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pushed up the window to kiss you off

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He gripped his hair in frustration and she clenched her jaw in anger. It couldn’t end well.

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Okay, so sorry I was hoping to post sooner than this, but oh well. Here it goes, hope you like it!

The first half of the day went by just as slowly as all of the days before it. I was dying for lunch. Catching Tricks eyes he waved me over to a table next to one of the windows. Weaving in and around the masses of people swarming, trying to get a good table I finally made it. Dumping my bag on the table I began to dig out the lunch while Trick finished on his phone.

I couldn’t help it. I looked for her. I knew I had to apologize, and sleep, might as well get the first one over with. There she was, outside the window with Brent. Wow, and I thought that I had pissed her off. By the looks of it Brent and Ash were getting into it. Biting into my apple I continued to watch them from the inside looking out. He gripped his hair in frustration and she clenched her jaw in anger. It couldn’t end well.

She shook her head and brushed past him heading back into the building. I quickly looked down at my paper bagged lunch before Brent saw that I was watching them. Oh yeah, that would be a fun conversation.

“You know it’s not nice to snoop on other peoples conversations Pete,” Patrick said sliding his phone into his pocket.
“To snoop on their conversation I would have had to been able to hear it smart ass. I was merely...Observing.”
I smirked, “Fuck you Patty cakes.”

Suddenly something covered my vision, “Guess who?”
“Boo!” Stacey’s face appeared beside mine, “Hey, a family thing came up for Friday, I was wondering if we could go out on Saturday instead?”
I smiled up at her sparkling eyes, “ Yeah no problem, This is Patrick by the way, did you want to sit and have lunch with us?”
She stuck out her hand and greeted Patrick, “Sorry, I can’t I have to go meet with Mrs. Denhoff about my Spanish test. I’ll call you later,”
I didn’t notice how much she smelled like strawberries until she leaned in to kiss my cheek before heading out the cafeteria doors.
“Uh, who was that?”

Okay thats it for at least a week cause I'm leaving for new york in a day for about a week. I'll post more as soon as I can. Untill then review and tell me what you think! thanks!
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