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When the Moon fell in love with the Sun

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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun- Rewrite
I wrote this story to hand in to my fiction writing class (which I then realized I already had two other stories written about Brendon in my folder! My muse much? Anyway, the assignment last class was to rewrite something we thought we could do better on and since I had just written this one and sort of rushed it together, I decided to take another stab at it and this is what we have! Enjoy...again. And tbh, I think it could use even more details and tweaking but...we'll see what happens.

When the Moon fell in love with the Sun

Then he fell in love
And he didn't know how
But he couldn't get out


Aly’s heart was racing in her chest as she hurried down the late night sidewalk, street lights blurring and the sounds of the suburban neighborhood rushing passed her ears. She was trailing her purse out behind her, having it over her shoulder would be too inconvenient and only slow her down. Brendon was only here for a few days and she needed to see him. The thought of holding him again was making her very soul swell. Before she left her house, she pulled her bleached one time too many blonde locks up behind her, knowing that he was only going to pull the ponytail out later. She wore her favorite pair of dark denim jeans, a pale pink baby doll tee, a light-weight black hoodie and her slowly deteriorating pink Converse’s.

She knew what she meant to Brendon and why he called her, thinking normally that would bother her, but in the case of this man and his large, brown eyes, it was of none of her concern. Her heart was racing faster still, the memories of pasted romps flashing through her mind merely making her footsteps quicker.

Every time she saw him on television singing songs with his unique singing style, or saw a picture of him in magazines or on websites here and there, it only escalated her insatiable lust for him. He wasn’t classically attractive by any standards, his nose was too big, his lips were large, soft and pouty and his shaggy dark brown hair never behaved properly without an expert team, but to her the looks were everything. Something about him was undeniably sexy, undeniably necessary.

While she continued walking, his large condo complex in sight, she decided his apartment was much too far away, her need was growing greater by the second. Once she saw his apartment in view, she slowed her pace to a brisk walk, instead of the half run because she didn’t want to seem desperate, although that’s all she was. She opened the door to the lobby, buzzing his apartment, impatiently waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It felt like an hour had passed before he buzzed her up…

Brendon placed the phone down and smiled. Brendon found out nearly a year ago that Aly had it in for him so badly that she would drop her pants for him at the slightest indication that he wanted action. Ever since then, whenever he needed her, he knew she would be there no questions asked. It didn’t matter to him that he was in an exclusive relationship, when it came to Aly, the dirty little secret was his favorite hobby. It was something he never felt ashamed of, it was something he craved whenever he was home. He just wanted to touch her soft skin, run his fingers through her hair and whisper empty promises in her ear.

He walked to the bathroom and fussed up unruly brown hair slightly, sighing and shrugging, he was sure that it didn’t much matter what he looked like at this point.

He left the bathroom and peered around the living room/dining room area he shared with Jon and shook his head. They never cleaned before they left for a long time and they never cleaned when they got back, either. He quickly walked around and picked up a few throw away items before he shoved some things around the floor, into the corners of each room to make his apartment look cleaner than it was. Then he walked into his bedroom repeating the process and made sure his bedroom looked well enough for her. She wasn’t his girlfriend or anything but she didn’t deserve to sleep with him in a messy bed. As he was fixing the sheets when he heard the buzzer go off, leaping out of the room in anticipation.

He buzzed her up, smoothing his blue t-shirt down, before opening the door. He leaned against the door frame and took her in. He bleach blonde hair was slightly disheveled in it’s ponytail, her brown eyes were flickering and her face was flushed. He could tell she had dropped everything and rushed over.

“Hey,” he said, giving her that half smile that made her knees weak. She smiled shyly, noting the way his hair stuck out in the oddest places. His bare feet were sticking out of the gray sweatpants that clashed horribly with his deep blue t-shirt, causing him to look slightly disproportioned but her eyes traveled back to his smile and his slightly dilated eyes and she heard static in her ears.

“Hi,” she replied. He backed away and held his arm out indicating that she should walk inside. As she did so, she removed her hoodie, walking over to the couch and tossing it over the arm.

“You’ve been gone such a long time, Brendon,” she said. He nodded and shrugged.

