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If Ever You Need Me, Whisper I Will Be There, Chapter 2

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Reno and Yuffie talking mostly in the next chapter, mostly about Cloud... and a few things happen to foreshadowed :D

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Chapter Two

Reno quickly followed her inside as Cloud and Vincent looked at each other once more, both sighing softly at the ninja and the Turk, and what kind of trouble that usually happens when they are together. Cloud slowly got back off his bike, but leaned against it with his arms crossed.

“Guess I better stay here, you might need help.” He joked lightly.

“I think I might, for once.” Vincent replied, still shaking his head. “Interesting bunch, aren’t they?”

Cloud nodded his agreement and carried on their conversation while meanwhile Yuffie and Reno sat down across from each other to hold their own conversation.

Yuffie this time decided to actually buy the drinks this time instead of passing them off to an unsuspected person, although such an act would have been funnier with Reno, who would have protested and created a fuss.

“So Reno…” she smiled over her glass. “Where have you been?”

“Oh…hmm. Just here or there, same old stuff.” Reno sighed, sounding truly bored.

“Suuuure. No trouble then, just another boring day flying around and playing tourist?” she giggled, knowing that he was always up to something…and most of the time it got him in trouble. Of course she held him high in her heart and knew that he was always trying to do the right thing, unlike some that seek after their own intentions.

He laughed softly as she looked into his blue eyes which of course let her gaze to linger on the red marks under them, and smiled to herself with his hair that always seemed to hang down and get in his way, especially on the rare occasion that he actually used his goggles for something other then holding his wild red mane back from his face.

“You would think something exciting would happen.” He continued, looking back at her as if she had something wrong with her, since she never really stared at him before unless he was being a slob like last Christmas at the bar when he had an eggnog mustache.

“You would think it.” She smiled; pulling on her cropped off shirt a little. “I have been bored recently, and you know Cloud, he doesn’t want anyone to follow or tag along, Vincent’s the same way, so poor Yuffie has been helping Marline and Denzel run the bar… more like playing accountant while they get to do the fun stuff.”

“Is that right?” he raised his eyebrow slightly “Doesn’t sound fair at all babes.”

Yuffie grinned as he almost fell over in the chair, tilting it back too far but caught himself on the table and trying to act like nothing happened.

“You know me.” She started and trying not to burst out in laughter at his usual antics. “I don’t like to just sit around here, and if I do for another day there might be trouble…for me or someone else.”

“Is that so?” he grinned. “There is always my line of work… nah…” he said shaking his head “it’s just as boring.”

“Yeah! It’s so!” she giggled back before finishing off her beer and setting the glass on that table in front of her.

“Any chance you need a ninja to accompany you?”

“Hmmm, I dunno. Been trying to keep out riffraff like you.” He scratched his chin as if he was really thinking about it.

“What do I have to do to convince you then?” she sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Well, I’m not really in charge, that’s Tseng’s turf.” He shrugged.

Yuffie stomped her foot impatiently.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” She snorted out of disgust of always being left out of things anymore.

Reno held up his hands in surrender to her anger, something he was not used to, normally she was a happy care-free girl, always looking for Materia, and not needing others too often.

“Hey Im sorry! I could try and talk to him about it if you want.” He looked intently at her, trying to calm her down as the best as he knew how.

“Please… my sweetness is melting away quickly…as well as my sanity.” She grabbed her glass and threw it against the wall in a small burst of anger, smirking as it shattered and fell to the ground as slow off tune bells.

Reno stumbled backwards, rolling out of his chair and onto his feet.

“Whoa! I see that!”

Yuffie sighed and put her face in her hands while gently placing her elbows on the table in front of her.

“I’m sorry Reno.”

“Hey” he reached out to put his hand on her shoulder but quickly pulled it away “You’re just stressed out! It happens to the best of us.”

Yuffie’s arms dropped in front of her, taking up the width of the table so her fingertips hung over the other side of it.

“Nothings like the good days” Reno smiled to her as her face finally met his. “With all that good fun.”

“Yeah I know” Yuffie sighed, bringing up one of her hands to run it through her soft black hair. “Those were the days. People to fight, evil to destroy, things to blow up!”

“Almost makes you wish for another apocalyptic attack to rise up” Reno sighed softly, carefully taking his seat in front of her once more.

Yuffie nodded excitedly, her brown eyes flashing with enthusiasm.

“Now that’s what Im talking about!”

“But it cannot be anyone just one little surprise attack and its gone, ya know? It has to be something epic.”

“I know! Sometimes I wish I could go off with Cloud, he always seems to find trouble without looken too hard.”

Reno laughed loudly as he raised his half full glass of beer to her.

“I’ll to drink to that!” he toasted her before finishing up the rest.

“Of course, Cloud doesn’t take onto followers, although that does seem tempting to track that kid one day.” She got a mischievous look on her face, as though she was actually thinking about trying it.

“I have to admit I do wonder what he does in a day, especially now with Tifa gone, there is no one for him to look after. And since that Sephiroth is gone, as well all that chaos, then I’m really wondering what he does do… hmmm.”

“Well I just hope for everyone he comes in contact with sake he isn’t always so “mope”y and depressed all the time. You ever notice how he sys he is gong to search for answers but only comes back with more questions?”

“Yeah that is the weird part, you would think he would have found out something by now.” Reno nodded.

Yuffie looked to the door just to make sure Cloud wasn’t coming back in and ordered herself the third beer in the past few hours.

“Anyway, if something doesn’t happen soon, Im going to be an alcoholic.”

“Can’t have that! ‘Yuffie the Alcoholic’ isn’t as catchy” Reno laughed again, taking the beer that was brought to her away and drinking half of it first before putting it in front of her.

“Thanks…I think” she looked at him then the glass.

“Just trying to help ya out babes, as always!” Reno burped.
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