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When our lips collided

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“I know I have to be honest, to myself, and to you.”

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Next morning, tidied up himself, washed his face, brushed his teeth. 10 minutes later, Frank was already at the exit of the city. But he didn’t forget to farewell his father before he was gone. He loved his father indeed, even though they could not meet each other all the time.

The unfamiliar way, the way from city to home. Frank didn’t afraid to walk alone, because at that moment, his flame of a particular emotion lighted brightly in his heart. Didn’t care if he would stumble by a stone, he just ran, ran straight to that icy place. Pulling out a key from the carpet, he couldn’t wait for another moment.

“The third drawer...the third drawer...” Frank arrived in his bedroom which was filled in with a lot of paper since last month. His green eyes finally connected with his little blue cabinet.

“Where is it...? Where is it?!” He was finding something impatiently. Lastly, he pulled off the objects and stuck them in his leather messenger bag without consideration for if it would be damage.

In a moment, he got away. Stepped out from his home. It was raining. Rain slightly slapped on Frank’s pale face. Water drops glided on his cheek, from his nose tip to his jaw. His cerebration was chaotic; he started thinking what happened few weeks ago; how he thought about that young man. His unique temperament, his gentle personality, and his beautiful face. Frank now believed in the love of first sight, it did exist, and it was Gerard. He wouldn’t escape anymore, he had to admit it. And he wouldn’t leave him again. Rain dropped in his eye, another drop of water came out, was it rain or tears? No one would ever know except Frank himself. However, he didn’t care. Although he was exhausted as since he had seen the pictures last night, he couldn’t sleep well, he just ran.

There it was, without been to here for a month, it didn’t change a bit. It was still a simple brick house with two or three floors and with a little garden. Those flowers were still faded in that area. It was the house his was looking for definitely.

Frank knocked the door. He waited for a few seconds but no one seemed to open it. Therefore, he tried to pull the door, it was unlocked. The inside of the house was as same as the last time Frank had seen. It was full of pictures, art works and tools. The foggy picture was still here in the same position. He found out the teapoy which Gerard had put his key and cap on and those things were laying on there at that moment.

“He’s here.” Frank confirmed Gerard was in the house. He went upstairs, forwards the attic.

He opened the door. A familiar sight of a back ran into his eyes. This person was painting another picture, but while Frank opened the door, he stopped.

Frank took a deep breathe, stepped forwards. Meanwhile, that painter put down his pen and stood up. He was shocked because he thought he’d never met this guy again.

“Gerard...” Frank whispered.

Gerard turned around, faced Frank. His face was full of happiness and surprise. “Frank... I thought you’d never come again.” He spoke quietly, was waiting for the reply. Actually, he was pretty afraid as well, because he didn’t know the purpose of Frank’s coming. Would he want to hit him? Or would he want to blame him? But whatever Frank said, Gerard would still keep the same feeling on Frank, love.

“Yea... actually, I don’t want to come. ‘Cause I don’t know how to face you.” Frank was rather nervous as he glanced over the floor. His response made Gerard shocked, did it because he might be gay? Was Frank still angering on Gerard? But Frank didn’t seem to be that kind of person. Hence, Gerard didn’t say anything; he was waiting for more to be heard.

“But I don’t even know how to face myself. I can’t stand on my feeling. I’ve tried to forget you, because I know it’s not right! But when I saw those pictures… my heart just stopped beating. Cause that remind me of you! They remind me all the moment between me and you…He was rubbing his finger and biting his lower lip. He looked up. “I know I have to be honest right now, to myself, and to you.” Then he took a deep breathe and continued, “I think... I’m… I’m in love with you...” Frank had revealed his feeling at last. His heart was beating very fast, was like going to explode.

Gerard looked down, smiled a bit because Frank just said his heart out. He was so jubilant about Frank loved him; he even wanted to jump around because of his happiness. He went forward and hugged Frank. Frank was just standing here, still frightening. Gerard knew he had to be confessed too. “Well...Frank, I do the same.” Frank released a big grin, hugged back.

“I love you... There’s no right or wrong in love.” Gerard whispered in his ear.

Frank nodded and he continued, “And I want to make an apology too. I shouldn’t have said the things I’ve said… I’m sorry Gerard.” Frank pulled off Gerard slowly and looked at him, “I knew that made you really bad, but I never mean it, I swear.”

Gerard placed a finger onto Frank’s lips, “Shh…I know…” Gerard nodded, “I know…” He’d never get angry on Frank and he never would. Frank grinned, “I’ll never upset you again.” His eyes filled in with the tears of joy and they finally poured out. “Oh… why are you crying baby?” As Gerard saw it, he kissed on Frank’s eye, he kissed along the tears. And he finally reached his lips. They kissed as long as if they would die because of lack of oxygen. Gerard broke apart with Frank’s lips. But they didn’t separate though. They hugged each other so tight.

“I love you Gerard...” Frank answered softly and wrapped his hands around Gerard’s waist.

Gerard smiled as a reply. He then continued, “But what did you mean by ‘when I saw those pictures’?”

Frank was surprised that Gerard seemed doesn’t know about it. “I mean those pictures your mother sold to a restaurant in the city.”

Gerard narrowed his eyebrows and thought a bit. “Oh I got it! I didn’t know the reason why she has to take me pictures before.”

“And that’s the reason.”

Gerard nodded, agreed with Frank. “Actually I didn’t and I never wanted to give those pictures to her. I drew them just for myself. I never want them to be public...”

“Because they’re your imagination story of you and me?”

“Yes...” Gerard answered with a bit embarrassment and surprised, Frank totally knew his heart, he knew what he was thinking. “But whatever, maybe she has some financial problems, just let her go. The most important thing is I’m with you now.”

Frank gave his lover a loveliest smile which Gerard liked a lot and hugged him again. “Aw, wait. I forgot something.” He pulled put the objects his found in his house from the bag.

“Actually during the last month, I continuously to draw, I couldn’t help.” Those things were the pictures drawn by him. “It was like a coincidence, some of them are magpies too...” He showed them to Gerard.

“Aw... They’re beautiful Frankie; you must have been practice a lot!” He looked at Frank and acted like so serious. “And I think it’s a connection between us, we’re born to be a couple.” He kissed Frank’s cheek.

Frank giggled, “you silly thing!” He patted Gerard’s shoulder and Gerard started to laugh too.
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