“’Tis the life I choose to live, Aly,” She smiled. When they met four years ago she never would have imagined he’d be who he was today. She wasn’t going to deny that he had changed, she wasn’t going to say she approved of all the change either. Brendon seemed to bring out a different side of Aly in both positive and negative ways. When he wasn’t around, she never did drugs or anything bad; when she was with him, she smoked too much weed and drank too much beer. When he wasn’t around she was a passive, introvert type; when she was with him she became loud and outspoken probably to be heard along side of him.

And this evening was no different. It didn’t take more than a second for Brendon to work his magic over Aly. All he had to do was smile at her, and she was complete putty in his hands, she would do anything he asked now. Brendon knew of how easy it had become to control Aly, to make her what he wanted her to be, even if it wasn’t like her at all. Grinning mischievously, he grabbed her hand, and Aly felt her world shift on its axis as their skin grazed each other. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, then turned and pulled her along behind him. Shivers went up her back as he led her down the short hall to his room. She glanced in the crack of the door to his room mate Jon’s room, seeing him sitting on the floor leaning on his bed, quietly strumming his guitar with a joint perched between his lips. The smell hit her immediately as they passed, it was so pungent he must’ve been in there smoking and strumming for hours.

Aly’s brain began humming, she was forever a light weight, and she remembered how it felt to be around Brendon. Her tongue loose in her moth, her brain lucid with thoughts. She never felt more open then she did when she got a whiff of his home grown marijuana cologne. It was too late now for her to wonder if she was open now to all the wrong things, it was too late to run now, her brain already beginning to haze, and suddenly her mood was changing. She looked up just in time to hear the door close behind her as Brendon smiled at her again with that cocked grin, reaching into his back pocket to produce his favorite herb. She walked over to his dresser, removed his lighter and passed it to him. He took a long drag then held it out for her to take but she shook her head pushing his hand back at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, stubbing the flame and tucking the joint behind his ear. Brendon’s bedroom never changed. He didn’t bother turning the light on, minus a few lit candles, the street lamp outside and the moon high in the sky provided almost enough light. Aly looked Brendon in his eyes, crossing her arms.

“I’m not in the mood,” she replied her tone harsher than she expected. She noticed his look get complacent, she didn’t want him to think she was being all around negative. “The second hand from Jon was enough. You know me,” she added, giggling. Brendon rolled his eyes and laid back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling feeling apprehensive now about asking her over. This idea of not getting wasted wasn’t in his plan. As he laid down, Aly felt herself blush as his torso was now visible from his shirt bunching up between him and the comforter. She took a deep breath and tried to struggled against the elements, she wasn’t going to let this happen tonight. He folded his hands now behind his head, taking a deep breath before shutting his eyes. Aly shook off her random nervousness she was beginning to feel over the now weird sense of hostility between her and Brendon and sat down on the bed next to him, turning her body to face his crossing her legs and leaning back on her hands. The silence lingered for a moment. Brendon reached back and pulled the joint from behind his ear and lit it again. Aly sat and watched him smoke, studying his movements. She could tell he was feeling uncomfortable now, but it was never like Brendon to crack under any kind of pressure.

The silence, was beginning to get to loud for Aly so she broke the ice saying, “You know, I’m not really into the sound on the new record.” She had only just listened to it since it was just released the previous week, and she was left wondering what happened to the band she fell in love with. Then, she smiled to herself, she had finally done it. The wall was up and as sexy as Brendon was being, he was going to have to break this wall down a little to get what he wanted. She looked at Brendon laying on his back as he smirked, blowing smoke onto the ceiling. The dim light from outside made his already striking features stand out more.

“I was waiting for you to bring it up. You were apprehensive about it since the beginning. And you know what, I still don’t care, Aly.”

“I know you don’t care, Brendon, I just needed you to know that I don‘t like your new direction.” He still smirked at her tired comment, his half grin full of mocking. This was all nothing he hadn’t heard before about the band’s new album.

“It took more than just me to choose this new sound.”

“I’m not just talking music anymore…” Brendon opened his eyes, noting how the ceiling was pulsing above him amidst the haze, he could feel tension radiating from Aly. Sitting up on his elbows, he turned his head to look at her with a cocked eyebrow, his look questioning. Aly felt the need to elaborate so she sighed saying, ”I just mean…when we met you were just beginning to discover who you were outside of the religion you were brought up with, outside of your home and even now…I still don’t think you know exactly who you are. Is what you do, now how you define who you are?”

