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Lilia and Isaac can't seem to stop thinking about each other ever since the drive in. and they see each other a lot. But there's a tinsy little problem of how Lilia isn't really alive...

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I walked out of the house and down to the silver nissan waiting at the end of my driveway. i walked around to the back of the truck and pulled the door open. i stuffed my blue duffel bag up inside and walked around to the side door where i got in and sat next to Lauren. She was about 9 years old, and emily was 12, I on the other hand was their 16 year old friend. yeah, I must be a loser, your thinking, but i wasn't i just had a varity of friends, with a varity of ages.
The car took off and we started towards the court house. we where going to wait for Michelle there, she had two boys, a 17 year old named Isaac, and a little boy at the age of 9 named Noah.
I turned and looked at Lauren. "I'm making you a scarf, i think you'll like it, but i can't give it to you just yet, it's not done..." She laughed.
"That's okay..."
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