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All the things left undiscovered (part 1)

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part 1 of two. leave some reviews please =D

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Maddy's pov.

Oh god. I knew that I should not have jumped into anything with Ryan so quickly, it wasn't right to either of us. I knew what I had to do.

Ryan's Pov.

I felt bad for walking out on Maddy, she must be really upset. I had taken a very long walk around the crowded city hoping to just find some clarity, but instead I had grown more confused. I did know this, I HAD to talk to Maddy about this, ignoring it would only hurt either or both of us more. I walked into the hotel room using the keycard.

"Maddy?" I called out. There was no answer, I figured she was probably asleep. I walked back towards the bedroom.

"Maddy?" I called again. I look around the room to see nothing but a note on the nicely made bed. Her luggage was gone and no sign of her was anywhere. I opened the note and began to read...

I really didn't have the nerve to tell you this in person so i left this note. I'm not even sure if you came back to read it but if you did please continue. I've figured out that i certainly do love you Ryan, but I don't think that i have fully stopped loving Brendon. I know that he hurt me, but it's hard to let go to something i held on to so tightly for two years. I don't mean to hurt you by saying this but i need you to know the truth. I've decided that i need to spend sometime getting myself back together before i can let anybody else into my heart. I really want to be with you but i dont think we have enough trust to put into each other. We both just came out of break ups and jumping into a relationship isn't going to help either of us. I've gone back t Vegas to pack my things to ship them to New York. Ella is going to be staying with Jade until i get settled into New York and then they are moving in with me here. I'm not staying with Pete or Travis. I've gotten my on place, permanent place. I really hope you don't hate me for this Ryan. I don't want to let you go but i promise it's not forever. I think we should wait until you are finished your tour and I'm done producing The Gym Class Heroes before we start seeing each other again. I promise I'll call you when I'm ready.

Until then,

The letter stung. She didn't even say love, maddy. i tried my best to hold back all the emotions, but i was sad, pissed, furious, enraged, upset, and i still wanted her close to me. How could she still love Brendon?!?! This wasn't over. I began to furiously pack my things, I was going after her.

Maddy's pov.

I was on my way back to Vegas. If all things worked out right he wouldn't be able to catch up to me, if he wanted to. If a relationship it was he want right now, then he deserves someone better than me. I've been on the plane for 2 hours and have done nothing except wonder whether i made the right choice for both of us. I think i have, though.

3 hours later

I arrived in Vegas and hailed a cab. I was back at Ryan's within 20 minutes. I quickly let myself in and began packing the things that i hadn't already unpacked. After i was done here, I would have to go pick up Ella from the vet, they were boarding her there. Hobo was with Spencer but Ella went to the vet because she was a puppy and i didn't want Spencer to have to deal with that. i was done packing and began to load it all into my car. I didn't have much stuff considering it was all clothes and what-not. All the furniture stayed at Brendon's newly solo apartment. I suddenly got upset. I missed that place. I finished packing up my car and was about to go get Ella from the vet but i realized that there was something i had to do first.

Ryan's pov.

I had jumped on a flight about 2 1/2 hours ago. I checked the flight schedule and there was only one other flight to Vegas that Maddy could have gotten on and if that arrived on time and my flight arrives on time i should only be about an hour behind her. My mind was racing. What was i gonna do? What words would i use to try and get her back? Would she take me back?

Maddy's pov.

I weaved my car in out of Las Vegas rush hour traffic doing more than what the speed limit allowed. I raced passed red lights and stop signs until i made my way to the all too familiar location. I parked my car and climbed out, making sure to lock it. i paced my way up the stairwell until i was face to face with the door i knew i had to knock on. I knock hard three times. The door open and the person i knew i had to talk to emerged.
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