cartilage; lip and tongue."
"Do you have any tattoos?"
"Yeah. A dark angel between my shoulder-blades; a paw-print just above my left breast; a broken heart on my hip, and I got one on my lower back earlier, but I'm not telling you what of."
"Favourite colour, other than black?"
"Do you have any siblings?"
"I had a twin brother, but he died about two years ago."
"Stupidest moment?"
"Walking into a closed glass door."
"Celebrity crush, other than Ryan Ross?
"Ummm, Gabe Saporta or Hayley Williams."
"What's your sexuality?"

And the game went on all afternoon and all night. We ended up crashing in their room, we had so much fun.
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