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Orange Blossom

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Zhou Yu muses about his lover. ZY/XQ Oneshot.

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Orange Blossom

A/N: This is a one-shot on how Zhou Yu portrays his lover, Xiao Qiao.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Except a copy of the game.


The summer sun shined brightly in the azure sky as a certain sixteen year old ran around in the fresh aroma of the Wu garden in Jian Ye. Her sister watched her underneath a cherry blossom tree.

Xiao Qiao and her sister, Da Qiao, were two well known girls in the land for their beauty. However, most of the time, being beautiful was an advantage. Other times....It was overrated.
Xiao then saw something purple land on a daisy. It was a butterfly. She sprinted toward the flower, and the butterfly took off.

She chased after it.....

....And tripped over her own feet.

"Ow!" She yelped, grabbing her leg. Xiao limped over to her sister, who ran inside the castle to get a bandage for it.

Zhou Yu smiled to himself as he watched Xiao from the window. Oh, silly girl, he thought to himself, you are a klutz, but a good one.

He, for once, was bored of the meeting. Yu didn't have any time to listen to Sun Jian about Wei threats. Nor did he have time to be amused by Lu Xun and Gan Ning's arguments.

Yu pictured Xiao in his head, laughing, smiling... Most of the Wu kingdom like Xiao because she made Zhou Yu didn't seem so...boring? She was energetic, hyper (Much like his friend, Sun Ce)...And he was....boring?

He loved that girl so much, he wouldn't give her away for all the intelligence in the world. She was a bright, happy social butterfly. She could dazzle people with her smile. Xiao shined as bright as the summer sun, and in Yu's opinion, she could beat Da in beauty any day.

Yes, she had her faults, but most of them were just small things, like not being as smart as Da, or being klutzy, but other than that, she was a legend. Or born to be one, anyway.

The noise of people bustling to get out of the meeting room made him snap back to reality. He stood up, and strode over to his student, Lu Xun.

"Is-Is the meeting already over, Xun?" Yu asked him. Xun nodded and left, leaving Yu alone in the room.

Yu dashed through the halls of the castle, seeking the entrance to the garden. He slowed down when he saw a door covered with flowers. He opened it, and walked to the garden.

Xiao's face lit up when she saw him. "Zhouie!!" She called out. Her eyes sparkled with tears. He ran toward her and embraced her.

"Zhouie...Can I be honest with you?" She asked Yu.

"Yes, darling...What is it?" He replied, slightly curious.

"Well, when I first met you, I didn't like you that much. But now...I love you." She said, pulling Yu into a kiss.

A/N: So sweet...
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