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Enter Elleon

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Seventeen year old Elleon has been killing demons as a daily job. But when one of those jobs leads her to Tokyo things start to get a little crazy,in more ways that one.

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I, Incia Talyor, do not own Inuyasha,Sesshomaru,Naraku or any other Inuyasha character but I do own Elleon and Macon and Dawn so don't steal them!!!!!

Enter Elleon

Nighttime in the city of LaFayette is no fun and games ecspeacily for me.

"Shit." I yelled running into an alleyway away from this damn dark angel that's chasing me.. This of course isn't your typical Saturday night for a seventeen year old. But then again, I'm not your typical seventeen year old.

"Dawn, he's coming your way!" I yelled at him. Dawn is my boyfriends twin brother and believe it or not, he's a half-demon. Me, Dawn and my boyfriend Macon kill demons for a living. No shit that's what we do. Now I'm the only human in the group but that doesn't make we weak. I kick some serious ass.

"I"m all over it." Dawn said and in the quick style of his Dawn threw his sword and it caught the damn thing in the stomach pinning it to the wall.

"Okay Jaxx, I"m done playing your ring around the rosy games.Where is Jose?" I asked that little piece of shit.

"I ain't gotta you anything Bitch!" He said and i sighed.

"A little fiesty for someone who's about to die.So how bout for your last words you tell me where Jose is hiding before Macon gets to you. You know he has a temper."

"You and Macon and that horse shit over there can kiss my ass!" This guy clearly wants to die because Dawn is about two seconds from him and Macon just turned the corner.

"Not very classy for someones dying words," Macon said "I believe the lady asked you a question or perhaps you need help hearing." And before even I could register, Macon cut off his ear. Jaxx cried in pain. The big baby but he still wouldn't give. Macon cocked his head to the said, something he always does then started cutting off his fingers one by one. This is some serious tourcher. Finally Jaxx gave.

"Alright, alright I tell you. He's in Japan."

"Where in Japan?" Dawn asked.

"God, I don't know." Macon raised his sword to Jaxx's neck "Tokyo,he's in Tokyo. Said he'll be there a few month's on some kinda buisness there I told you."

"And what is that suppoes to mean?" Macon asked

"I told you so you won't kill me."

"When did we make that arrangment." Well you can preety much guess what happened next. We walked home or I should say they walked me home afterward.

"If Jose is in Tokyo for a month that'll give me time to take my finals before we go." I said.

"Why do we have to wait until YOU finish to leave?" Dawn said more than he asked. Typical.
"Because I'm apart of this team too!"
"Yeah by default." He mumbled
"And what the hell is that suppose to mean?"
"It 'means' the only reason you apart is this group is because one of the members is doin' you!" These little fights between me and Dawn are nothing new.It's the stubility in our relationships.

I slipted my arm around Macon's waist. "You'er just mad cause it ain't you. Ain't that right baby?"Macon just nodded. He rarly gets involved in our arguments unless it gets physical(which it does more often than you think).Finaly we got to my house which wasn't that far anyway. Dawn has made it a habit of leaving and going to their car before Macon gives me my goodnight kiss. As he says and I quote "That is to grousome for anyone to see.Ya'll might as well have sex right there one the street.'" So we waited until he crossed the street then rounded the corner and got in the car. Macon looked at me then with that sexy grin of his.

"Well this is my stop." I say.
"It's to bad because I was hoping to spend more time with you.'
"I would invite you up but it's already pass curfew," I stepped closer to him "So how bout tomorrow you come pick me up bring me to school then come and get me and we can spend as much time as you like."
"Mmm sounds good." he leaned down and kissed me softly nibbling on my bottom lip and teasing me. I wish he would just kiss me like he meant it already. Then he started it, kissing me like my lips were ice cream or strawberries or something sweet. He put his hand on the back of my neck, tickling hair there than pulled me closer to him.I wrapped arms around his neck pulling him even closer(If that is at all possible) and he put his and hands my butt giving it a little squeeze. I let out a sweet moan and in the blink of an eye he had me up against the apartment wall. Mind you this is not our normal goodnight kiss but I wasn't about to complain. I had a fist full of that gorgous white hair and he hand a hand full of my ass and a mouth full of that curve on my neck. God if we kept this up we where going to have sex on the street.But just when I was really into it he pulled away. He leaned in about a half an inch from my ear. "A little taste of tomorrow." he whispered.
"Bastered" I whispered back but he just back away said goodnight and walked away without even looking back. Curse that white haired blue eyed half devil for what he does to me. All I could do if drag my hot self upstairs, hop in the dream and dream of what will happen tomorrow.
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