“I am who I am. You try being in my shoes and see what it does to you. Everything I was taught to fear is now in front of me with no one to tell me no. So I’ve taken it all, found what I enjoy and what I don’t. I’m going to live how I want and do what I please with what I want.”

“Does that include me?” Brendon stared hard into Aly’s eyes.

“What does that mean?” Aly sighed, tilting her head back and looking at the dark ceiling.

“I don’t look like any of your former girlfriends, do I? You’ve never acknowledged me to anyone publicly, I’m not even sure Jon ever knows I come here. It’s like I don’t fit into the mold of who you should be with, so all I am to you is an aside. I came here tonight just wanting to be lost in your arms like always, to be able to take each other for granted for just one night like always, but now…” Brendon felt his temples begin to pulse. Was she seriously trying to do this tonight? He was only here for a few days, he wanted to fuck her and he wanted to do it now. He had a girlfriend, he didn’t need to hear anything about Aly’s problems with his lack of affection.

“I thought you liked it, just having sex?”

“I thought I did too…” Brendon sat up, mimicking Aly’s sitting position facing her although she was staring at his feet. He didn’t know what to say, he was nearly completely infuriated. On the other hand, all of the real feelings he had ever felt for Aly over the past four years were deeply repressed. He wanted nothing more than to tell her what his subconscious knew too well, but this was Aly. He couldn’t talk to her like that, he could only whisper empty promises in her ear in the heat of the moment. She was right, she didn’t look like any of the scene queens of his dating past, Aly was in fact, almost the exact opposite. However, he loved making her feel good, hearing her moan his name and rake her nails across his back. He loved discovering every inch of her body, kissing every inch, too. He loved who they were between the sheets, but beyond that…

“I don’t know what to tell you.” He really didn’t. It would be so easy to tell her he loved her, but what was love? He was already saying it to his girlfriend and he couldn’t leave her for Aly. He wasn’t even sure she knew if Aly existed. It would be so easy now to reach forward and pull her head to his shoulder and rub her back, smell her hair and even just simply cuddle. It would be so easy to kiss her and pretend to make it mean something. But, he wouldn’t.

“Just say you love me?” Aly asked, finally tearing her eyes away from her socks and into his large, round, confused brown eyes. His anger over the realization he wasn’t getting laid was subsiding.

“But…” Brendon couldn’t think of a single argument. As he sat there, thinking, why couldn’t he tell her he loved her? He wasn’t even sure he was torn between Aly or his girlfriend, he just didn’t know what he wanted. It was that simple.

Then, on complete impulse, Brendon leaned forward and placed his big, soft lips on hers in an awkward sort of kiss. Aly kept her eyes open as she opened her mouth slightly to kiss him back. The pair stayed like that for a few minutes before Brendon got the courage to pull himself away. Aly exhaled deeply, she had never been kissed like that in her life. Brendon felt himself blush. The kiss was an experiment. He tried to remember how he felt when he kissed his girlfriend while he kissed Aly. All of repressed emotions came flowing from his brain and everything good about his life with Aly was heartbreakingly obvious.

“I’m too afraid,” Brendon replied.

“I’m fucking terrified,” Aly whispered. She leaned forward and kissed him again, this time she shut her eyes. She wanted to be sure of what she was feeling, that it wasn’t simply going to be about how alluring Brendon was, she needed it to be so much more. Brendon placed his hand on her ankle before sliding it up her thigh, resting it at the top.

Now wanting to break their kiss, it was important now to Aly that she be completely immersed in what they were feeling. She got out of her sitting position and carefully straddled his lap, wrapping her thin legs around his back. Brendon responded by wrapping his arms around her back and holding her as tightly as he could.

Brendon struggled no more, he let everything hostile he was feeling go. He reached up and pulled her hair from the elastic and wrapped his fingers around every strand he could. The pair kissed for what must’ve been hours, when Brendon could barely remember a time he had ever kissed her before. He pulled away and tried in earnest to catch his breath as she did the same. He offered her the biggest grin he had, and it was more than enough to make Aly’s heart flutter.


If in exchange for your time
I give you this smile
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